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Nature Unbound III: Holocene climate variability (Part A)

by Javier First in a two part series on Holocene climate variability.

Week in review – science edition

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Will the Oroville Dam survive the ARkStorm?

by David Hagen Should California plan for permanent drought or climate persistence?

Nature Unbound II: The Dansgaard- Oeschger Cycle

by Javier Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) events are the most dramatic and frequent abrupt climate change events in the geological record. They are usually explained as the result of an Atlantic Ocean salinity oscillation paced by internal variability. Available evidence however supports … Continue reading

Internal climate variability as a confounding factor in climate sensitivity estimates

by Frank Bosse Towards eliminating multi-decadal natural oscillations in determination of the Transient Climate Response (TCR) to CO2.

Week in review – science edition

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

On the Decrease of Hot Days in the US

by Turbulent Eddie Adjusted USHCN data indicate a decrease in CONUS hot days TMAX >= 100°F

Climate models for lawyers

by Judith Curry I have been asked to write an Expert Report on climate models. ***SEE UPDATE

The value of very long instrumental data series

by Alan Longhurst Because the climate change science community habitually concentrates attention on surface data from a very short recent period – nominally a little more than 100 years – it would be very interesting to know how the pattern habitually derived … Continue reading

Impact of the ~ 2400 yr solar cycle on climate and human societies

*by Javier The role of solar variability on climate change, despite having a very long scientific tradition, is currently downplayed as a climatic factor within the most popular hypothesis for climate change.

Sea level rise, acceleration and the closure problem

by Rud Istvan There is no doubt that interglacials change sea level (SL). And that sea level rise (SLR) can be dramatic on millennial interglacial time scales.

Towards reconciling climate sensitivity estimates from climate models and observatiions

by Judith Curry A new paper purports to have resolved the discrepancy between climate response estimates from global climate models versus energy budget models.

The cloud-climate conundrum

by Judith Curry Four new papers remind us of the very large uncertainties surrounding cloud-climate feedbacks.

Attribution of extreme weather events?

by Judith Curry The National Academies has published a new report:  Attribution of extreme weather events in the context of climate change.

Is sea level rise accelerating?

by Judith Curry Estimates of the rate of sea level rise are diverging.

On the likelihood of recent record warmth

by Judith Curry [O]ur results suggest that the recent record temperature years are are roughly 600 to 130,000 times more likely to have occurred under conditions of anthropogenic than in its absence.  – Mann et al.

NOAA fails walrus science

by Jim Steele NOAA’s Arctic report card made claims that hinge on the unproven hypothesis that a reduction in sea ice is detrimental by denying walruses access to foraging habitat.

Climate models versus climate reality

by Pat Michaels and Chip Knappenberger Perhaps the most frank example of the growing disconnection between forecast and observed climate change was presented by University of Alabama’s John Christy to the Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness Committee of … Continue reading

400(?) years of warming

by Judith Curry So, exactly how long has it been warming?

Hiatus controversy: show me the data

by Judith Curry The scientific and political controversies surrounding the hiatus have continued to heat up. Lets take a look at ALL the global temperature data sets.

Climate closure (?)

by Judith Curry The scientific debate is now over; the moment of closure has arrived. – Shaun Lovejoy

A perspective on uncertainty and climate science

by Marcia Wyatt This past summer I was asked to give a presentation on science and ethics. The person who asked me was motivated by the Pope’s encyclical, the comments regarding climate change.

What are the most controversial points in climate science?

by Judith Curry And how might these controversies be resolved?

Understanding Time of Observation Bias

by Zeke Hausfather Global temperatures are adjusted to account for the effects of station moves, instrument changes, time of observation (TOBs) changes, and other factors (referred to as inhomogenities) that cause localized non-climatic biases in the instrumental record.

The Intermittent Little Ice Age

by Tony Brown Is our popular understanding of the ‘Little Ice Age’ (LIA) correct, as being a predominantly cold era lasting 500 years, leavened by a few brief warm spells?