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North Atlantic Nonsense

by Alan Longhurst    “Never before in 1000 years the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), also known as the Gulf Stream System, has been as weak as in the last decades“.  

CO2 sensitivity: the polar solution

by Alan Longhurst Natural climate variability in the polar regions.

Australian fires: Climate ‘truth bomb’?

by Alan Longhurst Recipe for Australia’s climate ‘truth bomb’:  dubious manipulations of the historical temperature record, ignorance of the climate dynamics of the Southern Hemisphere, and ignorance of Australia’s ecological and social history.

2015 → 2016

by Judith Curry Ringing in the New Year at Climate Etc.

The Trumpocene

by Judith Curry Finding common ground in the Age of Trump.

The value of very long instrumental data series

by Alan Longhurst Because the climate change science community habitually concentrates attention on surface data from a very short recent period – nominally a little more than 100 years – it would be very interesting to know how the pattern habitually derived … Continue reading

Undersea volcanoes may be impacting long-term climate change

by Alan Longhurst I think this paper on on ocean tides, sea-floor volcanoes and Milankevitch cycles is a game changer.

Kiribati crisis: the blame game

by Judith Curry Small atoll islands may grow, not sink, as sea level rises.

New book: Doubt and Certainty in Climate Science

by Judith Curry Doubt and Certainty in Climate Science is an important new book that everyone should read.  And its free.

Why is the Arctic climate and ice cover so variable?

by Judith Curry A discussion of Section 8.3 of Alan Longhurst’s book Doubt and Certainty in Climate Science.