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Post-mortem on the forecasts of Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew

by Judith Curry Reflections on forecasting hurricanes in light of U.S. landfalling Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew, highlighting the complexities of forecast ensemble interpretation.

Skin in the game

by Judith Curry Some reflections on my transition from academic climate research to private sector weather forecasting and regional climate change assessments.

JC interview: hurricanes and global warming

by Judith Curry My recent interview with David Whitehouse of the Global Warming Policy Foundation on Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the link with global warming.

Generating regional scenarios of climate change

by Judith Curry This post is about the practical aspects of generating regional scenarios of climate variability and change for the 21st century.

Tactical adaptation to Indian heat waves

by Judith Curry Ahmedabad’s Heat Action Plan offers a proven track record and model to protect their residents from heat waves.  My Georgia Tech/CFAN colleagues Violeta Toma, Peter Webster and Mark Jelinek are enabling this Plan with a pioneering heat wave … Continue reading

Confluence (not conflict) of interest

by Judith Curry The term conflict of interest is pejorative. It is confrontational and presumptive of inappropriate behavior. –  Anne Cappola and Garret FitzGerald

Conflicts of interest in climate science

by Judith Curry Once you tug on the thread of undisclosed financial interests in climate science, you’ll find it more a norm than exception. – Roger Pielke Jr (tweet)

Ins and outs of the ivory tower

by Judith Curry This is the strongest, and most cogently made, argument that I’ve seen against political advocacy by academics related to their subject of expertise.

My interview with Mrs. Green

by Judith Curry This is definitely among the most interesting interviews that I’ve done.

Snowpocalypse – not

pby Judith Curry Some reflections on the east coast U.S. snowstorm: the forecasts, their communication and the response.

What can we expect for this year’s Arctic sea ice?

by Judith Curry The seasonal forecasts of Arctic sea ice minimum have been submitted to annual SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook

Impacts of China’s hydropower boom

by Judith Curry China is engaged in a push to build hydroelectric dams on a scale unprecedented in human history. While being touted for producing lower-emission electricity, these massive dam projects are wreaking havoc on river systems across China and … Continue reading

Practice-relevant climate adaptation science

by Judith Curry Informing the extensive preparations needed to manage climate risks, avoid damages, and realize emerging opportunities is a grand challenge for climate change science.

Perspective from a weather forecaster

by Judith Curry The answer is the fruit of my labor, not the object of it. Because of that, you’ll look for anything to come up with the correct answer, not just a predetermined one where your self-esteem depends on it. – Joe Bastardi

I know I’m right (?)

by Judith Curry A behavioral view of overconfidence.

Himalayan melt impacts

by Judith Curry A new publication in Nature Geoscience projects an increase in runoff from Himalayan catchmants during the 21st century, despite a decline in glacier size.

How should we interpret an ensemble of models? Part I: Weather models

by Judith Curry Over the last two weeks, there have been some interesting exchanges in the blogosphere on the topic of interpreting an ensemble of models.


by Judith Curry Hurricane Sandy is the largest Atlantic hurricane on record in terms of diameter of the storm.  Sandy was associated with an estimated 13 foot storm surge in areas near New York City.

Improving weather forecasts for the developing world

by Judith Curry Global prediction partnerships would cost little and reduce the regional carnage caused by floods, droughts and tropical cyclones. – Peter Webster

Hurricane (?) Isaac

by Judith Curry Tropical Storm Isaac is now spinning up in the Gulf of Mexico.   The models have finally converged on New Orleans as the landfall location.  Are better forecasts of hurricanes possible?  New research is pointing the way … Continue reading

Learning (?) lessons from Sandy

by Judith Curry America is growing more skilled – and getting better fast – at emergency response to disasters of growing geographical reach, cost, and complexity. But we can and should do more. America needs a comparable national effort and accompanying long-term … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy: Part n

by Judith Curry Hurricane Sandy is having many repercussions beyond the obvious damage.

2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season

by Judith Curry So, what can we expect for the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season?  All of the seasonal forecasts are coming in for a near or below normal year.  But already, we have seen two named storms, before the official … Continue reading

What global warming looks like (?)

by Judith Curry But since at least 1988, climate scientists have warned that climate change would bring, in general, increased heat waves, more droughts, more sudden downpours, more widespread wildfires and worsening storms. In the United States, those extremes are … Continue reading

U.S. weather prediction: falling behind

by Judith Curry “It’s a national embarrassment. It has resulted in large unnecessary costs for the U.S. economy and needless endangerment of our citizens. And it shouldn’t be occurring. What am I talking about? The third rate status of numerical … Continue reading