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Trial of the century?

BBC Newshour:  Judith Curry and Bob Ward debate Steyn versus Mann

Mann versus Steyn

by Judith Curry Some interesting developments and rhetoric in the Mann versus Steyn lawsuit.

My Fox News op-ed on RICO

by Judith Curry A new low in science: criminalizing climate skeptics.

Industry funding: witch hunts

by Judith Curry There is a remarkable and disturbing story playing out in the biotechnology academic community over industry  funding related to genetically modified food.

Christopher Essex on suppressing scientific inquiry

by Judith Curry As the issue of bias in climate science heats up, Christopher Essex has written the best defense of freedom of scientific enquiry that I’ve seen emerge from the Grijalva inquisition.

Fraudulent(?) hockey stick

by Judith Curry Some new angles in Mann vs Steyn et al.

Systemic thinking on causation

by Judith Curry George Lakoff has just thrown  a big can of worms into the global warming debate: Yes, global warming systemically caused Hurricane Sandy — and the Midwest droughts and the fires in Colorado and Texas, as well as … Continue reading

CAGW memeplex

by Andy West The hypothesis for a single, simple, scientific explanation underlying the entire complex social phenomenon of CAGW.

Doubt has been eliminated (?)

by Judith Curry In a speech before the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, Gro Harlem Brundtland, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Climate Change, said: So what is it that is new today? What is new is that doubt has … Continue reading

Pseudo-science versus skepticism

by Judith Curry John Beddington, Chief Science Advisor to the UK government, goes to war against bad science (h/t BishopHill, dated Feb 14):

Heartburn at Heartland

by Judith Curry UPDATE: Email from Joe Bast “You can not simultaneously say that you want to promote a debate while equating the other side to terrorists and mass murderers.” — Ross McKitrick

Questions on research integrity and scientific responsibility

by Judith Curry Earlier today via email, I received the following list of questions on research integrity and scientific responsibility.

Questions on research integrity and scientific responsibility: Part II

by Judith Curry Here is the content of my presentation to the UN InterAcademy Council Project on Research Integrity and Scientific Responsibility.