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by Judith Curry Happy New Year!

Reflections on energy blogging

by Planning Engineer Five years ago today I started guest blogging on Climate Etc., focusing on energy related issues.

Assigning Blame for the Blackouts in Texas

By Planning Engineer The story from some media sources is that frozen wind turbines are responsible for the power shortfalls in Texas. Other media sources emphasize that fossil fuel resources should shoulder the blame because they have large cold induced … Continue reading

Cultural motivations for wind and solar renewables deployment

by Andy West “For me the question now is, now that we know that renewables can’t save the planet, are we going to keep letting them destroy it?”. – Michael Schellenberger

Year in review – Climate Etc.’s greatest ‘hits’

by Judith Curry 2016 was ‘extremely likely’ to have been a memorable year.

Trying to Make Sense of Musk Love and Solar Hype

By Planning Engineer Considerable efforts are being undertaken to restore power in Puerto Rico. Most coverage has been pessimistic focusing on challenging logistics and contentious issues with very little upbeat coverage on progress so far. There is one major exception … Continue reading

Science Marchers, Secretary Perry’s Memo and Bill Nye’s Optimism

By Planning Engineer On April 14th, 2017 Rick Perry wrote a memo headed “STUDY EXAMINING ELECTRICITY MARKETS AND RELAIBILITY” calling for study to investigate how long term energy trends my impact the grid.

Renewable resources and the importance of generation diversity

by Planning Engineer How feasible are calls for 100% renewable energy?

Balance and the Grid

by Planning Engineer and Jill Tietjen The power system is a matter of extreme importance relating to economic development, quality of life as well as health and safety. In order to best meet the needs of any given area, it … Continue reading

Challenges of the clean energy transition

by Judith Curry This morning I participated Conference on Energy and Decarbonization – A New Jersey Business Perspective. UPDATE: full recording of the conference [here]

2015 → 2016

by Judith Curry Ringing in the New Year at Climate Etc.

Environmental Justice campaign to replace New York City peaking power plants

by Roger Caiazza Environmental justice organizations are currently a major driver of environmental regulation in New York. A new report “The Fossil Fuel End Game, A frontline vision to retire New York City’s peaker plants by 2030” illustrates the campaign … Continue reading

Energy and Environment on the “Garden Island”

by Planning Engineer ·        Countering the presumption that renewables are always the environmentally preferable alternative, this column suggests that serious consideration should be given to examining if for the short term, fossil fuel might be the “environmentally correct” … Continue reading

Energy strategies: horses for courses

by Planning Engineer and Rud Istvan Just because something works in one place’s circumstances does not mean it will work elsewhere under different circumstances.   

New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision and Environmental Control Initiatives

.by Roger Caiazza The excellent series of posts on energy planning by Planning Engineer and Rud Istavan, a similar series at the Science of Doom and a recent post by Peter Lang all outline the difficulties implementing renewable energy and … Continue reading

Sea level rise acceleration (or not): Part I – Introduction

by Judith Curry Introduction and context for a new Climate Etc. series on sea level rise.

Renewables and grid reliability

by Planning Engineer The costs of major grid outages are staggering and recovery from such outages is challenging; therefore the North American grids are planned and operated to ensure high levels of reliability.

Microgrids and “Clean” Energy

by Planning Engineer and Rud Istvan Microgrids and “clean” energy are intertwined in the minds of many. There is a common belief that microgrids will facilitate “clean” energy and that “clean” energy will better support microgrids.

What should renewables pay for grid service?

by Planning Engineer There is a lot of public debate around the rates utilities charge solar customers, but very little of it shows an awareness of the embedded technical and philosophical issues.

Transmission planning: wind and solar

by Planning Engineer Some of the denizens have requested an introduction to transmission planning and a discussion of how the transmission system is impacted by renewable resources.

Myths and realities of renewable energy

by Planning Engineer Power System Planners do not have the expertise or knowledge to say whether or not the benefits of reducing carbon emissions are worth the costs.   However they should be respected as experts for obtaining a better understanding of … Continue reading

All megawatts are not equal

by Planning Engineer Some of the Climate Etc. denizens have requested a post on the generation planning process to help them better understand cost issues surrounding the large scale addition and integration of renewable resources.

Taxonomy of climate/energy policy perspectives

by Planning Engineer Debates on policy issues around climate and energy often feature opposing sides talking past each other.

Clean Air – Who Pays?

by Planning Engineer A recent posting presented taxonomy of potential policy perspectives around climate/energy policy. The ensuing comments brought home the unfortunate recognition that energy providers have not advocated specific actions and preferred directions for climate/energy policy. I think they … Continue reading

Why Skeptics hate climate skeptics

by Planning Engineer In recent years many “skeptics” have become vociferously critical of anyone who expresses any doubts toward any part of what they see as a climate consensus (both problems and cures). How did the skeptic community grow to … Continue reading