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Growth versus sustainability

by Judith Curry Is economic growth sustainable?  Is it desirable?

California drought in context

by Judith Curry A changing climate means that weather-related disasters like droughts, wildfires, storms [and] floods are potentially going to be costlier and they’re going to be harsher. – President Obama

Positioning skeptics

by Judith Curry What use is science to society, if its advocates are not brave enough to point out the nonsense that is produced in the name of the scientific consensus? – Ben Pile

Week in review

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

UK floods in context

by Judith Curry “If we look at the broader base of evidence then we see things that support the premise that climate change has been making a contribution.” – Dame Julia Slingo

Week in review

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Atlanta’s 2″ catastrophic snowfall

by Judith Curry On Tuesday, snowfall of just over 2 inches shut down metropolitan Atlanta’s roads, schools, churches, government offices and businesses. Thousands of flights were cancelled at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. More than 2,000 school children were separated from their … Continue reading

UK Parliamentary Hearing on the IPCC

by Judith Curry A fascinating hearing on the IPCC was held today by the UK Parliament Energy and Climate Climate Change Committee.

Death(?) of expertise

by Judith Curry I fear we are witnessing the “death of expertise”: a Google-fueled, Wikipedia-based, blog-sodden collapse of any division between professionals and laymen, students and teachers, knowers and wonderers – in other words, between those of any achievement in … Continue reading

Week in review

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Week in review

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

The Fundamental Uncertainties of Climate Change

by Garth Paltridge There is more than enough uncertainty about the forecasting of climate to allow normal human beings to be at least reasonably hopeful that global warming might not be nearly as bad as is currently touted.  Climate scientists, … Continue reading

Blame game

by Judith Curry  The scientific case is strengthening: developed countries are to blame for global warming – and there will soon be a legal reckoning.  – Chris Huhne

Antarctic sea ice saga

by Judith Curry The drama and the irony of  the Antarctic expedition stuck in summertime sea ice.

The science and silence conundrum

by Judith Curry [S]ilence is an advocacy for the status quo. – Kevin Anderson

Rethinking climate advocacy

UPDATE:  twitter exchange with Gavin by Judith Curry The failures of climate advocacy – particularly in the US – are motivating reflection on responsible and effective advocacy.  Gavin Schmidt provides his thoughts on the topic of scientists and advocacy in … Continue reading

The blogosphere and thought leaders

by Judith Curry Little boys and girls in ancient Athens grew up wanting to be philosophers. In Renaissance Florence they dreamed of becoming Humanists. But now a new phrase and a new intellectual paragon has emerged to command our admiration: … Continue reading

Impact(?) of natural variability on Nebraska drought

by Judith Curry So, would you turn down a $44K grant to investigate the natural variability of drought in Nebraska?

Warsaw Loss and Damage Mechanism: A climate for corruption?

Lets take a look at the new ‘Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage’ agreed to by the UNFCCC COP in Warsaw last week, and its potential for breeding a climate of corruption.

Week in review

by Judith Curry Some interesting action in the ‘climate wars’ this past week.

20 tips for interpreting scientific claims

by Judith Curry This list will help non-scientists to interrogate advisers and to grasp the limitations of evidence  – William J. Sutherland, David Spiegelhalter and Mark A. Burgman.

The folly of corn ethanol

by Judith Curry “I don’t know whether I can make the environmental argument, or the economic argument” – Tom Vilsack

How to earn trust in climate change debates

by Judith Curry Where trust is most needed, it is least likely to be gained by relying on the source factors identified in empirical scholarship on persuasion.


by Judith Curry The extension of the “denier” tag to group after group is a development that should alarm all liberal-minded people. One of the great achievements of the Enlightenment—the liberation of historical and scientific enquiry from dogma—is quietly being … Continue reading

John Howard: One Religion is Enough

by Judith Curry “I chose the…title largely in reaction to the sanctimonious tone employed by so many of those who advocate substantial and and costly responses to what they see as irrefutable evidence that the world’s climate faces catastrophe…To them … Continue reading