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Meta-uncertainty in the determination of climate sensitivity

by Judith Curry Two heavyweight climate scientists have published very different ideas about how much the Earth is going to warm in the coming decades. – Washington Weather Gang

The Forest 2006 climate sensitivity study and misprocessing of data – an update

by Nicholas Lewis Some of you may recall my guest post at Climate Etc last June, here, questioning whether the results of the Forest et al., 2006, (F06) study on estimating climate sensitivity might have arisen from misprocessing of data.

UK MSM on climate sensitivity

by Judith Curry If climate scientists were credit-rating agencies, climate sensitivity would be on negative watch. But it would not yet be downgraded. – The Economist

New perspectives on climate sensitivity

by Judith Curry Here is a summary of some important new papers on the topics of climate sensitivity and attribution.

Climate sensitivity in the AR5 SOD

by Judith Curry By far the most important debate about climate change is taking place among scientists, on the issue of climate sensitivity: How much warming will a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide actually produce?  – Matt Ridley

What climate sensitivity says about the IPCC assessment process

by Rud Istvan If climate sensitivity is high, then modest GHG increases cause significant warming. If it is low, then significant GHG increases will not. Analysis of the IPCC assessment of sensitivity provides another window into the ‘government-climate research’ complex … Continue reading

Climate sensitivity discussion thread

by Judith Curry There are several recent estimates of climate sensitivity that are worth taking a look at.

A biologist’s perspective on ice ages and climate sensitivity: Part I

by DocMartyn This is the first of a three part presentation where I will attempt to explain the climate of the last 800,000 thousand years, drawing on the role of the biosphere’s response to interstellar dust.

WHT on Schmittner et al. on climate sensitivity

by WebHubTelescope . Schmittner et al have written a paper titled “Climate Sensitivity Estimated from Temperature Reconstructions of the Last Glacial Maximum” (Science Nov 24. 2011).

Probabilistic estimates of transient climate sensitivity

by Judith Curry An important new paper on this topic has been published in J. Climate, that raises the bar in terms of uncertainty analysis.

Climate sensitivity to ocean heat transport

by Judith Curry A paper in press in the Journal of Climate  provides some insight into the interaction of cloud feedback with ocean heat transport.

Climate sensitivity follow-up

by Nicholas Lewis JC note:  Pursuant to Nic’s post on “The IPCC’s alteration of Forster & Gregory’s model-independent climate sensitivity results,” he has sent a letter to Gabi Hegerl, who was coordinating lead author on chapter 9 of the IPCC … Continue reading

The IPCC’s alteration of Forster & Gregory’s model-independent climate sensitivity results

by Nicholas Lewis The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report of 2007 (AR4) contained various errors, including the well publicised overestimate of the speed at which Himalayan glaciers would melt. However, the IPCC’s defenders point out that such errors were inadvertent and … Continue reading

Probabilistic(?) estimates of climate sensitivity

by Judith Curry James Annan (with Hargreaves) has a new paper out, entitled “On the generation and interpretation of probabilistic estimates of climate sensitivity.”  Here is the abstract:

Why climate predictions are so difficult

by Judith Curry An insightful interview with Bjorn Stevens.

Hurricanes & climate change: 21st century projections

by Judith Curry Final installment in my series on hurricanes and climate change.

Hurricanes and Climate Change: Attribution

by Judith Curry Part II:  what causes variations and changes in hurricane activity?

Climate uncertainty monster: What’s the worst case?

by Judith Curry On possibilities, known neglecteds, and the vicious positive feedback loop between scientific assessment and policy making that has created a climate Frankenstein.

Hurricane Florence: climate dynamics context

by Judith Curry “Impending massive hurricanes bring the best out of weather twitter and the worst out of climate twitter” – Joseph Maykut

Climate uncertainty & risk

by Judith Curry I’ve been invited to write an article on climate uncertainty and risk.

Hearing on Using Technology to Address Climate Change

by Judith Curry The House Committee on Science, Space & Technology Hearing on Using Technology to Address Climate Change is about to begin.

Uncertainty about the Climate Uncertainty Monster

by Judith Curry The many dimensions of the climate uncertainty monster.

Nature Unbound III: Holocene climate variability (Part A)

by Javier First in a two part series on Holocene climate variability.

How inconstant are climate feedbacks – and does it matter?

by Nic Lewis Kyle Armour has a new paper out in Nature Climate Change: “Energy budget constraints on climate sensitivity in light of inconstant climate feedbacks”.

The new ‘climate denial’

by Judith Curry Interesting article in The Atlantic, but I’m still trying to figure out what is being ‘denied.’