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Flint water crisis: profiles in scientific courage

by Judith Curry [T]the systems built to support scientists do not reward moral courage and the university pipeline contains toxins of its own — which, if ignored, will corrode public faith in science. – Marc Edwards

Climate Change, Epistemic Trust, and Expert Trustworthiness

by Judith Curry Among the best indirect indicators available to nonexperts is the overwhelming numbers of scientists testifying to anthropogenic climate change. Yet the evidential significance of such clear numbers turns substantially on our nonexpert assessment of these scientists’ trustworthiness. … Continue reading

On inappropriate use of least squares regression

by Greg Goodman Inappropriate use of linear regression can produce spurious and significantly low estimations of the true slope of a linear relationship if both variables have significant measurement error or other perturbing factors. This is precisely the case when attempting … Continue reading

Science: in the doghouse(?)

by Judith Curry One of the most sensitive issues in science today: the idea that something has gone fundamentally wrong with one of our greatest human creations. – Richard Horton

Climate culture

by Andy West A frequent topic at Climate Etc. is the ‘consensus.’ An argument is presented here that the climate consensus is as much about culture as it is about climate science.

My interview with Mrs. Green

by Judith Curry This is definitely among the most interesting interviews that I’ve done.

Follow-up questions re my recent House testimony

by Judith Curry Some interesting follow-up questions from the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology regarding my recent Congressional testimony.

Scientists speaking with one voice: panacea or pathology?

by Judith Curry The authority of a scientific body is not undermined by questioning, but rather depends upon it – Beatty & Moore

Week in review

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Industry funding: witch hunts

by Judith Curry There is a remarkable and disturbing story playing out in the biotechnology academic community over industry  funding related to genetically modified food.

Climate blogosphere discussion thread

by Judith Curry How has the terrain of the climate blogosphere changed over the past 5 years?

Bjorn Stevens in the cross-fire

by Judith Curry Bjorn Stevens has published two interesting and important papers in the last few weeks, which have placed him squarely in the cross-fire of both the scientific and public debates on climate change.

Stalking the uncertainty monster

by Judith Curry Its time to check in with the Climate Uncertainty Monster.

Nonsensus about the Senate’s non consensus on climate change

by Judith Curry On the politicization of ‘climate change’.

Ethics of climate expertise

by Judith Curry If deference to the authoritative opinions of experts is essential to our rationality and knowledge, and if that deference unavoidably rests on trust, not only in the competence, but also in the epistemic and ethical characters of our experts–then it … Continue reading

Ethics and climate change policy

by Judith Curry Every aspect of climate change is shaped by ethical dispute: from scientific practice to lobbying and activism and eventually, at national and international levels, the setting and implementation of climate policy. – Peter Lee

Pre-traumatic stress syndrome: Climate trauma survival tips

by Judith Curry Climate depression is real.  Just ask a scientist. – Madeleine Thomas

IPCC: Functional stupidity?

by Judith Curry Our point is that the IPCC has bought into a very specific framing of “the problem” that has rendered climate policy ineffective and has foreclosed the possibility of public consent. – Silke Beck et al.

Trenberth’s science communication interview

by Judith Curry The second installment in Kirk Engelhardt’s series of interviews on climate science communication is with Kevin Trenberth.

After Climategate . . . never the same (?)

by Judith Curry Has Climategate been a good thing? – Mike Hulme

Fraudulent(?) hockey stick

by Judith Curry Some new angles in Mann vs Steyn et al.

Exploring controversy: NIPCC versus IPCC

by Judith Curry Who assesses the assessors of climate science research?  A new paper reviews the climate change reviewers by comparing references in the NIPCC and IPCC reports.

The Art of Science Advice to Government

by Judith Curry Peter Gluckman, New Zealand’s chief science adviser, offers his ten principles for building trust, influence, engagement and independence.

Week in review

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

The raw politics of science

by Judith Curry  The myth that there is no politics of science is dangerous as it prevents the important and urgently needed institution of some democratic control of the existing system of politics within the commonwealth of learning. – Joseph … Continue reading