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UN’s climate panic is more politics than science

by Judith Curry I have a new op-ed published in The Australian,  here is the complete text.

Academic freedom and scholarship: perspective from Canada

by Pamela Lindsay Mentorships by professors of students are among the vital functions of a university. Here I expose the vulnerable underbelly of mentorship and one possible threat to academic freedom and scholarship.

How we fool ourselves. Part III: Social biases

by Judith Curry “Is the road to scientific hell paved with good intentions?” – political psychologist Philip Tetlock (1994)

Victims of the faux climate ‘crisis’. Part I: Children

by Judith Curry The apocalyptic rhetoric surrounding the climate “crisis” has numerous victims.  Children and young adults rank among the victims of greatest concern.

Australian renewables integration: Part 1

by Chris Morris & Planning Engineer (Russ Schussler) What they are doing and what issues are occurring

Ukraine-climate nexus

by Judith Curry Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is inextricably linked to the global energy crisis, which is inextricably linked to the so-called climate ‘crisis’.

Truth or consequences: global warming consensus thinking and the decline of public debate

by Geoffrey Weiss and Claude Roessiger The so-called debate about the causes and effects of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is a notable irony. Rather than a forum for free disputation, AGW has in recent years become the site of a … Continue reading

Academics and the grid. Part II: Are they studying the right things?

By Planning Engineer (Russell Schussler) Influential academics as a body are encouraging an energy transition to renewables, discussing remote hopes and ignoring huge obstacles and greater costs, which will worsen reliability and eventually result in unbearable blackouts.

Collapse of the fake consensus on Covid-19 origins

by Judith Curry The concerning saga of the creation, enforcement and collapse of a ‘consensus’ on Covid-19 origins.

Science and politics

by Judith Curry “I’m reaching out to scientists this week about the election. How do you feel about it? Which of the candidates has the best plan, for you, in science and technology?”

Climate science and the Supreme Court

by Judith Curry An alternative assessment of U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s statements on climate change.

Senate Budget Committee Hearing: JC responds

by Judith Curry Last week’s Hearing was a sad example of what passes for debate and deliberations by the U.S. Senate.  In any event, it provides an interesting case study of why the U.S. cannot bridge the partisan divide and … Continue reading

Held v Montana Climate Lawsuit

by Judith Curry My reflections on the Held v Montana Climate Lawsuit – the inside story, my written expert report and why I didn’t testify at the trial.  Don’t believe the PR about this case from Our Children’s Trust, which … Continue reading

Assigning Blame for the Blackouts in Texas

By Planning Engineer The story from some media sources is that frozen wind turbines are responsible for the power shortfalls in Texas. Other media sources emphasize that fossil fuel resources should shoulder the blame because they have large cold induced … Continue reading

Legacy of Climategate – 10 years later

by Judith Curry My reflections on Climategate 10 years later, and also reflections on my reflections of 5 years ago.

A climate of dialogue

by Judith Curry A pacated dialogue between two serious thinkers who disagree about climate change.

Stealth advocacy: a survey of weathercasters’ views on climate change

by Mike Smith For a decade, the weathercaster and broadcast meteorology communities have been subject of a focused campaign to force them to cover global warming in a manner acceptable to the American Meteorological Society, the American Geophysical Union and … Continue reading

Climate scientists’ motivated reasoning

by Judith Curry Insights into the motivated reasoning of climate scientists, including my own efforts to sort out my own biases and motivated reasoning following publication of the Webster et al. (2005) paper

Politics of climate expertise

by Judith Curry “Concerning the inability of expert knowledge to resolve environmental controversy and the pressing need for a pragmatic reframing of policy problems to allow for solutions based on bipartisan values.”

Cliff Mass: victim of academic political bullying

by Judith Curry There is a disturbing story coming out of the University of Washington surrounding Cliff Mass.

The lure of incredible certitude

by Judith Curry “If you want people to believe what you *do* know, you need to be up front about what you *don’t* know.”-  Charles Manski

JC’s (un)motivated reasoning

by Judith Curry “I think open explorations of the ideological assumptions scientists bring into policy debates are not only welcome but often necessary for having productive conversations.” – Aaron Huertas

Advocacy research, incentives and the practice of science

by Judith Curry There is a problem with the practice of science. Because of poor scientific practices, and improper incentives, few papers with useful scientific findings are published in leading journals. The problem appears to be growing due to funding … Continue reading

Voices of reason in the ‘climate wars’

by Judith Curry A recent and worthy attempt to redefine the ‘front’ in the ‘climate wars’, which could lead to a truce and possibly pave the way for rational progress.

The debate: my presentation

by Judith Curry My presentation  is provided here.  This is being posted at the start of the event.