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CoV Discussion Thread III

By Judith Curry My latest selection of interesting articles.

Reflections on energy blogging

by Planning Engineer Five years ago today I started guest blogging on Climate Etc., focusing on energy related issues.

A beneficial climate change hypothesis

by Rud Istvan A novel hypothesis on the role of CO2 in the technological transition from hunter/gatherers to sedentary agriculture.

Year in review – Climate Etc.’s greatest ‘hits’

by Judith Curry 2016 was ‘extremely likely’ to have been a memorable year.

Vehicular decarbonisation – two new technologies to watch

by Rud Istvan This post addresses issues related to  ‘vehicular decarbonization’. It is  an energy storage insider’s narrative of how tough a slog developing some of the requisite applied science technologies has been over the past decades. It is a … Continue reading

Sea level rise, acceleration and the closure problem

by Rud Istvan There is no doubt that interglacials change sea level (SL). And that sea level rise (SLR) can be dramatic on millennial interglacial time scales.

Another Antarctic Sea Level Rise False Alarm

by Rud Istvan Aitken et. al. in Nature newly comports to confirm 2015 fears about instability of the Totten Glacier in Eastern Antarctica. This could ‘suddenly’ raise sea level as much as 4 meters! (Or, based on the abstract, maybe … Continue reading

2015 → 2016

by Judith Curry Ringing in the New Year at Climate Etc.

Microgrids and “Clean” Energy

by Planning Engineer and Rud Istvan Microgrids and “clean” energy are intertwined in the minds of many. There is a common belief that microgrids will facilitate “clean” energy and that “clean” energy will better support microgrids.

Intermittent grid storage

by Rud Istvan From the utility grid perspective, a fundamental problem with wind and solar is intermittency.

True costs of wind electricity

by Planning Engineer and Rud Istvan  Wind turbines have become a familiar sight in many countries as a favorite CAGW mitigation means. Since at least 2010, the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) has been assuring NGOs and the public that … Continue reading

Lessons from the ‘Irreducibly Simple’ kerfuffle

by Rud Istvan UPDATE:  Response from Christopher Monckton The Monckton, Soon, Legates, and Briggs paper “Why models run hot, results from an irreducibly simple climate model” appeared in the January 2015 Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). … Continue reading

Public intellectuals in the climate space

by Judith Curry Wanted: disruptive ideas on climate change.

2014 → 2015

by Judith Curry Before ringing in the New Year, its time to reflect on 2014.

No bodies

by Rud Istvan One of the firmer catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) predictions made by IPCC AR4 WG2 was an alarming increase in species extinctions.

Clean(?) Coal

by Rud Istvan Many climate policy debates come down to coal as an electricity fuel, including the EPA’s proposed coal power plant CO2 regulations.

State of the blog discussion thread

by Judith Curry After almost four years of blogging at Climate Etc., its time for some reflection

Sea level rise tipping points

by Rud Istvan Sea level tipping points are a popular CAGW/media theory, easily suggested by images of calving icebergs and summer meltwater rushing down Greenland moulins. But they are alarmist precautionary mitigation fantasies rather than remotely possible future scenarios on multi-centennial … Continue reading

Caribbean Water

by Rud Istvan The Associated Press ran an alarming news piece on 9/6/13:                     Climate Change Threatens Caribbean’s Water Supply

Shell game

by Rud Istvan Is ocean acidification the  new global warming?

When bad news is good

by Rud Istvan The crescendo of climate change ‘bad’ news leading up to release of problematic AR5 SPM continues.

IEA Facts and Fictions

by Rud Istvan and Brandon Shollenberger Comments on the previous Climate Etc post on Maggio and Cacciola’s paper, When will oil, natural gas, and coal peak? motivated an analysis of the World Energy Outlook produced annually by the International Energy … Continue reading

Another Hockey Stick

by Rud Istvan Fossil fuel availability affects how much CO2 will be emitted, which might or might not affect climate much. Hubbert’s 1956 insight suggests total peak oil is near (around 2020), and that gas and coal will peak by … Continue reading

What climate sensitivity says about the IPCC assessment process

by Rud Istvan If climate sensitivity is high, then modest GHG increases cause significant warming. If it is low, then significant GHG increases will not. Analysis of the IPCC assessment of sensitivity provides another window into the ‘government-climate research’ complex … Continue reading

The Government-Climate Complex

by Rud Istvan Groundbreaking science is sometimes a global collaborative effort (CERN, Higgs boson, July 4). It is more often a contact sport—especially when individuals challenge a prevailing paradigm. In 1926 the president of the American Philosophical Society called Wegener’s … Continue reading