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Silence of the Grid Experts

by Planning Engineer (Russell Schussler) There are many reasons why grid experts within the electric utility industry have not spoken out when unrealistic “green” goals were being developed and promoted over the last 20 years or so. A more open … Continue reading

Exploiters versus experts

by Planning Engineer (Russell Schussler) The unfolding saga around FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange currently in bankruptcy, appears to share some similarities with factors which led to the demise of Enron. Enron and FTX both initially achieved success because they were … Continue reading

Academics and the Grid Part 3: Visionaries and Problem Solvers

by Planning Engineer (Russell Schussler) The potential of climate change with an unworkable grid is the most frightening potential scenario of all.  We need visionaries and problem solvers to avoid this scenario.

Politics of climate expertise

by Judith Curry “Concerning the inability of expert knowledge to resolve environmental controversy and the pressing need for a pragmatic reframing of policy problems to allow for solutions based on bipartisan values.”

Australian renewables integration. Part 2

by Planning Engineer (Russ Schussler) and Chris Morris Many are looking towards Australia and seeing bold, innovative steps to increase the penetration levels of wind and solar resources. A grid revolution around the corner? Or just the madness of crowds?  … Continue reading

In favor of epistemic trespassing

by Judith Curry On the importance of expertise from other fields for COVD19 and climate change.

Fauci, Fear, Balance and the Grid

by Planning Engineer (Russell Schussler) Reflecting on the U.S. response to the covid pandemic, Dr. Fauci provides some important insights on managing complex risks – with relevance to climate change and the electric grid transition.

An interview with top climate scientist Bjorn Stevens

by Nic Lewis This week Die Zeit published an interview with Bjorn Stevens. Die Zeit is the largest German weekly newspaper (circulation well over one million), and has a highly educated readership.  


by Judith Curry Politics versus the data versus communicating science.

Coronavirus uncertainty

by Judith Curry My thoughts on coronavirus and deep uncertainty.

Science and politics

by Judith Curry “I’m reaching out to scientists this week about the election. How do you feel about it? Which of the candidates has the best plan, for you, in science and technology?”

Green energy: Don’t stick Granny with the bill

by Planning Engineer (Russell Schussler) Renewable energy has an equity problem.  Energy policies that force consumers to incur huge costs to meet larger public aims become a hidden form of taxation.  Energy bills eat up much larger proportions of income for … Continue reading

Precision agriculture for South Asia

by Judith Curry An exciting new project for my company, Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN) to support smallholder farmers in Pakistan and India.

How we have mischaracterized climate risk

by Judith Curry “The current thinking and approaches guiding this conceptualization and description have been shown to lack scientific rigour, the consequence being that climate change risk and uncertainties are poorly presented. The climate change field needs to strengthen its … Continue reading

Reflections on energy blogging

by Planning Engineer Five years ago today I started guest blogging on Climate Etc., focusing on energy related issues.

Academic freedom and scholarship: perspective from Canada

by Pamela Lindsay Mentorships by professors of students are among the vital functions of a university. Here I expose the vulnerable underbelly of mentorship and one possible threat to academic freedom and scholarship.

Cultural motivations for wind and solar renewables deployment

by Andy West “For me the question now is, now that we know that renewables can’t save the planet, are we going to keep letting them destroy it?”. – Michael Schellenberger

The latest travesty in ‘consensus enforcement’

The latest travesty in consensus ‘enforcement’, published by Nature.

Assigning Blame for the Blackouts in Texas

By Planning Engineer The story from some media sources is that frozen wind turbines are responsible for the power shortfalls in Texas. Other media sources emphasize that fossil fuel resources should shoulder the blame because they have large cold induced … Continue reading

The IPCC’s attribution methodology is fundamentally flawed

by Ross McKitrick One day after the IPCC released the AR6 I published a paper in Climate Dynamics showing that their “Optimal Fingerprinting” methodology on which they have long relied for attributing climate change to greenhouse gases is seriously flawed … Continue reading

Truth(?) in testimony and convincing policy makers

by Judith Curry Some reflections, stimulated by yesterday’s Congressional Hearing, on the different strategies of presenting Congressional testimony.

What the pandemic has taught us about science

The scientific method remains the best way to solve many problems, but bias, overconfidence and politics can sometimes lead scientists astray

How the Disinformation Industrial Complex is destroying trust in science

by David Young Much has changed in science since the pandemic and much of it is change for the worse. The pandemic has highlighted the loss of credibility of the public health establishment and the often toxic nature of current … Continue reading

Climate Change, Extreme Weather, and Electric System Reliability

by Judith Curry I recently participated in a Technical Conference sponsored by the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

2019 ENSO forecast

by Judith Curry and Jim Johnstone CFAN’s 2019 ENSO forecast is for a transition away from El Niño conditions as the summer progresses. The forecast for Sept-Oct-Nov 2019 calls for 60% probability of ENSO neutral conditions, with 40% probability of … Continue reading