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Recent research on aerosol forcing of the CMIP5 models

by Frank Bosse A few days ago a paper (Sato et al) dealing with some aspects of the “Aerosol Cloud Interactions”, (ACI, also called “aerosol indirect effects”) was released. It bolsters the conclusions of earlier papers: the effective radiative forcing … Continue reading

Long-range predictability of seasonal Atlantic hurricane activity

by Jim Johnstone and Judith Curry Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN) has identified new early precursors for seasonal Atlantic hurricane activity that involve systematic, repeating interactions among ENSO, stratospheric circulations and regional North Atlantic processes.

Causes and predictability of the exceptionally active 2017 Atlantic hurricane season

by Jim Johnstone and Judith Curry The good news: the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is over.  The bad news: it was an extremely active season, with substantial damage in the U.S. and the Caribbean islands. What caused this extremely active hurricane … Continue reading

What do we know about Arctic sea ice trends?

by Dr. Ronan Connolly & Dr. Michael Connolly Satellite observations indicate that the average Arctic sea ice extent has generally decreased since the start of the satellite records in October 1978. Is this period long enough to assess whether the … Continue reading

CFAN’s forecast for the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season

by Judith Curry Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN)’s  first seasonal forecast for  Atlantic hurricanes is based on a breakthrough in understanding of the impact of global climate dynamics on Atlantic hurricane activity.

Measuring bias in the U.S. federally-funded climate research

by David Wojick Semantic analysis of U.S. Federal budget documents indicates that the climate science research budget is heavily biased in favor of the paradigm of human-induced climate change.

Week in review – science, technology, policy research

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Week in review – science and policy research

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Is much of current climate research useless?

by Kip Hansen John P. A. Ioannidis dropped another cluster bomb on the medical research world two weeks ago with his latest paper which concludes: “Overall, not only are most research findings false, but, furthermore, most of the true findings … Continue reading

Are land + sea temperature averages meaningful?

by Greg Goodman Several of the major datasets that claim to represent “global average surface temperature” are directly or effectively averaging land air temperatures with sea surface temperatures.

Undersea volcanoes may be impacting long-term climate change

by Alan Longhurst I think this paper on on ocean tides, sea-floor volcanoes and Milankevitch cycles is a game changer.

New research on atmospheric radiative transfer

by Judith Curry Three new papers highlight how atmospheric radiative transfer, particularly how it is treated in climate models, is not ‘settled science.’

Is federal funding biasing climate research?

by Judith Curry Does biased funding skew research in a preferred direction, one that supports an agency mission, policy or paradigm?

Applications of subseasonal weather forecasts

by Judith Curry There is growing interest in the scientific, operational and applications communities in developing forecasts that fill the gap between medium range weather forecasts (up to two weeks) and seasonal forecasts (3-6 months).

Seasonal radiative response

by Steve McGee In science, one likes to have more examples than theories. – Dusan Djuric

Inter-decadal Variation in Northern Hemisphere sea ice

by Greg Goodman On the deceleration in the decline of the Arctic sea ice.

Arctic sea ice minimum?

by Judith Curry It looks like the Arctic sea ice is close to reaching its seasonal minimum, reflecting a substantial increase in sea ice relative to the record breaking minimum in 2012.

Historic Variations in Arctic sea ice. Part II: 1920-1950

by Tony Brown Satellite observations that provide an hour by hour picture of every part of the Arctic make it easy to forget that large areas of it had not even been even explored 80 years ago – let alone … Continue reading

Communicating uncertainties in natural hazards research

by Judith Curry Tell me what you know.  Tell me what you don’t know.  Then tell me what you think.  Always distinguish which is which. – Colin Powell

2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season

by Judith Curry So, what can we expect for the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season?  All of the seasonal forecasts are coming in for a near or below normal year.  But already, we have seen two named storms, before the official … Continue reading

A science-policy research agenda

by Judith Curry The need for policy makers to understand science and for scientists to understand policy processes is widely recognised. However, the science-policy relationship is sometimes difficult and occasionally dysfunctional; it is also increasingly visible, because it must deal … Continue reading

Impact of declining Arctic sea ice on winter snowfall

by Judith Curry Liu, Curry et al. have a new paper published in PNAS entitled “Impact of Declining Arctic Sea Ice on Winter Snowfall.”

Questions on research integrity and scientific responsibility: Part II

by Judith Curry Here is the content of my presentation to the UN InterAcademy Council Project on Research Integrity and Scientific Responsibility.

New research on the links between climate change and conflicts

by Judith Curry the emerging links between climate, conflict, and national security are far from being thoroughly understood

Unknown and uncertain sea surface temperatures

by Tony Brown Over the years I have become intrigued at the manner in which historic surface temperature records- that were never intended to be more than a broad reflection of the micro climate around them- have been used as … Continue reading