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Root Cause Analysis of the Modern Warming

by Matt Skaggs For years, climate scientists have followed reasoning that goes from climate model simulations to expert opinion, declaring that to be sufficient. But that is not how attribution works.

The catastrophe narrative

by Andy West A narrative propagated by emotive engagement, not veracity.

Impact of Climate Change on Human Evolution: The Odyssey from Africa

by Phil Salmon How a small group of people from Africa changed the world.

Is climate change the culprit causing California’s wildfires?

by Larry Kummer We’re told that climate change caused or intensified California’s wildfires — and that such fires are getting worse. As usual for such scary stories, these claims are only weakly supported by science — except for the ones … Continue reading

Nature Unbound III – Holocene climate variability (Part B)

by Javier The Neoglacial has been a period of progressive cooling, increasing aridity, and advancing glaciers, culminating in the Little Ice Age. The main Holocene climatic cycle of ~ 2400 years delimits periods of more stable climatic conditions which were … Continue reading

Uncertainty about the Climate Uncertainty Monster

by Judith Curry The many dimensions of the climate uncertainty monster.

Impact of the ~ 2400 yr solar cycle on climate and human societies

*by Javier The role of solar variability on climate change, despite having a very long scientific tradition, is currently downplayed as a climatic factor within the most popular hypothesis for climate change.

Contradiction on emotional bias in the climate domain

by Andy West Emotions and messaging about climate change.

Climate psychology’s consensus bias

by Andy West Climate psychologists have for years now puzzled over public inaction on climate change and also what makes skeptics tick (or sick), apparently making little progress on these issues.

CAGW memeplex

by Andy West The hypothesis for a single, simple, scientific explanation underlying the entire complex social phenomenon of CAGW.

Anatomy of dissent

by Judith Curry Two particular subgroups of ACC-questioning mainstream scientists that emerged from my research among atmospheric scientists were two kinds of research meteorologists: the (by definition physics-strong and theoretical) dynamicists and more empirical research meteorologists with past training in synoptic methods and … Continue reading

Capitalism vs. the Climate

by Judith Curry There is a question from a gentleman in the fourth row.  He introduces himself as Richard Rothschild. He tells the crowd that he ran for county commissioner in Maryland’s Carroll County because he had come to the … Continue reading