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Miskolczi discussion thread

by Judith Curry Ferenc Miskolczi has published a new paper on the greenhouse effect that is generating substantial discussion.

Arctic Update II

by Judith Curry Here is a synopsis of some recent papers and other issues in the Arctic

Open thread: 12/08/10

Unusual for me to post an open thread mid week, but this has unexpectedly turned into a very busy week for me.  Responding to the follow up questions is turning into as much work as the original testimony (even with … Continue reading

Physics of the atmospheric greenhouse(?) effect

by Judith Curry The skeptics thread has shown that it is plausible to be skeptical of a number of issues regarding the findings of  IPCC WG1.  However, whether atmospheric gases such as CO2 (and H20, CH4, and others) warm the … Continue reading

Best of the greenhouse

by Judith Curry On the previous two threads, we had a lively, rollicking, illuminating and often frustrating discussion on the physics of the greenhouse effect.  On this thread, I try to synthesize the main issues and arguments that were made … Continue reading

Confidence in radiative transfer models

by Judith Curry The calculation of atmospheric radiative fluxes is central to any argument related to the atmospheric greenhouse/Tyndall gas effect.  Atmospheric radiative transfer models rank among the most robust components of climate model, in terms of having a rigorous … Continue reading