Climate Etc. holiday wishes

by Judith Curry

My very best wishes to you and your families for the winter holidays, whichever one you might celebrate.  Some climate funnies for the season:

From Ecofriendly Mag:


From Seattlepi:

From An Honest Climate Debate:

From cartoonsbyjosh:

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  1. Richard S Courtney

    Judith and all who frequent your blog:

    I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


  2. Michael Larkin

    Happy Christmas, everyone, and thanks Judith for a great blog.

    Just in case anyone hasn’t yet seen the amazing flashmob video of the Halleluja chorus, give yourself a treat:

    • Michael Larkin


      I didn’t intend for this video to end up embedded – I just pasted the URL directly from Youtube. It looks and sounds much better if you go directly to Youtube. Just Google “flashmob halleluja chorus” sans quotes.

  3. Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. Cool Yule to you all.

    Thanks to Global Warming, we’re certainly going to have one in UK. About 3 inches of it right now and a White Christmas expected nationwide tomorrow.

  5. Merry Christmas to Judith and all denizens of Climate Etc!

    Regardless of political persuasion, perspective on climate or religious background I wish that all are able to savor the true essence of the season:

    Getting drunk and eating way too much food.

  6. An alternative Hallelujah Chorus.

    Happy Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, that will hopefully see an end to CAGW. Jim Cripwell.

  8. AnyColourYouLike

    Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, an awful lot of my spare time has been spent lurking here in 2010…my New Year’s resolution is to do much the same in 2011. :-)

    And enjoy all that lovely snow, according to some we will not see it’s like again…at least until next November! ;-)

  9. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year to all of you, from a Muslim born atheist in Brisbane.

    Now back to mopping out the flood waters in between blogging. Gotto get the priorities right lol

  10. AnyColourYouLike

    Ok, here’s my Christmas challenge to all you sceptic comedians out there…

    Supply a punchline to the following:

    How many Climate Alarmists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    (that’s a low energy lightbulb obviously!)

    My (rubbish) punchline….

    None! The lightbulb is fine, it’s just that the wind-turbines aren’t generating enough electricity at the moment.

    Anybody do better?

    • Easy.

      Climate alarmists aren’t allowed to change low energy lightbulbs. They contain traces of mercury and can only be touched by qualified operatives wearing full protective gear with robotic handling equipment. Otherwise an offence is committed under the Health and Safety Act 1974 and subsequent amendments and regulations.

    • And the same to you, Judith, and all other fellow travellers

    • How many Climate Alarmists does it take to change a lightbulb? – None, we’d rather just sit here in the eco-friendly dark.

      And to all a very Merry Christmas and a very big thanks to Dr. Curry for her very interesting and informative blog and the work she does.

    • None, the bulb is fine but it will take at least 2 to clean the snow off the solar panels when the storm stops!!

      None, the bulb is fine but you are on the rotating blackout due to lack of generating capacity from not building those nasty cola or nulcear power plants.

  11. Season’s Greetings to one and all:)

    I hope you all have a good one!

    Dr Curry, many thanks for starting this informative, mature and very addictive blog!

    • some of us do seem to be addicts :) but it is great fun and I am certainly learning alot. Re addicts, Vaughan Pratt was working on summarizing some remaining points on the confidence in radiative transfer models thread, and tallied that he had posted 195 to that particular thread.

  12. Thanks Dr Curry for the time and effort that went into this blog. It is very much appreciated.

    Have a very enjoyable holiday


  13. For some interesting reading over the holidays, here are a few things spotted at collide-a-scape:

    Charles Keeling and the CO2 measurements

    Tom Yulsman on measuring the global surface temperature

    • Both those refs are to the same NYT article on Keeling.

    • The Tom Yulsman article is at Climate Central.

      • And a very Merry Celebration of Christ’s Birthday to you Derech. Hope your New Year is full of wonder!

      • I tried posting this at Climate Central under the Yulsman article.

        ‘Gaps in coverage are particularly significant in the Arctic — where, despite a dearth of monitoring stations, warming is known to have been particularly intense and rapid in recent years’

        May I ask we know that the warming has been particularly intense and rapid in recent years if we do not have many monitoring stations there?

        It seems to be a ‘counterintuitive’ point/ To paraphrase ‘we didn’t measure it so we know it was particularly bad’.

        Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Unless we have some alternative and so far undisclosed way of taking measurements there?’

        It will be interesting to see if it survives pre-moderation. Somehow I’m not hopeful. Climate Central doesn’t look like the sort of place where awkward questions are encouraged. But maybe I’ll get a nice surprise for New Year.

        What a contrast with the sheer brilliance of this forum where Judith encourages a proper debate of the science…and, perhaps for the first time, it gets a proper going over from those who have not already signed up to the Alarmist Creed.

        It must have been very cosy for all the true believers at RC and wherever else they congregated to just delete/censor/disappear any comments that they felt were ‘unhelpful’ in the past. But it did nothing for their critical thinking or rhetorical skills.

        Truly believing in myths like ‘Well-funded Big Oil anti-science deniers with attacks on the noble and unsullied scientists coordinated by Koch Industries and the Republican creationists’ might have kept them warm at night, but didn’t make their arguments any stronger. Playing only to a home crowd of Yes-men is not a way to become match fit.

        And, even if nothing else has been achieved on this blog, it has spectacularly demonstrated that claims that ‘The Science is Settled’ are plain wrong. Those who so claim are being ‘Economical with the Truth’ (which is a British euphemism from Sir Humphrey and his ilk).

        Even a question as basic as ‘Is there a Greenhouse Effect and if so what is it physical mechanism?’ remains unresolved after weeks of work, thousands of comments and the efforts of some of the most diligent minds – with or without PhDs in Radiative Physics.

        If only such sterling efforts and questionning had gone into the work twenty five years ago and placed the science on a firm theoretical footing, rather than being side-stepped as ‘settled science’ in the headlong political dash to subvert ‘science’ to prove that carbon dioxide would be to blame for all the world’s future ills.

        So Judith, thanks again for providing this excellent forum…your courage in stepping away from the Climate Establishment and giving us the opportunity to hold them to account under robust questioning should never be underestimated.

        Have a Great Christmas

      • Latimer, look at the nopol time series that UAH provides.

      • And what will I find there relevant to my discussion above? Just a couple of sentences on why I should do so will be adequate.

      • That’s the temperature anomaly over the North polar region as derived from the UAH satellite observation analyses. Plot it against the global anomaly, and you will see that its magnitude is larger.

        Knock yourself out doing some analysis.

      • North pole Jan 1979 -0.12 where is the metadata for this reading? ie how was this number arrived at ?

      • Ask Spencer to release his code.

        Or else you can read his papers detailing his methods for arriving at those values.

        Be as skeptical of UAH as others have been of GIStemp and CRU.

      • Hi Latimer,

        Your comment is posted at Climate Central, so there’s no issue with moderation there — other than it’s slow because of the holidays. In fact, my response to you there, which I wrote several days ago, still isn’t up. And I was the author of the original post!

        In answer to your question, you should re-read my article, because I describe a number of lines of evidence, independent of surface temperature monitoring, showing that the Arctic is warming. But in brief, here are some: thinning and shrinking of Arctic sea ice; thawing of permafrost; increased extent of summer melt in Greenland; and accelerating Greenland glaciers. Moreover, warming in the Arctic is supported by infrared satellite measurements.

        And lastly, just because there are gaps in surface temperature monitoring in the Arctic does not mean that there is no surface temperature monitoring at all. Go to search for station data using a geographical interface. One word of caution: You’ll no doubt find some stations that show no warming, or perhaps even an apparent cooling trend. But what’s important is the broad scale pattern, and whether it is consistent with other observations.

        And with that, let me says, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

        — Tom

  14. Being the politically incorrect type of person I am, I’ll wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

    And I’ll thank Dr Curry for producing what I believe to be the most interesting and informative Climate blog on the internet.

  15. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all who read this.

    Here is a illustration of what can happen when evidence is misinterpreted:!

    Don’t let young children see this video clip!

  16. Seasons greetings from an RV gripped by ice.

    Special thanks to Latimer whose wit and eloquence has been an inspiration to us all – yes that includes you too Derecho!

    and also to Dr Curry for the best blog ever!

    For UK folks there was a very interesting program on BBC TV last night where Robert Winston (the man with the tash) showcased his 10 best scientific inventions of the last 50 years. One was the internet. Truly an amazing concept and without which I might have a life!

  17. Thank you Judith for a very interesting blog.
    I do hope you will get som rest during next week and after that have a Happy New Year!
    The posts on Michaels testimony was superb and do advise everyone that is fed up with nut cracking to read the third post and all of the comments. To me it is a kind of highlight of the year to see how calculations in % can mess things up.
    I do hope that the apple of wisdom was not one of those that where not delivered.

    In Sweden we are obliged to pay a licence for public televison and radio. Some do and get appreciation for it:

  18. Others are mutilating Christmas verses to get a global warming viewpoint across, so I though I’d give it a try too. The result is the following humble effort to capture the spirit of Climate.etc. It’s sung to the tune of “Deck the Halls”:

    Post a comment for your pleasure
    “Future climate change will kill us all!”
    Read responses at you leisure
    “Certainly it won’t, you’re off the wall!”

    Cite the science, the consensus
    Back it up, quickly, with form-u-lae
    Learn how this is all contentious
    Scientists are, really, all at sea

    List a peer review-ed study
    One of those proving you can’t be wrong
    Read how it does naught but muddy
    All of our attempts to move along

    Coupled models, radiation
    Climate sens-it-tiv-ity
    All are based on speculation
    Or perhaps on fact, but please feel free

    Merry Christmas to all.

  19. Best wishes to you for a happy holiday period, and my thanks for your wonderful blog.

    As a retired engineer who is continually in awe at the complexities of our lovely planet, and the people who inhabit it, I really appreciate the high standard of the posts you have attracted. Where else might we hope to see over eight hundred erudite and sometimes lengthy posts on the supposedly settled science of atmospheric radiative transfer?

    Please continue.

  20. Tonight we hunger
    Grandma sent grocery money
    To Jimmy Swaggert

  21. Judith, thank you for your busy, no doubt trying, but productive year. May the next bring more of the same, but be less trying. To all, but especially to Judith, a very Happy Christmas.

  22. Dr. Judy, thanx for your wonderful gift to all of us. May you live in Love and Light and Wonderment!

  23. Best Wishes to All !

    Thank you especially, Professor Curry, for having the courage and the talent to get two opponents to share their opinions and their reasons.

    As another saint noted,

    For hatred does not cease
    By hatred in this world.
    By love alone it ceases.
    This is an unalterable law.

    Twin Verses of Buddha

  24. My best wishes for a happy holiday season.

  25. WWF retail outlet advised employees that the Christmas Bonus is now to be referred to as the Seasonal Gesture. (Historically, all the calendars you want, plus one of a selection of other items. Oh, except tote bags this year.)
    I like it – from now on, seasonal gestures are the order of the day!

  26. A big Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you Judith and to all the “addicts” who post here.


  27. Judith,

    Merry Christmas!
    And a Merry Christmas to all the science “Geeks and Freaks” that make a good challenging and stimulating conversation.


  28. Yes! A Merry Christmas to all.

    In college for an independent study project I read much of Aldous Huxley’s writings and remember this quote:

    It is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one’s life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than ‘Try to be a little kinder.’

    — Aldous Huxley

    It seems appropriate to the holiday spirit in our contentious time. I point it at no one in particular but myself.

  29. The threads of Judiths blog postings get very long and sometimes difficult to follow. I decided to test some programming issues that I need also for other applications by building a tool to find all comment links of a thread. The program is freely available for those interested through this link.

    No help is available, but installing and using the program should be easy enough. After installation just paste the link of the thread in the appropriate field in left upper corner and press “Fetch”. Then you can change the ordering by clicking “Comment” or “Date”. Repeated clicking reverses the order. It is not possible to copy the link directly from the cell, but clicking the cell brings the link to upper right corner, where copying by “Ctrl-C” works. All links can be copied by “Ctrl-A” + “Ctrl-C” on the upper window. You can also write the same content into a file. Excel can handle this content.

    The program works in Judith’s blog, but not in other blogs unless they are very similar in the way they present comments.

    This is my Christmas present for those interested. You can also see, how my courtyard looked on Christmas eve with all 60 cm of snow that we have near Helsinki.

    • Pekka, thanks very much for doing this. I have also been contacted by a software company that has a contract with the Smithsonian, who is working to develop some sort of tool to sort through climate etc., will see if that is useful, who knows if/when it will materialize.

    • Checking, how the installation works, I noticed that there is presently on complication at least in Windows 7 and perhaps also in Vista. The program stores the text that it receives from net in it startup directory, which is the installation directory unless it is changed in the shortcut. In Windows 7 writing in the standard installation directory is not allowed. Therefore a writable startup directory must be given in the shortcut properties or the whole program must be installed in a directory not under “c:\Program files”.

      Writing the text on disk is not really necessary, and I’ll change the program soon.

      • The installation problem is now removed. The program does not write any more to the disk during operation (unless the user selects to write the results to a separately selected location).

      • I played a little more with my program. Now you can filter messages by author or content. By clicking the number of the message, you can also read it, but not with full html content.

  30. Warmest best wishes to Dr Curry for this Christmas and many more to come.
    Her courage to publicly state that the science is not settled, despite the pressures from the political and academic bandwagon, will be an inspiration to future scientists.
    Her willingness to spend part of her limited time on this wonderfully informative blog is a real public service.
    Thank you and God bless!

  31. Judith,

    I join with the others. A belated Merry Christmas to you and the best for 2011. I recommend your website whenever I can, so you’ll have more readers in the new year from our part of the world.

    How you manage to do it all escapes me!

  32. A Merry Christmas to all from our family visit in Raleigh, NC, suffering from its third global warming snow event this year.
    Dr. Curry,
    Thank you for the gift of this site and your time and talent in making it so great.
    Are you getting much of this snow event?

    • actually, we have 6″ so far, currently I’m in the Blue Ridge Mts, near the NC/SC border. haven’t seen anything like this in 8 yrs of living in the SE US,most winters we don’t get any snow at all.

      • Stay warm! We are snowed in here at Raleigh, with about 6″ on the ground and unable to get over to Duke and visit our daughter.
        The last snowy Christmas we had was our visit here in 1989, which was much heavier. Our friends in NW Georgia are reporting a lot of snow on the ground at their little place.

      • Mount Washington, on Vancouver Island has the deepest snow base of all resorts on the planet. They just went through their largest snowfall 5 day event ever. Meanwhile in Vancouver, we just had 4 days of almost continous rain. Our usual green Christmas – sigh….

      • we are actually on a mountain, about 2000 ft above sea level, we are snowed in until it melts :)

      • Who will be the first to post that this is entirely in line with (and predicted by) AGW theory and yet further absolute proof that global warming will fry us all? Sweepstake anyone?

      • Xavier Onnasis

        see Cold winter in a world of warming? posted by rasmus on 14 December 2010

      • Note his response to comment #9:

        [Response: They probably will. But the publication of this study is a fact, and it’s useful to look into that. We can’t let the deniers dictate what we do or don’t do. -rasmus]

      • Nice! Hope you have fuel and a good view.

        Have a cool Yule.

      • New Year’s is supposed to be very warm. Enjoy being snowed in.

        Blizzard in the Northeast and New England. Just missing me in the mountains 100 miles west of DC so I am happy.

    • Speaking of lack of snow… < 3" total since 1 October.

  33. A late Merry Christmas to all and a Very Happy New Year! This is without a doubt the best climate blog on the net. Thank You! From the NC mountains in the NW corner of NC, eight inches of new snow so far on top of all the old and still coming down hard. I’ll throw another log on the fire and watch the Redskins for a while. Thanks again, Judith.

  34. profootballwalk

    Happy Inter-Holiday period to all from locked-down Boston Mass., USA. Assuming I don’t have a heart attack after shoveling myself out of tonights’s blizzard tomorrow morning, I look forward to many more posts from Dr. Curry.

  35. frederic sommer

    Bonne année à tous
    Here in the eastern part of France,25 miles north of Strasbourg, we have snow since the end of November