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What can we learn from climate models?

by Judith Curry Short answer:  I’m not sure.

The culture of building confidence in climate models

by Judith Curry As climate models become increasingly relevant to policy makers,  they are being criticized  for not undergoing a formal verification and validation (V&V) process analogous to that used in engineering and regulatory applications. Further, claims are being made … Continue reading

Raising the level of the game

by Judith Curry Documenting, understanding and predicting climate variability and change is an issue of substantial scientific and socioeconomic importance.  The IPCC put forth a strategy for assessing the science that is based upon reducing uncertainty and building a consensus. … Continue reading

Raising the level of the game: Part II

by Judith Curry There has been considerable interesting discussion on the previous thread.  I plan to follow up with thread on verification and validation of climate models, and am pondering how to deal with explaining the greenhouse effect.  On this … Continue reading

Confidence in radiative transfer models

by Judith Curry The calculation of atmospheric radiative fluxes is central to any argument related to the atmospheric greenhouse/Tyndall gas effect.  Atmospheric radiative transfer models rank among the most robust components of climate model, in terms of having a rigorous … Continue reading