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Has NOAA ‘busted’ the pause in global warming?

by Judith Curry A new blockbuster paper published today by NOAA: These results do not support the notion of a “slowdown” in the increase of global surface temperature.   Color me ‘unconvinced.’

Assessments, meta-analyses, discussion and peer review

by Judith Curry There is an unfortunate knowledge monopoly in climate science and policy – the IPCC and UNFCCC.  As a result there is insufficient intellectual and political diversity in assessments about climate change.  To break this monopoly, we need … Continue reading

Week in review

by Judith Curry Some interesting action in the ‘climate wars’ this past week.

Santa Fe Conference: Part II

by Judith Curry I now have some of the presentations from the Santa Fe Conference posted on a web site.

Week in review 12/15/12

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

PBS Ombudsman

by Judith Curry A segment on climate change last Monday evening produced a storm of protest from critics who felt the program mislead viewers — by a faulty application of journalistic balance — about the very real threat of global … Continue reading

The ‘irresistable’ story of Richard Muller

by Judith Curry The story surrounding Richard Muller is providing some interesting insights into the psycho-dynamics of climate change science.

The horsemeat argument

by Judith Curry So, what does the UK scandal involving horsemeat in lasagna have to do with climate change?

Congressional Climate Briefing to Push “End of Climate Change Skepticism”

by Judith Curry Press release from the Democrats of the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee: Three prominent scientists will present the best case yet for the end of climate skepticism in Washington and the world over the fact that the … Continue reading

Mail on BEST

by Judith Curry I just received this email via Peter Webster from a friend in the UK: Hi Peter  Woke up this morning to hear on the News that Judy is dismayed about something. What is Judy upset about? 

Berkeley Surface Temperatures: Released

by Judith Curry The new surface temperature dataset developed by the Berkeley group is now available, along with four manuscripts that have been submitted for publication.


by Judith Curry The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project is giving us much to discuss.  A number people have criticized the BEST PR in terms of posting the papers before the peer review process has completed, issuing a press … Continue reading

Congressional Hearing on Climate Change

by Judith Curry There is a forthcoming Hearing of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology entitled “Climate Change: Examining the Processes Used to Create Science and Policy.”

Reactions to Muller’s Testimony

by Judith Curry Last week, Richard Muller testified at the U.S. House of Representatives Hearing on Climate Change: Examining the Processes Used to Create Science and Policy [see here].

Scientists Often Pigeonholed by Political Debates

by Judith Curry This post takes its title from the NPR interview with Richard Muller, Director of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project.

Week in Review 5/23/11

by Judith Curry I am still hunkered down writing a proposal (deadline May 25), but we need a new thread so here goes.  There are a number of interesting articles and blog posts this past week that are worthy of … Continue reading

Congressional Hearing on Climate Change: Part II

by Judith Curry The U.S. House of Representatives Hearing on Climate Change: Examining the Processes Used to Create Science and Policy has commenced.  The House website for the hearing is here. Live blogging:  Gavin Schmidt, Eli Kintisch, Jay Gulledge Real time … Continue reading

Hiding the Decline

by Judith Curry To date, I’ve kept Climate Etc.  a “tree ring free zone,” since the issues surrounding the hockey stick are a black hole for conflict and pretty much a tar baby, IMO.  Further, paleoproxies are outside the arena … Continue reading

(Forthcoming) New Surface Temperature Record

by Judith Curry The preparation of a new land surface temperature record was heralded last week in this news article entitled “Professor counters global warming myths with data.”  The article states: The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study was conducted with … Continue reading