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Climate Etc.’s greatest “hits” for 2010

by Judith Curry

Climate Etc.’s first post was on Sept 2, 2010.  Since then, there have been 82 posts and over 26,000 comments.  The WordPress stats counter provides all sorts of interesting information. Which posts do you think got the largest number of hits?

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The denizens of Climate Etc.

Climate Etc. has now attracted a critical (and growing) mass of “regulars.” I would like to try what Jeff Id did over at the Air Vent on his Reader Background thread. I will eventually provide a button for this thread on the top bar (next to blog rules), so it is easy to refer to (and add to).

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Welcome to Climate Etc.

This blog provides a forum for the exchange of ideas about climate science and the science-policy interface.  Climate Etc. is envisioned as a gathering place for climate researchers, academics and technical experts from other fields, citizen scientists, and the interested public. Open minds and critical thinking are required, and stimulating discussion and group learning is expected.

My engagement in the blogosphere over the past several years have convinced me that the blogosphere has untapped potential for educating the public and for enabling large-scale collective intelligence to address the scientific and policy challenges associated with climate change.

The climate blogosphere is a vibrant environment but the signal is often hidden by the noise.  Towards separating the signal from the noise, Climate Etc. will experiment with different formats.  To start, Climate Etc. will try three different types of threads, with different types and levels of moderation:

•  Technical threads, written by myself or a guest or crowd sourced, with moderated comments that are expected to advance the technical dialogue.  The idea is to have a focused and snark-free environment in which academics and other technical experts with little or no blogging experience will feel comfortable engaging with the broader community.

•  Commentary threads, on topical issues related to the climate science-policy interface and the philosophy, sociology, and politics of science and its institutions. Comments will be moderated for netiquette and lightly moderated for relevance and excessive length.

•  Open threads, with comments moderated only for netiquette and length, which can include a less formal discussion of topics on the technical threads, general observations and reflections on the dialectic, as well as bringing up new topics.  Signals will be sought for new threads and also for raising issues on currently active technical threads.  Depending on traffic, a new open thread will be started weekly.

I look forward to your reactions, opinions, suggestions, and ideas. Please check out the blog rules before posting your comment.  Any advice (technical, moderation, etc.) from veteran bloggers would be most appreciated. Thank you for your participation!

On this thread, please limit your comment to 250 words or less and not more than 2 links.