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Vitaly Khvorostyanov responds

by Vitaly Khvorostyanov Some replies to and comments on the remarks by WebHubTelescope and others, written in response to the blog post Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Microphysics of Clouds.

State of the blog discussion thread

by Judith Curry After almost four years of blogging at Climate Etc., its time for some reflection

Data corruption by running mean ‘smoothers’

by Greg Goodman Update added at end of article Running means are often used as a simple low pass filter (usually without understanding its defects). Often it is referred to as a “smoother”.

Defending the Uncertainty Monster paper

by Judith Curry I’ve completed a revised draft of my response the to Reply to our Uncertainty Monster paper.

Hegerl et al. react to the Uncertainty Monster paper

by Judith Curry Gabrielle Hegerl, Peter Stott, Susan Solomon, and Francis Zwiers have published a comment to our paper “Climate Science and the Uncertainty Monster.”  Webster and Curry respond.  The CRU emails provide some interesting context for this discussion. .

Slaying a greenhouse dragon. Part III: discussion

By Judith Curry In Part I, we critiqued Claes Johnson’s chapters in the book Slaying the Sky Dragon.   In Part II, I have posted a published article by Martin Hertzberg, who authored a chapter in the Dragon book.   … Continue reading

CO2 no-feedback sensitivity: Part II

by Judith Curry So how to define this problem to make sense?  Or can we?  To focus the discussion started on the previous thread, I am highlighting some of the defining or thought provoking statement from the the previous thread:

Radiative transfer discussion thread

The continuing large traffic on previous threads on the topic of radiative transfer (and increasingly on threads with unrelated topics) has demonstrated the need for a new thread.  Here are some posts to start the new discussion over here: