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ENSO predictions based on solar activity

by Javier By knowing or estimating where in the solar cycle we are we can get an estimate of the chances of a particular outcome even years ahead.

Solar input to high latitudes and the global ice volume

by Donald Rapp, Ralf Ellis and Clive Best A review of the relationship between the solar input to high latitudes and the global ice volume over the past 2.7 million years.

Nature Unbound VI – Centennial to millennial solar cycles

by Javier Summary: Holocene climate has been affected in different periods by several centennial to millennial solar cycles. The ~ 1000-year Eddy solar cycle seems to have dominated Holocene climate variability between 11,500-4,000 years BP, and in the last two … Continue reading

Trying to Make Sense of Musk Love and Solar Hype

By Planning Engineer Considerable efforts are being undertaken to restore power in Puerto Rico. Most coverage has been pessimistic focusing on challenging logistics and contentious issues with very little upbeat coverage on progress so far. There is one major exception … Continue reading

Impact of the ~ 2400 yr solar cycle on climate and human societies

*by Javier The role of solar variability on climate change, despite having a very long scientific tradition, is currently downplayed as a climatic factor within the most popular hypothesis for climate change.

Are we headed for a new solar minimum?

by Judith Curry We can conclude that the evidence provided is sufficient to justify a complete updating and reviewing of present climate models to better consider these detected natural recurrences and lags in solar processes. – Jorge Sánchez-Sesma

Can Coal-Fired Plants be Re-Powered Today with Stored Energy from Wind and Solar?

by Davis Swan There is a consensus in many countries that burning coal to generate electricity is something that needs to be phased out as quickly as possible. The Clean Power Plan in the U.S. has that as one of … Continue reading

Solar grid parity?

by Rud Istvan and Planning Engineer                                                  There are many journal articles, media stories, NGO papers, and blogs … Continue reading

Transmission planning: wind and solar

by Planning Engineer Some of the denizens have requested an introduction to transmission planning and a discussion of how the transmission system is impacted by renewable resources.

IPCC: solar variations don’t matter

Nevertheless, even if there is such decrease in the solar activity, there is a high confidence that the TSI RF variations will be much smaller in magnitude than the projected increased forcing due to GHG. – IPCC AR5 Chapter 8

Effects of solar variability on climate

by Judith Curry Two new workshop reports provide  insights into what we know and don’t know about the effects of solar variability on climate.

21st century solar cooling

by Judith Curry During the 20th century, solar activity increased in magnitude to a so-called grand maximum. It is probable that this high level of solar activity is at or near its end. It is of great interest whether any … Continue reading

Solar discussion thread II

by Judith Curry So, what’s going on with the sun?  The latest research was presented at the Nagoya Workshop on the Relationship between Solar Activity and Climate Changes.

Solar snooze discussion thread

by Judith Curry The Annual Meeting of the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society has announced some very interesting results in this press release entitled “Sun’s fading spots signal big drop in solar activity.”

New confirmation that climate models overstate atmospheric warming

by Ross McKitrick Two new peer-reviewed papers from independent teams confirm that climate models overstate atmospheric warming and the problem has gotten worse over time, not better.

New paper suggests historical period estimates of climate sensitivity are not biased low by unusual variability in sea surface temperature patterns

By Nic Lewis An important new paper by Thorsten Mauritsen, Associate Professor at Stockholm University[i] and myself has just been accepted for publication (Lewis and Mauritsen 2020)[ii]. Its abstract reads:

Mass spectrometry and climate science. Part II

by Roland Hirsch New technologies in mass spectrometry are advancing research in climate science

Dynamics of the Tropical Atmosphere and Oceans

by Judith Curry Peter Webster’s magnum opus is now published: Dynamics of the Tropical Atmosphere and Oceans.

Coronavirus uncertainty

by Judith Curry My thoughts on coronavirus and deep uncertainty.

Plausible scenarios for climate change: 2020-2050

by Judith Curry A range of scenarios for global mean surface temperature change between 2020 and 2050, derived using a semi-empirical approach. All three modes of natural climate variability – volcanoes, solar and internal variability – are expected to act … Continue reading

Week in review – science edition

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week

Climate sensitivity in light of the latest energy imbalance evidence

by Frank Bosse Equilibrium climate sensitivity computed from the latest energy imbalance data.

Week in review – science edition

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Two more degrees by 2100!

by Vaughan Pratt An alternative perspective on 3 degrees C?

3 degrees C?

by Judith Curry Is 3 C warming over the 21st century now the ‘best estimate’?  A reframing of how we think about climate change over the 21st century, and my arguments for 1 C.