Happy Birthday Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

Can you guess which birthday this is?

Spotted on Facebook today:

Your Memories on Facebook
Judith, we care about you and the memories you share here. We thought you’d like to look back on this post from 6 years ago.

Judith Bishop Curry
September 10, 2010

I’ve just launched my new blog Climate Etc. Stop by and leave a comment, so I can practice being a blog moderator. My first technical post will be live monday afternoon, on hurricanes.

Climate Etc.
This blog provides a forum for the exchange of ideas about climate science and the science-policy interface. Climate Etc. is envisioned as a gathering place for climate researchers, academics and technical experts from other fields, citizen scientists, and the interested public. Open minds and crit…

2010 blog posts

A walk down memory lane.  Actually, I suspect that only a fraction of you were reading my blog back in 2010.

A few highlights from the first two months:

I also spotted this one from Nov:

Reversing the direction of the positive feedback loop

Its interesting to look back and see how my (and your) thinking on these topics has changed/evolved.

Its also interesting to read the comments, there were some very interesting commenters who no longer seem to be active in the blogosphere (at least on any of the blogs that I frequent).

Then versus now

Looking back I am astonished by the large number of meaty blog posts I wrote during the first year.

I guess I was a little more motivated and had more to say back then (that I hadn’t already said).  After 1000+ blog posts, I still have plenty to say (believe it or not), but somehow I have less time now (why that is will be the subject of a future post). My apologies to those of you who are queued for guest posts.

But more significantly, the climate debate has changed.  My posts in 2010 were provocative in the extreme; these same ideas seem more mainstream now (I guess that is progress).

Your thoughts?

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  1. Congratulations, Professor Curry! You are indeed gifted.

  2. Congradulations!

    You perform an invaluable service.

  3. Congratulations.

  4. Yes, I find my first contribution back around November 14th 2010. Enjoyed it much.

  5. Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz,.. Oh, what a relief it is… Thank you, Dr. Judith Curry. Your Arch, friend.

  6. You have provided inspiration for myself and 1000’s of others keep up the good work

  7. Congratulations. Yes, I am SURE you have a lot more to say and share with us. Looking forward to reading more.

    George Devries Klein PhD, PG, FGSA

  8. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    Happy Birthday “Climate Etc.” 🎉🎈
    And big credit and congrats to you Judith Curry for having the guts and determination to stand up for science and reason – risking your own job, grants, career, reputation and sanity for daring to speak out against the perceived wisdom of the day and question the groupthink climate dogma that so toxically pollutes your industry.
    Happy Birthday and keep up your amazing work!
    Jamie (Climatism)

  9. Judith, congratulations are definitely in order ! And please continue on with this important effort.

  10. Happy Birthday! Sweet sixteen!!!

  11. Continued wonderful work. The totality of your contributions may be fully appreciated only in retrospect once the fog of uncertainty lifts.

    This blog is the premier educational source for understanding the critical climate issues.

  12. Happiest Birthday!

    Your forum is much appreciated and for many reasons.

  13. stevefitzpatrick

    I think there has been some progress. There is a greater appreciation of uncertainty, and especially uncertainty in model projections. There has also been progress in empirical estimates of sensitivity (multiple papers, including Lewis and Curry, of course). I think the IPCC’s recognition in AR5 of the large discrepancy between empirical and GCM sensitivity estimates led to a return to the 1.5 to 4.5 plausible range of the Charney report, and no specified ‘most likely’ value. That is progress. I think there has also been some progress politically… a widening recognition that a rapid transition to all renewables is just not going to happen, and a widening recognition that nuclear power is a sensible alternative to solar and wind. Six years ago I was very concerned that absolutely nutty and terribly damaging energy policies might be adopted, both domestically and internationally; I am now more sanguine that the most crazy stuff will not likely happen.

  14. stevenreincarnated

    Happy Birthday!

  15. Many Happy Returns.

  16. Professor Curry, it may not have been obvious 6 years ago, but thru your ongoing work with Climate Etc you are probably at the most influential point in your long distinguished career. You have clearly helped reshape the “climate debate” with science, an acknowledgement of what we really don’t know, and a requisite dose of skepticism. Thanks for your efforts!

  17. Hey Jude, Salut!


    From Britain, Brexit and the free world.

  18. Judith, happy birthday. i came late tomthe party but am enjoying it immensely.

  19. Thank you for all the work you put into this blog.

  20. Judith,

    Happy sixth to us because of all the wonderfully provocative and courageous ideas you have shared with the world.

  21. Yours is a great blog, one I really appreciate.

    While much of the science is beyond me, many of the posts are written in an accessible way.

    As a non-scientist, I became interested in climate change because it seemed crazy to me that earth’s temperatures, with earth’s complexity and unknown processes, could be predicted with today’s technology and knowledge. As a programmer who models real-world systems, even in simple, well defined systems there are many surprises.

    I have two scientist friends who think I’m a heretic, even a willful (conservative) idiot for thinking this way. I, in return, think they have a kind of group mind-set pervasive in our time that clouds their objective thinking.

    Oddly, today, as when I first started reading about this topic, my opinion has not changed (imagine that!) It is still that the climate system is too complex to know what human’s effect on climate in fact are. Could be CAGW, could be in the noise.

  22. Congratulations. Thanks for all your work and giving people like me a chance to chime in. It’s been exciting!

  23. Climate Etc.
    This blog provides a forum for the exchange of ideas about climate science and the science-policy interface. Climate Etc. is envisioned as a gathering place for climate researchers, academics and technical experts from other fields, citizen scientists, and the interested public. Open minds and crit…

    You certainly succeeded in achieving that goal – especially this and technical experts from other fields

    A few that come to mind are:

    Manaker (Max Anaker)
    the very humourous, experienced pragmatic engineer from UK – I’ve forgotten his name at the moment.
    MW Grant
    Michael Cunningham
    Planning Engineer

    • Now I remember the name of “the very humorous, experienced pragmatic engineer from UK “:

      Latimer Alder

      Others I should have added are:
      Tony Brown
      Rud Istvan
      Geoff Sherrington
      Robert ??? (called himself Chief Hydrologist)
      Many others I can’t recall of the top of my head – sorry for those I’ve missed that have had significant influence on my thinking

  24. Geoff Sherrington

    Celebrations and thanks Dr Curry, from another of the Australian mob. You have made a significant stand for better science.

  25. Congratulations Judith. I hope your career is now going in the direction you want. It can’t have been easy to have decided to launch Climate Etc knowing it would cause controversy.

    Writing articles for Climate Etc has enabled me to grow rich on the resultant substantial donations from Big Oil, BIg Frack, Big wind and Big solar. By the way that is English Sarcasm.

    The one big thing that has changed is Brexit. It will be interesting to see how that affects the climate debate..

    May I add my sorrow at the actual passing of a number of prominent climate Etc Denizens including Jim Cripwell who held Mosh to account on the difference between an ‘estimate’ and a ‘measurement.’

    Also to my friend Max Anacker who had a passion for life even in his 80’s. I had the pleasure to meet him In Switzerland at his home on our way back from the Opera In Bregenz. He was so enthused about our description of the event that he went there the next day with his lovely wife. He is sorely missed.



  26. Congratulations – and many thanks for running this site.

    You are pure carbon – tough and brilliant like a diamond.

  27. I agree that many former contributors are missed and I would like to add Fred Mooten, Chief Hydrologist, Kim, and Pekka Perila (sp?). I also miss genuine debate and mutual respect for differing POVs about AGW. The language seems generally more strident and lacking in empathy.

    Nevertheless, Judith is to be congratulated on the remarkable success of CE and indeed, I look forward to many more thousands of contributions and comments but my mouse wheel will be working overtime to sort out the wheat from the chaff!

  28. Happy Birthday Blog and all the very best to You Dr.Curry; your honest commentary is golden. Viva Climate etc.!
    Dave in Western Australia

  29. I think I started reading on the website at the end of 2010, but it wasn’t for a year or two that I had the nerve to start commenting, let along proposing an essay for publication!


  30. A truly historic enterprise. The climate debate personified. Looking forward to the one millionth comment.

  31. Congratulations, Judith. I’ve read Climate Etc since the very beginning but don’t recall making much / any comment for quite a while.

    I’m not sure that your ideas are more mainstream now. They’ve muscled their way into a major spot in the spectrum of debate, thank goodness. Yet I think that the socially enforced consensus on near-term climate calamity (which is still the dominant view and hence the ‘mainstream’) still maintains its circled wagons against an increasing horde of differing opinions. So the Uncertainty Monster is perhaps no more acknowledged by this mainstream than before. As is the nature with all defended consensuses, part of how your challenge is met is to write you off as one of the nonsensical skeptics. Your ideas may have been more controversial in 2010 simply because at that time you were still perceived to be ‘on the inside’, so to speak.

    Much real debate, rather than only narrative barrages, can and does take place at Climate Etc. That’s a testament not only to your excellent venue, but to all the participants with their many PoVs too, who keep coming and keep contributing to keep the whole spectrum active in one place.

  32. Thank you for standing up for pre-post-normal science.

  33. Dr. Curry, I came to your website quite late and by accident, frustrated and rather disillusioned with the fear mongering, the shouting down and overall lack of civil discourse, seen throughout the AGW debate. Like most, I am not a scientist, I am an interested observer who happens to share a seat on this huge mud-ball that is hurdling through space.

    Though I’ve only commented a couple of times here, with great enthusiasm and interest, I pour over the articles and papers that you provide. Though, I certainly cannot claim any semblance of thurough understanding of the AGW debate, I have certainly learned much, and for that, I thank you. There are too few sane and civil voices within the debate, and with much to lose it is easy to understand why it is so. Thank you for providing a forum for those who are sane, for those who are polorized and allowing the discourse, such as it is to continue.

    I read the ‘comments’ oft’ times with a wry smile of appreciation for your members who are quick to ‘check’ those voices who would continue the ‘Global Warming Fear Mongering’ we shall call it “GWFM” (seems your crowd loves an acronym). I appreciate the GWFM voices as well as their perspective, however the pajorative discourse that follows, is designed to silence those with whom they disagree. It is far to similar to the left and right debates in U.S. politics….mindless and nonsensical.

    Congratulations on the success of your blog, may your voice and those who support an open and honest debate be heard the world round.


  34. Keep it going, Judith.

  35. True, true, what was provocative back then is more mainstream now but, global warming was never anything more than a hoax and a scare tactic, as the foi2009.pdf disclosures known as CRUgate made clear. Nevertheless, scientific sceptics are still in the crosshairs of those who are practicing global warming Voodoo in public-funded classrooms.

    … of climate scientists who almost always use the same data sets and review each other’s works. There is a contention that they would dismiss critics who had legitimate concerns, rarely used statistical experts for the data they used in their reports, and make it very difficult for reviewers to obtain background data and analysis. These revelations point to the lack of independent peer review and how it is practically impossible to replicate or verify Dr. Mann’s work by those not affiliated with the network of scientists… Could it be that this particular work violates the principles of the scientific method and should be dismissed until it meets the basic qualifications? (Tammy Baldwin, Committee on Energy and Commerce, 109th Congress Hearings, Second Session, July 2006)

  36. Dr Curry,
    Congratulations. Thanks so much for the efforts to bring science back to respect differences between theory, models and observations. You may have paid a price for your efforts but you earned the respect from a wide range of observors.


  37. Congratulations!

    Go Team!

  38. Thank you JC for a true credit to the worlds of both science AND blogging.

    While you have garnered an undo amount of unreasoned hate and animosity from many people who are working from an agenda as opposed to truth, you never seem to lose your cool or respond in kind which is admirable.

    Please keep up the good work.

  39. I do not usually comment here but I read all your posts and most comments. I have learned a lot and is most thankfull for your effort. Greatings from Finland and congratulations!

  40. @judith curry

    Congrats on this milestone achievement… wish you wholeheartedly at least 10 more years on top of the resistance movement (because this is what it is).


  41. John Carpenter

    Thanks Judy for hosting this site and congratulations on your sixth year.

  42. Yay, Judith.

    Curiously, it doesn’t seem that long.


  43. Happy Birthday Climate Etc. I have been reading since the inception, and see that I made by first comment — in Denizens — Nov. 2010.

    I have read every single post here — and commented on more than a few. It has been a privilege to be a reader, and over the last year, even a minor contributor.

    All my best for a bright future,

    Kip Hansen

  44. Dr. Curry,
    Thank you for CE.
    I tell almost everyone I know about you.
    The resulting damage to your reputation should not be statistically significant.

  45. Judy,

    Your ongoing contributions become more important by the minute. Six years under the microscope can be a lifetime, as you know.

    Clearly, it has never been about the money for you. Thanks for your great work. Steve

  46. Great work Judith. Please keep it up. Your blog has been very helpful. Thanks,


  47. Thanks Judith. Congrats!

    I started mostly reading some of your comments on WUWT and clicked over occasionally. When WUWT went down hill, I landed here was disappointed that I hadn’t been reading all your posts all along.

  48. Judith, along with many others, I have learned so much from your posts and those of your guest posters. But above and beyond this, I am still in awe of the sweep of the perspectives you bring to us – and of your awesome productivity. And I admire your tolerance for the little attention-seekers whose mission, from my perspective, is simply to disrupt rational discussion.

    Congratulations, and long may you reign:-)

  49. Sorry, OT… but can’t resist:

    I read on Nature’s web site, last issue of the journal…

    “As the research community embraces data sharing, academic journals can do their bit to help. Starting this month, all research papers accepted for publication in Nature and an initial 12 other Nature titles will be required to include information on whether and how others can access the underlying data.”

    Does this mean that Michael “hockeyshtick” Mann will not publish anymore on Nature?

  50. Onnea 6-vuotiaalle! Congratulations.

  51. Happy birthday girl.


  52. Happy birthday brave one, from an antipodean lurker all the way back to the beginning 6 years ago.

  53. Congratulations on 6 years of excellent and hard work. I member posting on 11th September 2010 on your first post.

  54. Congratulations on your 6th anniversary. I’ve been a follower since early 2011. ‘Read pretty much everything you publish. You do more than anyone I read to discuss scientific ethics and integration of renewables into the grid. I read many of the articles you refer to over weekends and wonder how you have time to review all the material you do.

    Thanks for your efforts to educate me and those in the general public who are searching for climate “truth,” if such a thing exists.

  55. Well done, Judith! You were kind enough to publish a contributed post of mine in early 2011, when the blog was only six months old. It is a unique community you have hosted — you have at least one big fan in northern academe.

  56. Dr. Curry, Thank you for creating this website and for posting interesting and enlightening articles and discussions. Happy Blog Birthday to you. I’ve been reading your posts and many of the comments since the fall of 2010.

  57. Happy birthday Judith.

    And thank you very much.

  58. Better late than never.

    I remember that day we had a telephone conversation when you asked about my experiences in blogging. I was happy to help then, and continue to be.

    You created quite a volume of work here, work that is referenced and cited elsewhere, much like scientific citations in literature.

    Your entry into the blogosphere helped all of us who question the alarmist viewpoints on climate immensely. My sincerest thanks and admiration.

    -Anthony Watts