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Determinism and predictability

by Tomas Milanovic There are few scientific concepts that are more often misunderstood in blog debates than Determinism and Predictability. For many commenters, these two concepts are considered to be in fact equivalent, which leads to faulty or irrelevant arguments.

How simple is simple?

by Tomas Milanovic This essay has been motivated by Isaac Held’s paper [link] arguing for possible emerging simplicity or even linearity in climate dynamics.

Week in review 6/22/13

A few things that caught my eye this past week.


by Tomas Milanovic On the thread Trends, Change Points and Hypotheses, the issue of ergodicity was mentioned numerous times, and some clarification of this concept is needed. So what is and what is not ergodicity and why does it matter … Continue reading

Chaos, ergodicity, and attractors

by Tomas Milanovic This post has been triggered by the following comment from Eli Rabbett in the spatio-temporal chaos thread :

Spatio-temporal chaos

by Tomas Milanovic There are scientists who equate chaos to randomness. I’d put that category at 90%. There are scientists who equate chaos with Lorenz. They have seen the butterfly attractor picture one day or the other. They know that … Continue reading

CO2 no-feedback sensitivity: Part II

by Judith Curry So how to define this problem to make sense?  Or can we?  To focus the discussion started on the previous thread, I am highlighting some of the defining or thought provoking statement from the the previous thread:

Of boundary and initial conditions

by Dan Hughes and Tomas Milanovic Further reflections on the application of the divergence theorem to the Earth’s climate system.

Climate models for lawyers

by Judith Curry I have been asked to write an Expert Report on climate models. ***SEE UPDATE

Global climate models and the laws of physics

by Dan Hughes We frequently see the simple statement, “The Laws of Physics”, invoked as the canonical summary of the status of the theoretical basis of GCMs.

The Astonishing Math of Michael Ghil’s Climate Sensitivity

by Robert Ellison Climate sensitivity is large in the vicinity of tipping points but moderate otherwise.

Week in review

A few things that caught my eye this past week


by Judith Curry The new International Journal of Uncertainty Quantification has some very interesting papers.  Lets take a look at a paper entitled ‘Error and Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis in Mechanics Computational Models.’

Proc. Roy. Soc. Special Issue on ‘Handling Uncertainty in Science’

by Judith Curry The Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Handling Uncertainty in Science, held 22/23 March 2010, played a seminal role in motivating me to investigate uncertainty in the climate debate.

Water vapor mischief

There is a provocative new paper available at an online discussion journal: Makarieva, Gorshkov, Sheil, Nobre, Li:  Where do winds come from?  A new theory on how water vapor condensation influences atmospheric pressure and dynamics. link

What can we learn from climate models?

by Judith Curry Short answer:  I’m not sure.