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Climate Uncertainty and Risk: Table of Contents

by Judith Curry A preview of the contents of my forthcoming book Climate Uncertainty and Risk. Plus an update on the publication process and availability of the paperbook version for pre-orders.

Climate Uncertainty and Risk: in press

by Judith Curry My book Climate Uncertainty and Risk has now been accepted for publication, following peer review and submission of my revised manuscript.

A bad recipe for science

by Judith Curry Politically-motivated manufacture of scientific consensus corrupts the scientific process and leads to poor policy decisions An essay with excerpts from my new book Climate Uncertainty and Risk.

The Primacy of Doubt

by Judith Curry Tim Palmer’s new book has just been published: “The Primacy of Doubt: From Quantum Physics to Climate Change, How the Science of Uncertainty Can Help Us Understand Our Chaotic World” This book is a physics-intellectual feast.  Must … Continue reading

Climate Uncertainty & Risk: the presentation

by Judith Curry A 20 minute presentation on Climate & Uncertainty and Risk (including some content from my forthcoming book)

Experiment with me: A user-friendly algorithm for chatting about climate change

by Joe Nalven I recently published one article about how to incorporate an AI chatbot as part of a college course. I focused on lying, persuasion and self-reflection. I went even further and anticipated a White House comprehensive plan to … Continue reading

Precision agriculture for South Asia

by Judith Curry An exciting new project for my company, Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN) to support smallholder farmers in Pakistan and India.

Climate adaptation sense. Part III: Dynamic Adaptation Policy Pathways

by Judith Curry Best practices in adapting to sea level rise use a framework suitable for decision making under deep uncertainty.

The yin and yang of climate science

by Judith Curry How the duality of yin-yang can illuminate the climate debate and enlighten transformational research.

Climate scientists & politics: Simpleton versus wicked scientists

by Judith Curry In which wicked scientists are the good guys.

New York’s Good Environmental Intentions Unsullied by Reality

by Roger Caiazza However noble the concept of eliminating any risks from any source of pollution, if it is construed to mean that anything that might be contributing to bad health must be prohibited, then there will be massive consequences.

Five rules for evidence communication

by Judith Curry “Avoid unwarranted certainty, neat narratives and partisan presentation; strive to inform, not persuade.”

How the Disinformation Industrial Complex is destroying trust in science

by David Young Much has changed in science since the pandemic and much of it is change for the worse. The pandemic has highlighted the loss of credibility of the public health establishment and the often toxic nature of current … Continue reading

15 minutes

by Judith Curry In a recent invited talk at the American Chemical Society annual meeting, I attempted to explain the climate debate in 15 minutes.

How we have mischaracterized climate risk

by Judith Curry “The current thinking and approaches guiding this conceptualization and description have been shown to lack scientific rigour, the consequence being that climate change risk and uncertainties are poorly presented. The climate change field needs to strengthen its … Continue reading

A ‘Plan B’ for addressing climate change and the energy transition

by Judith Curry I have a new article published in the latest issue of International Affairs Forum.

Climate adaptation follies. Part II: scenarios of future sea level rise

by Judith Curry How did the state of New Jersey come to adopt sea level rise projections for their adaptation planning that are more than twice as high as the IPCC’s values?

Science and politics

by Judith Curry “I’m reaching out to scientists this week about the election. How do you feel about it? Which of the candidates has the best plan, for you, in science and technology?”

IPCC AR6: Breaking the hegemony of global climate models

by Judith Curry A rather astonishing conclusion drawn from reading the fine print of the IPCC AR6 WG1 Report.

Challenges of the clean energy transition

by Judith Curry This morning I participated Conference on Energy and Decarbonization – A New Jersey Business Perspective. UPDATE: full recording of the conference [here]

State of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the NE U.S.

by Roger Caiazza A case study on the challenges of controlling CO2 emissions.

Uncomfortable knowledge

by Judith Curry On the misuse of science and scientific authority.

Truth or consequences: global warming consensus thinking and the decline of public debate

by Geoffrey Weiss and Claude Roessiger The so-called debate about the causes and effects of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is a notable irony. Rather than a forum for free disputation, AGW has in recent years become the site of a … Continue reading

How epidemiologists try to fool us with flawed statistical practices

by S. Stanley Young and Warren Kindzierski Climate Etc. recently carried several insightful posts about How we fool ourselves. One of the posts – Part II: Scientific consensus building – was right on the money given our experience! The post pointed out that… ‘researcher degrees … Continue reading

Assessment of climate change risk to the insurance sector

by Judith Curry The insurance sector is abuzz with a new report from AIR Worldwide on the insurance risk from the impact of climate change on hurricanes.  Insurance industry clients of my company, Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN), have requested … Continue reading