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Climate models for lawyers

by Judith Curry I have been asked to write an Expert Report on climate models. ***SEE UPDATE

Are energy budget climate sensitivity values biased low?

by Nic Lewis In a recently published paper (REA16),[i] Mark Richardson et al. claim that recent observation-based energy budget estimates of the Earth’s transient climate response (TCR) are biased substantially low, with the true value some 24% higher.

Science into agitprop: “Climate Change is Strangling Our Oceans”

by Larry Kummer, from the Fabius Maximus website The public policy debate about climate science shows the dysfunctional nature of the US media. Here’s another example of how propaganda has contaminated the news reporting of this vital subject, looking at … Continue reading

How sensitive is global temperature to cumulative CO2 emissions?

by Nic Lewis The mean carbon cycle behaviour of CMIP5 ESMs and EMICs may be quite unrealistic.

Hiatus revisionism

by Judith Curry Some interesting new papers on the hiatus in global warming.

Risk assessment: What is the plausible ‘worst scenario’ for climate change?

by Judith Curry We know that climate change is a problem – but how big a problem is it? We have to answer this question before we can make a good decision about how much effort to put into dealing … Continue reading

Follow-up questions re my recent House testimony

by Judith Curry Some interesting follow-up questions from the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology regarding my recent Congressional testimony.

Whats up with the Atlantic?

by Judith Curry The Washington Post has this dramatic headline:  Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the ocean with potentially dire consequences.

Lessons from the ‘Irreducibly Simple’ kerfuffle

by Rud Istvan UPDATE:  Response from Christopher Monckton The Monckton, Soon, Legates, and Briggs paper “Why models run hot, results from an irreducibly simple climate model” appeared in the January 2015 Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). … Continue reading

Challenging the 2 degree target

by Judith Curry “Without significant cuts in emissions by all countries, and in key sectors, the window of opportunity to stay within less than 2 degrees [of warming] will soon close forever.” – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Coal and the IPCC

by Dave Rutledge Now that Working Group 3 has put its chapters on line, all six thousand pages of the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report have arrived. Coal is the specter that looms.

When bad news is good

by Rud Istvan The crescendo of climate change ‘bad’ news leading up to release of problematic AR5 SPM continues.

Nic Lewis on the UK Met Office on the pause

by Nic Lewis These comments constitute a response to erroneous statements and misrepresentations made in a report published by the Met Office in July 2013: “The recent pause in global warming (3): What are the implications for projections of future … Continue reading

Energy supplies and climate policy

by David Rutledge Judy Curry has provided a remarkable forum for climate science and policy, and I appreciate the opportunity to continue the discussion on energy supplies that Rutt Bridges started with his post Wednesday on natural gas. In this post, … Continue reading