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Interview: Climate Change – A Different Perspective with Judith Curry: Part II

by Judith Curry My follow up interview on the Strong And Free podcast [link].

Interview: Climate Change – A Different Perspective with Judith Curry

by Judith Curry My recent interview on the Strong and Free podcast.

Publication day!

by Judith Curry My new book Climate Uncertainty and Risk is now published!

Senate Budget Committee Hearing

by Judith Curry On March 22, I will be testifying before the Senate Budget Committee on the topic “Risky Business: How Climate Change is Changing Insurance Markets.”

Climate Uncertainty and Risk: in press

by Judith Curry My book Climate Uncertainty and Risk has now been accepted for publication, following peer review and submission of my revised manuscript.

JC navigates the new media

by Judith Curry With the new media, it’s astonishing  how much trouble a mild-mannered grandmother speaking common sense about climate change can cause without leaving her home.

Senate Budget Committee Hearing Today

by Judith Curry The Hearing on “Risky Business: How Climate Change is Changing Insurance Markets” starts at 10 a.m.

The 2023 transition

by Judith Curry Discussion thread for your reflections and prognostications

IPCC AR6 WG1 discussion thread

by Judith Curry The IPCC AR6 WGI report has been released [link]

Explaining the Discrepancies Between Hausfather et al. (2019) and Lewis&Curry (2018)

by Ross McKitrick Challenging the claim that a large set of climate model runs published since 1970’s are consistent with observations for the right reasons.

Comment by Cowtan & Jacobs on Lewis & Curry 2018 and Reply: Part 1

By Nic Lewis A comment on LC18 (recent paper by Lewis and Curry on climate sensitivity)  by Cowtan and Jacobs has been published, along with our response.

Comment by Cowtan & Jacobs on Lewis & Curry 2018 and Reply: Part 2

By Nic Lewis In an earlier article here I discussed a Comment on Lewis and Curry 2018 (LC18) by Kevin Cowtan and Peter Jacobs (CJ20), and a Reply from myself and Judith Curry recently published by Journal of Climate (copy … Continue reading

Transient Climate Response from observations 1979-2022

by Frank Bosse A very interesting blog post by Gavin Schmidt provides input on “constraining“  the observed TCR ( Transient Climate Response) in the time window 1979- 2022 using the latest climate models.

My interview with Jordan Peterson

by Judith Curry My interview on the Jordan B Peterson podcast is now available.

The faux urgency of the climate crisis is giving us no time or space to build a secure energy future

by Judith Curry There is a growing realisation that emissions and temperature targets are now detached from the issues of human well-being and the development of our 21st century world.

Rapid technological innovation – not harmful renewables policy – key to lighting our energy future

by Judith Curry Framework for a robust transition of our energy systems.

UN’s climate panic is more politics than science

by Judith Curry I have a new op-ed published in The Australian,  here is the complete text.

Senate Budget Committee Hearing: JC responds

by Judith Curry Last week’s Hearing was a sad example of what passes for debate and deliberations by the U.S. Senate.  In any event, it provides an interesting case study of why the U.S. cannot bridge the partisan divide and … Continue reading

Asymptomatic spread(?) of Covid-19

by Judith Curry I just finished reading an article entitled Asymptomatic Spread Revisited.

Cli-fi: the net zero sub-genre

by Judith Curry Two exciting new books in climate fiction (Cli-fi), with net zero themes.

Existential risks

by Judith Curry Some reflections on the movie Don’t Look Up.

The Next Environmental Crisis

by Judith Curry Are our current solutions only a short term fix?

Coronavirus technical thread

by Judith Curry A thread devoted to technical topics, e.g. epidemiology, immunology, treatments.  A more general thread will be coming shortly.

The yin and yang of climate science

by Judith Curry How the duality of yin-yang can illuminate the climate debate and enlighten transformational research.

Energy transition: The land use conundrum

by Judith Curry Does our future hold a plethora of wind turbines, solar farms, and transmission lines covering an ever-growing fraction of the planet’s surface as energy demand increases?  The output of farmland and forests being burned to provide power?