Blog Rules

Climate Etc. aims to attract diverse perspectives and allow free discourse.  While I look forward to an open exchange of ideas, I understand that some moderation is necessary.  A real working email address is required, so that I may contact you if needed.  I am going to start with the door wide open, although if I get inundated with unacceptable posts, then first time commenters will require approval. Objectionable posts will be rejected or snipped, and I will do my best to spot them in a timely manner.  Repeat offenders will be blocked from posting.  If this happens to you and you are prepared to change your ways, send me an email and we can discuss the issues. If your message doesn’t appear and you feel that it should not have been rejected, please send me an email as it might have gotten caught in the spam filter.

Strategies for making effective posts:

  • Respond to the argument, not to the person.  What another participant stated on another blog in another context should not be used to discredit or otherwise challenge the participant.  Changing your mind in response to new evidence and arguments is valued here.
  • Only respond to comments that you feel are deserving of your attention, and ignore the rest.  By being ignored, commenters who are not deemed interesting by others will give up and go elsewhere.
  • Don’t take criticisms personally, don’t rise to “bait” or attempts at “gotchas.” Make the points YOU want to make.
  • If you make a mistake, acknowledge it.  Email me if you would like a “take back”, which is strikethrough of your comment that absolves you from any further expectation of defense or discussion of the comment.
  • Be patient with people having less technical expertise or background than yourself.

A comment with more than two links will require approval.  Open threads will typically have word limits; longer posts will be moderated.

The following will not be tolerated here:

  1. Comments using offensive words will be flagged by the spam filter.
  2. No ad hominem attacks, slurs or personal insults.  Do not attribute motives to another participant.
  3. Snarkiness is not appreciated here; nastiness and excessive rudeness are not allowed.
  4. Don’t grind your personal axes by filling up the comments with extensive posts that are not deemed relevant or interesting in the context of blog objectives.