Sunday fun: personality testing

by Judith Curry

And now for something different.

A sociological experiment for the Denizens.

Please take the Enneagram personality test (with instinctual variant) and report your results in a comment.

I scored a strong 1 (reformer).  Hard to argue with that

As tensions elevate around the world, knowing our fellow denizen’s enneagram type will help us deal more constructively with their comments.

A number of years ago (2011!) we conducted the Jungian personality test as a group – I scored INTJ. [link]

Have fun, and avoid insulting fellow Denizens.

120 responses to “Sunday fun: personality testing

  1. “You are most likely a type 8 (the Challenger) with 8w7 wing.”

  2. Interesting! I scored type 5 (the Investigator) with 5w4 wing, Social variant. I definitely don’t see myself in Social variant, indeed I would have though more to Self-Preservation variant, as I often prefer to work or be alone.

  3. “ou are most likely a type 8 (the Challenger) with 8w7 wing.”

  4. “You are most likely a type 8 (the Challenger) with 8w7 wing.”

  5. Sorry for the multiple posts; log in was being “hinkey”.This may be a fun test for our weekly family video chats. Thanks.

    Be well, Be not afraid. This too shall pass.

  6. Hugh Bicheno

    Type 8 (Challenger) with w7. Surprisingly accurate

  7. 1w9, 1/2 bar on 5 (Reformer wing Peacemaker, then Investigator)
    Peacemaker description is a bit off – My initial response is tolerance but it is followed by all out attack once my tolerance limit is reached.
    But this is captured in “5exual variant”.
    FYI: was getting “This comment could not be posted” despite being logged in.

  8. I came out as completely perfect in all aspects but refuse to release the code


  9. Alan Longhurst

    Apparently I’m a 5 which is apprpriate for an oceanographer…

  10. 8 challenger…I am starting to see a pattern.

  11. avoid insulting fellow Denizens.


    or maybe


  12. #8 The Challenger. Bang on!!!

  13. You are most likely a type 1.
    Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 1w9 or 9w1

  14. 14, pp?! That’s no fun.

  15. Have your spouse or partner or close work colleague fill it out. If it is like most self report personality instruments it captures how you see yourself – not who or what you really are.

  16. 1w9 Reformer

  17. A 2w1: a helper with a strong sense of perfection and how hard it is to achieve.

    I actually find these tests less valuable as I get older, as life tends to make you change as life goes on. I was an ENTP 20 years ago, but a lot of these things tend to have either/or answers which I find rather limiting and inaccurate.

    Back before 1980, I reckon it was possible to remain fairly stable through a career. Nowadays, people are having ‘mini-careers’ which may only last 7 years, so they have five or six in 30 years. Things can change hugely.

    Things have changed hugely with the internet too: back in the day, doing detailed desk research was labour intensive, time-consuming and frightfully boring for many. Nowadays, with the internet, you can be up to spped far, far quicker, making a far larger bunch of folks open to doing detailed research up front.

    It was the same with Michael Porter, the Five Forces and the value of localised clusters of expertise. In the global digital word, you can build virtual supply chains and ‘be in contact’ with experts the world over. You do not all need to be in Boston, San Fransisco or wherever nowadays.

    The other thing people tend to disregard in these tests is how much a changed environment can change your modus operandum. I grew up in a bullying, thuggish world and was a loner, focussing on excellence of academics as a safety net. It was pragmatic repression of true self in a world where being true to myself was dangerous.

    Aged 18, 25 and 35 I went to live abroad for many months at a time. My personalities there were utterly different, because the environments I was in encouraged different values. I had not changed, what had changed was how my personality type was received and judged by others.

    The biggest difference between a 1 and a 2 is whether you have ever had truly encouraging mentors, parents, teachers etc.

    I saw how addition of just one mentor transformed my psyche utterly within 9 months. 17 years of ‘we know what’s best for you’ turned into ‘I am confident you will find my advice helpful, but most of all I want you to commit personally to trusting me’. The outcomes were radically different. If I had had that mentor aged 9, not 18, I suspect my personality traits would have developed totally differently.

    If you have stayed in one culture all your life, you may display one dominant ‘personality type’. If you have lived in several different ones, you become aware that these ‘tests’ do not test you in a vacuum, you a an individual in a society. Go to a different society and your ‘personality type’ may be very different.

  18. I am a 1 with 1w9.

    Over the last few years I’ve noticed changes in myself, beyond losing a lot of energy. I’m mellower, less judgmental, don’t worry, less serious,etc. I think I would have answered several questions differently 30 years ago when I was working and on edge seemingly 24 hours a day. My highs are lower and my lows are higher, to virtually nonexistent. During a health screening for seniors, the nurse was surprised that I said I had no low periods. That would not have been true decades ago.
    My temper at work got the best of me at times…to my detriment. A legislator told one of my colleagues he was going to punch me out next time he saw me (he didn’t). At home, other than when my young son would push my buttons, it was nonexistent. The only time I remember yelling at my wife was when she drove into the side of the garage.

    During this lockdown, being mellow and having a mellow partner pay dividends.

  19. Type 1 (the Reformer) with 1w9 wing.

  20. Joe Blaschka

    Type 7 Enthusiast – Which, when I read the descriptions, is what I am.

  21. 9 (peacemaker!)

  22. Robert Clark

    I have no idea what it means.
    9 9w1
    9 9w1

  23. Mike Coleman

    Thanks! This was fun. Scored as a 2 w 3–helper with an alternative of an 8, Challenger.

  24. Ireneusz Palmowski

    You must dance like Gurdjieff.

  25. I work in nuclear power…as a control room operator for several years. I have taken several of these personality type tests. It allegedly helps to understand how to interact as a team more effectively. We would also do exercises that involved how others see us. It is important to understand how you see yourself and how others see you.

  26. Peter Webster

    For what it is worth, I seem to be somewhat schizophrenic!
    Three designations with more or less equal:
    8w3 (challenger/achiever)
    3w2 (achiever/helper)
    8w7 (challenger/enthusiast)
    I guess I need a good counselor to straighten me out.
    I am also an ENTP
    Could it be that this muddled mind of mine is the result of influences of my partner, Judith the Reformer! But influences are two-way. What would her designation be without my muddled influences?
    Fun survey!
    Peter W

  27. JC
    Is the idea to use our results in moderating our posts? 😂

  28. richard koo

    type 5 without wing (the investigator, which explains why I read your blog). 1w9 with wing (reformer type with peacemaker wing?)

  29. What if I take the personality test and it comes back negative?

    • stevenreincarnated

      It’s times like this I regret there isn’t a thumbs up button.

  30. Meyer Briggs ENTJ
    Enneagram Type 8 with 8w7 Wing

    • I’ve taken these tests before and my results are always consistent. At one Myers Briggs website, can’t remember which one, they write a sentence that “sums you up.” The one for ENTJ’s says: “I’m really sorry about this but I have to kill you.”

      I never committed murder but a few times, with a few people, I thought about it for a second!

  31. stevenreincarnated

    9w3 but they didn’t have a personality called flawless.I checked.

    • stevenreincarnated

      I took a personality test in the Army years ago that said I was a combination of Patton and Linus. I think I’ll stick with that one.

  32. Oh well, I got frozen at page 9. And the WordPress required me to reset my password. Darn pixels, network overload, and software hiccups. I’ll settle for who I am even If I don’t know what to call me.

  33. H Ralph Bullis

    Thank you for this interesting exercise. First time I’ve tried this – came out as “most likely a type 1”. Seems like a good fit.

  34. Got a 5 (the Investigator) but I’ve taken a personality test before that said I lie, so… don’t know what to make of the 6 (5w6) — Loyalist — given that my second highest score, “1” (Reformer) puts me at odds with what otherwise would be a natural-born prosecutor… probably because, I agree with Frederick Nietzsche that the ‘just’ oftentimes are, ‘just revenged.’

  35. Type O

  36. Bill Fabrizio

    Most likely type 1 … 1w2 … LOL!

  37. You are most likely a type 1 (the Reformer) with 1w2 wing.

  38. Keith A Rowe

    1W2 Reformer.

  39. … most likely a type 7 or 9. ” (enthusiast or peacemaker — 7.7 for both)
    …seem to be a 7w6” (enthusiast with loyalist wing)

    Well, I’m definitely an enthusiast for things like nuclear power and cornucopianism. I also like to post links to people I think are doing a good job, such as Michael Shellenberger, Alex Epstein, Rud Istvan, Mark Mills, Willis Eschenbach, David Middleton, … etc. Am I a peacemaker? Well, I usually try to be polite and tactful, but peace is usually not what happens.

    • Curious George

      Peacemakers prefer consensus sites.

    • I suppose I could offer another piece of evidence that I’m an enthusiast with a loyalist wing. It’s tangentially related to climate, and very sensitive and controversial (even toxic). For over two years, I’ve been a huge supporter, proponent, and even Twitter participant, in journalist, John Ziegler’s, quest to get his investigation of the Penn State/Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky scandal into the mainstream media (only to get repeatedly beaten down).

      From a casual glance, the whole thing sound absurd and crazy on its face, but Ziegler has accumulated mountains of evidence and has made a lot of prominent converts. He’s even been included in a couple of recent books by prominent authors. John Ziegler is a columnist, former radio talk show host, podcaster and documentary film maker, so he has all of it extremely well documented in posts, podcasts and videos. You can find a lot of links in my pinned tweet thread:

      This is one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever run across. It’s the mother of all principled stands against consensus. Principled stands against consensus, ought to be pertinent to this blog. A lot of climate scientist work, or have worked at Penn State, including our hostess (hope that didn’t offend the gender police).

      It’s the best miniseries on the internet!

      • I see I forgot to include John Ziegler conclusion that sounds ” absurd and crazy on its face”, He thought Joe Paterno was getting a bad rap, After investigating the case more thoroughly than anyone else on the planet, he concluded that not only was Joe Paterno innocent, but so was Jerry Sandusky, … and it’s not even close!

  40. Curious George

    type 5 (the Investigator) with 5w6 wing
    This is almost as much fun as astrology.

  41. Douglas B. Levene

    “It is not clear from these test results which Enneagram type and wing you are.”

  42. David Smith

    “You are most likely a type 2 (Helper)” but then again, “Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 5w4 (Investigator/Individualist)” or, I confused the dickens out of it.

  43. “You are most likely a type 8 (the Challenger) with 8w7 wing.”

    I was given the book by a therapist some 20 years ago. Can’t recall what I scored then but moved on unscathed. Social, caring and generous. I present as charming, smart and communicative. Daisy says I just talk all the time – that’s how they know I’m crazy. I’d describe myself as woke but refuse to join a club that would have me as a member. I am impatient of facile commentary – most of it that is – and have a fondness for alliteration when responding to pompous platitudes and ignorant insults. Crafting a nice turn of phrase in response to the pious pretence that they are capable of driving me to distraction on a blog – threading the moderation needle – is a guilty pleasure. I am bored with the rote repetition of fake science and if I want a wild weather forecast for Reno I will google reputable sources.

  44. Stephen C. Schwarz

    You are most likely a type 8 (the Challenger) with 8w7 wing.

    Also INTJ.

  45. Peacemaker, reformer wing.

  46. 5w4

    Who would have thunk it

  47. Most likely 8w7.

    Quite a few of us around this blog. Typical of people who are skeptical and have a low BS tolerance level?

    Thanks this was well worth the time involved.

  48. stevefitzpatrick

    I’m suspected to be a 1W9.

  49. Wait, before I take the personality test can someone prove to me humans have ‘free will’?

    • Jean-Paul Sartre demonstrated that being and nothing can’t coexist. Therefore the universe is infinite. Douglas Adams posited that in an infinite universe the probability of anything at all approaches unity. Therefore God exists and God gave you free will.

      The problem in a 4 dimensional relativistic universe is that past, present and future exist simultaneously. Implying a future that has, is and will be always. An alternative may be a quantum many worlds universe in which we all cross into parallel dimensions randomly without realising it. It would explain conversational non sequiturs we commonly experience. But many worlds is based on probability and not laws of nature. We may choose instead being or nothingness – light or dark – as a sort of Jedi quest across all time and space in a perfectable universe. If which beings of light will ultimately triumph.

      ‘There is a Light within a person of Light, and it shines on the whole world. If it does not shine, it is dark.’ The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

    • When asked if he believed in free will, the late great Christopher Hitchens said, “of course, I do. I have no choice.”

  50. I knew the eneagram. I’m a 1w9. Perfectionist, somehow angry, yet conciliatory. I like the combo 🤣

  51. type 1 (the Reformer) with 1w2 wing.

  52. william Lama

    8-challenger, and proud of it.

  53. Geoff Sherrington

    In my final year of high school (Australia) our headmaster gave us all an I.Q. test and its results. A fortnight later I was doing entrance exams for our Royal Military College. The same I.Q. test was done. Another week later, entrance exams for the RAAF academy, same I.Q. test for the third time, was getting easier. I was accepted for both, with an interview with a high-rank RAAF officer saying I had the highest I.Q. measured in the Air Force to date.
    The lack of controls around this testing made the outcome useless.
    Geoff S

  54. Lance Wallace

    538 published their own personality quiz today also.

    A good deal shorter than the 14-page one here.

    I came out 96/100 on “Openness to Experience”

    Low score on extraversion, which fits.

  55. I seem to be a 3w2 — achiever/helper

  56. 8 with 8w7

  57. Don Monfort

    27 with 27w7 Kick Ass Capricorn MAGA wing

  58. In 2011, at first sight, I thought I’d score INTP, but in fact scored ENTJ. The “intuitive” stands out.
    • slightly expressed extravert
    • distinctly expressed intuitive personality
    • slightly expressed thinking personality
    • slightly expressed judging personality.

    Today: First test: Types 1 (Perfectionists 6.4), T 8 (Challenger 5.0), T 9 (Peacemaker, 4.4).
    Second test: Most likely a type 8 (The Challenger) with 8w7 wing.

    Whatever all that means!

  59. Whatever that means… Yer compluhcated! :)

  60. The 2 Helper. In these things I vary aa lot and can make the case to go either way depending on the necessary context users must supply. (I,e. Some area I’m very careless, others ultra responsible).

  61. 9 No surprise.

  62. Guillermo Gefaell

    Type 2

    • Barn E. Rubble

      Type 2.(confirmed by both tests) There doesn’t seem to be many of us here . . . I’m sitting here with a broken ankle and thumb after ‘helping’ my neighbour . . . sigh.

  63. UK-Weather Lass-In-Earnest

    In what seems like another lifetime, when I first researched Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Crowley and others, I came across the enneagram and manually tested as a type four, with a five wing. It’s a four thousand year old plus system with roots in Babylon and it is fun with a long history.
    This computerised test produced an identical result for me.

    Make of that what you will …

  64. This chart is an interesting addition to the discussion about how many deaths are from COVID19 and how many deaths are with COVID19

  65. I got bored with the test by 8th question. What does that say about me?

  66. jungletrunks

    Type 5, 1st
    Type 1, 2nd
    Type 3, 3rd

    Wing 5w6 – 11.1
    Wing 5w4 – 11
    Wing 1w9 – 9.5

    Since the tests personality types are based on a tier ranking formula, the top three probably captures a better measure of ones personality type.

    No need to look-up the type based on my number, my post says it all: Investigator is my #1 position. The test passes muster.

  67. I scored type1-Reformer with a 1w9 wing. Is that good for an Engineer?

  68. 8w7

  69. Alan Cannell

    Type 3 & 8
    Seems to be failrly common. Cumon, agrre with me NOW!!!

  70. Matthew Bruha


  71. Lowell Brown

    Type 1 – The Reformer

    Perfectionists, responsible, fixated on improvement

    Ones are essentially looking to make things better, as they think nothing is ever quite good enough. This makes them perfectionists who want to reform and improve, who desire to make order out of the omnipresent chaos.

  72. Andrew Kennett

    I go: You are most likely a type 9 (the Peacemaker) with 9w1 wing.

    Self-preservation variant

    Type 9 sp
    People of this personality type essentially feel a need for peace and harmony. They tend to avoid conflict at all costs, whether it be internal or interpersonal. As the potential for conflict in life is virtually ubiquitous, the Nine’s desire to avoid it generally results in some degree of withdrawal from life, and many Nines are, in fact, introverted.

    Seems fair enough

  73. Number 9… number 9…
    And balanced wings. I guess that means I don’t tip over in mid flight.

  74. Type 11 – The contrarian

  75. “Investigator” – 5w4, but nearly equal parts 7 and 8.
    Also, INTP in 1999, and INTJ in 2015.

  76. I question the validity of a personality test that demonstrates such variety among a focused group of skeptics…

  77. Interestingly, the latest data suggest that states with the most new covid-19 cases and global warming alarmists seem to be inversely related to cattle or lobster per capita.

  78. 9w1

  79. 8 so – I originally found this site challenging while a self-described “poly math” who was an early adopter of the “we’re all going to die” response to what was then “global warming,” on public media. So, social Challenger it is.

  80. 9w8

  81. Harold Kenneth McCard

    Type 1 – Reformer

  82. Ron in Austin

    type 6 (the Loyalist) with 6w5 wing.

  83. David Constans

    strong type 5 (investigator, I am/was, now retired, a ChemE specializing in environmental compliance) with type 1. I however, was very good at managing people, getting the best from them. Most of the description fits, but some is off.

  84. 6w5.
    Thinking about it I realised that this test is really wish fulfillment.
    It gives us the perception that we would like to think others see us as.
    In which case it is strangely [joke] haunting and possibly valueless to us unless we are capable of thinking outside our box [which for the most part is impossible.
    The problem is that it reinforces our preconceptions, reassuring us and therefore stopping us looking more deeply into the actual meaning..

    Thank you, Judith.
    I have done several of these over many years and always wondered at the fact that people can actually choose to use them on the workforce as they do.
    People are very complex, often wrong about themselves but savvy enough to give the “right” answers to most questions.
    I have known many staff members whose personalities make them valuable without them having the profile to fit into their role.

    Most pegs are not square, most holes are not round and you can use multiple objects to successfully hit a nail.

  85. Barn E. Rubble

    Will there be a final tally?

  86. That was interesting. I have taken the Meyer/Briggs test a few times and consistently come up as and ENFJ

    You are most likely a type 2.
    Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 1w2 or 2w1

  87. Well — as this is intended for Entertainment Purposes Only — my wife and I did this test for ME on a consensus basis.

    Our consensus-driven result was:
    Type 1 (the Reformer) with 1w2 wing.
    (borderline Type 8)

    My wife and I agree on some points of the result but not all.

    It was diverting.

    Thank you, Judith.

  88. I came out as an 8 with balanced wings of 1 and 7. To give any credence to this, you must believe that I have some degree of accurate insight into myself. I, of course, think it’s dead on…

  89. Being a scientist who of course respects other science domains, I suggest you expand your interest in personality testing to this one. A personality that is almost uniformly strident in climate change denial, and is the single best predictor of support for Donald Trump (might be some significant correlation there, Judith)

  90. Type 5! My favourite number! 5w6