Year in review

by Judith Curry

A year ago, who would have thought that 2021 would be crazier than 2020?

A quick post to end out the year with some random reflections


The new normal (for me, anyways) is to stay home, not travel. Greater ventilation, use of HEPA air cleaners (also a big help when the air quality in the U.S. west was horrible from the wildfires), outdoor social events, masking. I’m triple vaxxed (Moderna), haven’t even gotten a cold in the past two years, also taking a cocktail of supplements. My entire company is now working from home – surprisingly, younger employees don’t like this so much, but people with kids/dogs definitely like it. I’m fine with my new normal, although I realize this isn’t feasible or desirable for most. God bless the internet. Personal precautionary principle in action, with a clear and immediate target – I really don’t want to get sick from a communicable disease.

Missed opportunities in 2021 to deal with Covid: scarcity of Covid tests in the U.S., failure to systematically investigate the re-purposing of existing drugs for Covid treatment protocols, and the failure to rapidly approve and manufacture new drugs for treatment. Failure to emphasize the need for better ventilation in buildings. Mask fatigue by insisting that masks be worn outside (schools, etc).

Death of Expertise

“Follow the science” almost seems like a joke at this point. Attempts to create and enforce various covid ‘consensus’ statements on everything from its origins, masks, transmission mode, treatments etc. have mostly backfired. The WHO and the CDC (U.S.) have much egg on their faces.

The various Covid consensus fiascoes have had an adverse impact on the trust of experts and expertise in a variety of domains.

‘Fact checks’ in the media have been shown to be (mostly) partisan/political enforcement of dogma.

Scientists playing politics and politicians misusing science for political ends has become endemic.

Cancel culture

Further wounds to expertise are coming from within universities and the enforcement of dogma in many disciplines. Many academics have left academia, some involuntarily over such issues. The whiny woke-babies and the insane focus on victimhood, intersectionality, gender and diversity at the expense of traditional academic values has made many universities pretty dysfunctional and even scary places.

Within politics and popular culture, cancel culture has also run amok. The heroine in all this has to be J.K. Rowling in her defense of sanity related to gender and sex.

Recently there has been increasing blowback against such nonsense, which is particularly bad in the U.S. (doesn’t seem to be so bad elsewhere?)


On the good news front, the urgent rush to develop Covid vaccines produced not only some innovative research but demonstrated how quickly research to applications to deployment can proceed. This seems to have spurred a spirit of innovation, looking to science and engineering to provide better solutions to our current problems. There is much venture capital and money from billionaires floating around towards these purposes (for a variety of applications including climate change), which seems to have been invigorated by the Covid vaccines.

Covid has also spurred the development of new (and cheaper!) online workflow, meeting and conference platforms that facilitate working and meeting remotely and also conference. The IPCC AR6 managed to complete its work without hordes of scientists traveling all over the world; the colossal loss of productivity from extensive travelling is, well, colossal.


The last few years have seen a massive decline in audience for the mainstream media, for good reasons. In the U.S., there is no longer any pretense of objectivity or real investigation by the mainstream media. A plethora of partisan news outlets has emerged, and investigation occurs randomly and is published on blogs or whatever.

About a year ago a new framework for publishing was launched, called Substack. Substack wooed some serious journalists to the platform and tons of others from many different fields have joined. One key to its success is that Substack has figured out how its journalists can actually make a decent living

I follow a bunch of writers on Substack, and have paid subscriptions to about a half dozen. The posts are mostly long form (there are also podcasts), and the people that I follow are writing some fascinating essays, many on topics that aren’t trendy or overhashed.

Let me know who your favorite writers are.

The rise of anarchy and federalism

Apart from anarchy and redefinition of what is mainstream media, we are also seeing broader hints of anarchy in the U.S. In the U.S. anyways, we have seen a resurgence of federalism in terms of power of individual states. Previously I was mostly aware of different levels of prosperity and different weather among the different states. Covid, and Trumps insistence that the individual states manage their own crises, revealed different modes and styles of governance, different levels of freedom, different priorities on law and order, different energy and environmental policies, differences in rights to abortion, different tax structures and different cultures. Governors are getting more media attention than Biden. There has been massive migration out of California, Illinois and New York, and particularly into Texas and Florida.

The U.S. federal government has recently seemed impotent to do much of anything. In the Trump administration this seems to have been a feature not a bug; in the Biden administration, this is definitely a bug. The devolution of power from the federal government to the states has been characterized as anarchy; to my mind, there are elements of this that are very positive.


A few weeks ago I spotted this quote:

” “Climate change” is just a mental tattoo — a phrase we invoke with an air of scientific sophistication to give some sense of knowledgeability about the unknowable.”

That statement pretty much sums up the whole thing. Climate ‘science’ has become boring, mostly dotting i’s and crossing t’s (or worse yet, crossing i’s and dotting t’s). Even if we assume the science is ‘settled’, the policy discussion is even more boring – infeasible solutions that even if successfully implemented would very possibly leave us worse off than doing nothing (such has having inadequate electricity and fuel for heating during the winter).

My book

How we can break out of this rut is the topic of a book that I am working on. I’m about 70% finished, hope to submit it to my publisher before June. This is being published by an academic press, so the book needs to be scholarly. The challenge is to write it in a way that passes scholarly muster while at the same time being readable/interesting to a broader audience.

Stay tuned.

Weather and climate biz

My company, Climate Forecast Applications Network, continues to take up most of my time, while providing an endless source of interesting ideas and applications.

On the weather side of the business, growing vulnerability to extreme weather events is spawning new insurance vehicles and Insurance Linked Securities funds. The insurance sector is a rapidly growing part of my company’s business.

Traditionally, energy companies have been the biggest consumers for private sector weather forecasts, for natural gas trading and load management for electric utilities. The renewable energy boom (particularly wind, to a lesser extent solar) is increasing the demand for wind and solar energy forecasts.

The whole private sector weather enterprise is becoming more competitive as there is more and more information freely available online and from apps that generates revenue from advertising or from inexpensive subscriptions. My company focuses on major businesses that desire customized forecast products, innovative forecast products, and analyses in forecast reports.

A growing part of our business is in the climate sector. Until a few years ago, the requests I received were related to interpreting climate model outputs and advising lawyers regarding litigation. After one project of bias correcting and downscaling climate model simulations, which I felt was a fairly worthless exercise, I no longer accept such projects. For a few years there was a burst of litigation cases that I was consulting for, but most of these have been mired for years in procedural and jurisdictional issues.

Over the past few years I’ve been getting some more interesting projects related to renewable energy, potential insurance losses, scenario projections to 2050, and development of worst case scenarios for specific locales. I’ve also been asked to provide reality checks on climate impact assessments provided by other groups. I suspect that this will become a growing part of the business.


Far and away the best book I’ve read this year (or in recent memory) was The Dawn of Everything – A New History of Humanity. From the blurb:

A dramatically new understanding of human history, challenging our most fundamental assumptions about social evolution—from the development of agriculture and cities to the origins of the state, democracy, and inequality—and revealing new possibilities for human emancipation.

This book was an instant NYTimes Bestseller, there are tons of reviews out there. Overall, a fascinating and exhilarating read that changed the way I think about the past, present and future.

I can only aspire to accomplish something like this with my own book that is in progress.

On the lighter side, my favorite reads this year were the Hawthorne and Horowitz mysteries, by Anthony Horowitz. This interview with the author gives you a flavor.

Climate Etc.

Thanks to all who have participated at Climate Etc. over the past year, especially the guest bloggers. Between my book and running the company, blogging takes a back seat. Both in principle should provide fodder for blog posts, but it takes time.

The blog has been sluggish, I think it is too big. I will be culling some of the old inconsequential posts to lighten the load a bit. Also, the moderation queue has been out of control. I think I have fixed one of the problems, we’ll see.

My very best wishes to each of you for a happy, interesting and healthy New Year.

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  1. You wrote:
    A year ago, who would have thought that 2021 would be crazier than 2020?

    I write:
    A year ago, who would have “NOT” thought that 2021 would be crazier than 2020?

  2. Really looking forward to your book!

  3. Best wishes for everything you are doing!

    Have a wonderful New 2022 Year!

  4. Richard Greene

    Thanks for a long and very interesting message.
    I was surprised to hear that climate “science” was boring
    with all those exciting fairy tales of impending
    climate doom. Red Alert Red Alert.

    I would argue that the ultra-quick COVID vaccine development was not a success. After more COVID deaths in 2021 than in 2020, the vaccines can not be considered a success. Without debating the under reporting and reporting coincidences, a typical year has 200 to 300 post-vaccine deaths reported to VAERS for ALL vaccines. That small number can be dismissed as coincidences. But In 2021 we already have over 20,000 deaths reported and a 67x to 100x increase = very bad news. When you know someone believed healthy who got sick and died soon after a COVID vaccine, your opinions change change quickly These are the most dangerous vaccines in history, amd any adverse long term side effects are still not known

    But there is good news for 2020.
    Omicron is crowding out Delta COVID
    I believe there is strong evidence Omicron is not COVID
    It is a new coronavirus common cold.

    It has the same symptoms of a common cold.
    Very low hospitalization and death rates, like a common cold

    The spike protein has about 30 mutations compared with Delta Covid
    A new Covid variant would have one or two mutations.

    A Covid vaccine would work for a real COVID variant.
    But the vaccines are nearly worthless for Omicron.

    Natural Alpha or Delta Covid antibodies appear worthless too.

    The history of pandemics is for deadly viruses to mutate
    into much less deadly variants in a year or two.

    I believe the evidence I have presented shows
    Omicrin is a new common cold, not a new Covid variant.

    If it continues to “crowd out” Delta Covid,
    we have been handed very good news for 2022.

    Omicron is extremely easy to catch.
    So what?
    It’s no worse than any other common colds.
    How easy?
    A friend invited about 20 people to her Christmas party.
    In a relatively small house in Michigan (cold outside).
    18 were vaxxed, and two were not.
    It appears that everyone caught Omicron
    EXCEPT the two unvaxxed
    sixty-something guests
    who tested negative after the party.
    They both never had COVID in spite of ignoring
    social distancing and flying often in 2020 and 2021.
    There’s no conclusion from this —
    just an interesting anecdote.

    • Utter rubbish. For instance: “these are the most dangerous vaccines in history”. List the others in order, and give the rest of us the data that you have adduced to support your conclusion.
      And your anecdote is wholly uninteresting.

      • The evidence is staring you in the face but you refuse to search for it. VAERS and the UK Yellow card adverse reaction data are known to be unreported by up to 99% (according to ‘scientific’ inquiry, for what that’s worth) so go do the maths.

      • Richard Greene

        Thank you for the character attack Mr Badgero
        VAERS reports of 200 to 400 deaths a year is typical
        from 1990 to 2020.
        Over 20,000 COVID death reports in 2021 so far.
        That’s 67x to 100x more reports than a typical year.

        I guess those VAERS reports are all coincidences?
        Also similar reports in the EU and the UK/
        A right wing conspiracy in dozens of nations?
        I suppose COVID vaccines are a leading cause
        of coincidences?
        You statement is typical leftist
        see no evil, hear no evil, nonsense.
        You are uninformed and misinformed
        the Daily Double !
        Sources for VAERS data:

      • “Thank you for the character attack Mr Badgero
        VAERS reports of 200 to 400 deaths a year is typical
        from 1990 to 2020.”

        What are you on about? I have not commented on this subthread until now

      • Put another way, total deaths following the covid vax from 12/2020 thru 12/2021 is more than double the number for all other vax’s combined since 1990. These vax’s are proving to be neither safe or effective. Meanwhile, our health agencies continue their war on drugs like UVM which are far more effective and multiple orders of magnitude safer.

    • I despise the dismissal of evidence in isolated cases by ‘scientists’, as anecdotal.

      The most comprehensive scientific study is comprised of individual anecdotes.

      Anecdotes are clues, they must not be dismissed by anyone, they should be accepted as evidence.

      Anecdotal evidence is vital in criminal court, the most rigorous evidence based inquiry in the civilised world.

      Subject scientific studies to the same evidential rigour as criminal law and most of them would be ripped apart.

    • The topic of excess all-cause mortality for the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated is gaining attention.

      “COVID shots increase deaths from all causes 0-5 weeks post-injection in almost all age groups.

      “The deaths happen after the roll-out for each age group.According to the authors, the temporal relationship between the injections and deaths proves a cause-and-effect relationship rather than mere association.

      “The US national VFR average is 0.04%. In ages 0-17, it is 0.004%, and in >75 years old, it is 0.06%. Those percentages may seem small, but if you multiply them with the total number of vaccinated, the actual number of vaccine-induced fatalities in the US are from 146 thousand to 187 thousand from February to August 2021.

  5. I like that quote Judith. The older I get the more I realise how little we know about anything. You only have to scratch below the surface of our current knowledge on any subject to realise how shallow it is. Observation of COVID and Climate experts has reinforced my distain for the term “expert”.

    • Richard Greene

      Getting older is tough.
      We used to know everything in our teens !

    • Grant: Interestingly, my disdain for the politically-motivated ignorant who disdain experts is growing. Yes, the depth of our knowledge on certain subjects is surprisingly shallow, but the depth of the critics of experts often non-existent and their comments are prompted mostly by political bias. Anyone who doesn’t start by acknowledging the shallow knowledge we DO HAVE isn’t worth listening to IMO.

      For example. the best knowledge we have about vaccine side effects comes from double-blind random assignment clinical trials where those reporting and evaluation the cause and severity of side effects didn’t know whether placebo or vaccine was administered. In the earliest mRNA trials, half of 40,000 people received an injection of vaccine or placebo. By now, we probably have properly controlled data on 100,000 vaccinations, with – to the best of my knowledge – no deaths. So that would place upper limit on the death rate of less than 1 in a 100,000.

      In comparison, raw VARS data is almost meaningless until individual cases have been investigated. First, there is no placebo control available to inform activists of how often side effects are reported by those who didn’t receive any vaccine. Anti-vaxxers are almost certainly trying to pollute the raw data entering VARS and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were being assisted by foreign governments. Because there is so much publicity about vaccine side effects, ordinary Americans are likely to be reporting more minor or exaggerated problems than with other vaccines.

      IIRC, authorities assert that a few per million suffer serious side effects. Clearly a clinical trial with 40,000 can’t detect or accurately quantify problems that effect a few per million, which is why rare problems with blood clotting with the AZ and J&J vaccines weren’t discovered until these vaccines had been given to millions. With more than 200 million Americans having been vaccinated that would be something on the order of 1000 people with serious side effects – a large number until you consider the million that have died of COVID.

      My statements require several caveats. First, as best I can tell, one child volunteer in vaccine study allegedly suffered a very severe, disabling immune reaction to vaccination that has never been officially resolved. Second, In boys 12-15, transitory inflammation of heart tissue (myocarditis) has been detected. (This may occur when an injection accidentally hit a blood vessel, since spike protein is normally only expressed only in the muscle tissue near the injection site and the closest lymph node. Spike protein is expressed in all cell types including heart with ACE2 receptors when you gain immunity from natural infection, strongly suggesting that this the riskier way to gain immunity.) Unlike earlier variants, delta and omicron are sending more children to the hospital and being transmitted more frequently in schools. The risk/benefit calculation for vaccinating children is changing.

      There are also differences between those who volunteer and are allowed to participate in clinical trials of vaccines and the population as a whole who are getting vaccinated. The clinical trials included a large number of “elderly” patients over 65 and even 75, but no people living in nursing homes too fragile to take care of themselves. When the vaccine was first rolled out and sent to nursing homes, it is my understanding that we were initially too aggressive in trying to protect as many as possible of the most vulnerable and some succumbed to the “normal” side effects that make many of us feel “under the weather” for 12-24 hours after vaccination. COVID vaccinations may not be recommended for people prone to anaphylactic shock from bee strings and several other immune conditions. Such individuals were probably screened out from clinical trials more effectively than from routine vaccination. According to the CDC, 21 cases of anaphylaxis occurred in the first 2 million COVID vaccinations, but no one died because vaccination sites were prepared to deal with this problem (one that is too infrequent to be discovered in a clinical trial with only 40,000 people), but no one died because they were prepared to deal with this rare side effect of many vaccinations. I was required to wait 15 minutes before leaving after my first two vaccinations to reduce the risk from anaphylaxis, but not after my booster. About 40 Americans die every year from anaphylaxis after bee stings.

      Although it probably doesn’t matter to hard-core conspiracy theorists, clinical trials of new vaccines and drugs are not performed by drug companies. They are usually performed by hospitals working under contract with drug companies who provide coded samples of drug or placebo that these hospitals use. The hospitals collect all of the data on the study participants. COVID vaccine clinical trials may have been run at 10 or 20 different hospitals, each of whom has committees that oversee this research. Drug companies and sometimes the FDA inspect and audit these clinical research sites. The same coded data goes to the pharmaceutical company and the FDA, who unblind the study and analyze the data independently. The FDA relies on independent advisory committees of expert doctors who personally treat patients with the drugs and vaccines they approve. IMO, the enormous number of people and sites involved make it challenging to imagine a conspiracy, and all conspirators would have friends and family put at risk. Drug companies might be bankrupted if they were involved in a conspiracy – and serious problems with a drug or vaccine can’t be hidden indefinitely.

      All doctors desperately want to believe their treatments are making their patients better. All anti-vaxxers want believe vaccines aren’t safe and effective. In both cases, people see in the data what they want to believe. That is why doctors bled patients in the bad old days. Both George Washington and his doctor absolutely believed in bleeding and took five pints during his final brief illness. Unless you want to risk making such a mistake, please focus first on the data from random-assignment placebo-controlled clinical trials. it’s the best information we have.

      • You might want to read about how RCT’s actually work now. I am not anti-vax, and have taken the Moderna vax, but will not be getting any boosters. However, I am anti-lying and our health agencies, a number of so-called “experts” and our government has been lying to us about this pandemic from the beginning.

        In any event, here are a couple of interesting reads, the first discusses how big RCTs can be easily manipulated among other things, and the second is about the constantly changing narrative coming from one of the so-called experts, the sainted Dr. Fauci.

        As to your comment on the “depth of the critics on experts” which “experts” are we not allowed to criticize? Michael Mann, Judith Curry, Richard Lindzen re: climate science, or Fauci, Paul Marik, or Robert Malone re: the vaccines and early treatments?

        Lastly when the number of deaths following Vaccines as reported in VAERS is now over 20,000 since December 2020 while the total number of deaths following vaccines for all other vaccines combined since 1990 is just over 9,000, I think questions need to be asked and answered. Note that I am not saying deaths “from” vaccines, just deaths “following” vaccines. Also note that VAERS has a significant under reporting factor meaning that the total AEs experienced are likely far higher than those reported. As to your guess that many are reporting falsely, there are real penalties for doing that, which may be one reason for under reporting, not over reporting as you suggest.

        Also, when the FDA actively participates in a smear campaign against one of the safest drugs in history that is FDA approved with by now over 4 billion people treated in the last 40 or so years, whose developers were awarded the nobel prize for medicine in 2015, by publishing a tweet that implied the drug was simply horse/cow dewormer, thee “experts” in the FDA certainly need to at least be questioned if not out right criticized.

        Anyway, here are the links:

        As to real life examples of the harms experienced by people getting the vaccine, Donna LaFramboise documents many cases on her blog, nofrakkingconsensus. The AEs are real and there should be far more investigation into them than is currently being done. For the most part, our health officials are dwonplaying or outright dismissing them.

      • Sure Frank. I note the government isn’t rushing to autopsy deaths reported in the VAERS database. Merck and Pfizer don’t seem too interested either. Oh well, I’m sure the reason I’m saying this is because I’m politically motivated.

      • Barnes Moore: While I disagree with most of your comment, I found it difficult to dismiss your first link which cherry-picks quotes that disparage RCTs made by Thomas Frieden, the former head of the CDC. I really enjoyed pursuing this topic. Since I don’t place any value in the thoughts of the blogger who cites Frieden, I looked up the review article Frieden wrote:

        Evidence for Health Decision Making — Beyond Randomized, Controlled Trials

        Thesis statement: “Although randomized, controlled trials (RCTs) have long been presumed to be the ideal source for data on the effects of treatment, other methods of obtaining evidence for decisive action are receiving increased interest, prompting new approaches to leverage the strengths and overcome the limitations of different data sources. In this article, I describe the use of RCTs and alternative (and sometimes superior) data sources from the vantage point of public health, illustrate key limitations of RCTs, and suggest ways to improve the use of multiple data sources for health decision making.”

        Frieden lists the following weaknesses of RCTs:

        1) “Potential for validity to be limited to study population, with limited relevance to actual conditions”. I agree and this is a very common problem occurs in all types of clinical trials, not just RCTs. In my comment above, I mentioned that no nursing home residents were included in vaccine clinical trials. However, ever RCT starts by defining an “intent to treat” patient population and the FDA generally authorizes vaccines and drugs for treating only that population. Although pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to advertise “off-label uses”, individual US physicians are allowed to use their professional judgment to treat other patients (off-label use) with a drug or vaccine. Expert doctors who understand how their peers prescribe off-label use carefully advise the FDA what information and warnings should be provided to all doctors before they prescribe for either on-label or off-label use. Somebody wasn’t appropriately careful about how the COVID vaccine was initially rolled out to nursing home patients. Furthermore, everyone recognizes that side effects that occur in only a few per million (or more frequently depending on the size of the clinical trial) are only going to be found after the vaccine or drug has been approved and given to millions. That is why VAERS exists for vaccines. Since there is no control group to define a “normal” rate for these rare problems in the absence of vaccination, a cause-and-effect relationship is difficult to prove for any single report.

        2) “Potential for surrogate markers, if used, to not correlate with the outcome of interest”. True, but that problem occurs any time a surrogate marker is used in any kind of study – it isn’t a weakness unique to RCTs.

        3) “Resource-intensive with regard to costs: high costs may lead to inadequate sample size”. However, once you have a properly-sized clinical trial with statistically significant results, it is the GOLD STANDARD. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want their effective vaccine or drug to fail to show statistically insignificant benefit due to chance (Type 2 error), so they usually run large enough RTCs to have an excellent chance of quantifying that benefit in Phase 3 clinical trials. Poorly resourced researchers may not have the funds needed for large RCTs – thus the dozens of small trials (many non-RCT) with Ivermectin that have been ignored by the FDA. Truly promising results from credible researchers in such small studies often prompt others with resources to pursue large RCTs. A group is Britain is coordinating worldwide large trials of many existing drugs for COVID. This group proved the utility of fluvoxamine after anecdotal evidence suggested patients taking this drug did better. They also found the Chinese had mistakenly reported steroidal anti-inflammatories were not useful against COVID “cytosine storms”.

        4) “Impractical for urgent situations and some rare diseases”. This doesn’t mean that RCTs aren’t the GOLD STANDARD for evidence. When RCTs are skipped in urgent situations, mistakes like treating COVID with HCQ are common. Even worse, it is unethical to run a clinical trial with a placebo and deny control patients a treatment believed to be effective. When some countries prematurely authorized use of HCQ, their doctors could no longer test HCQ vs placebo.

        5) “May not account for effects beyond study population…”, a problem that plagues all other types of studies.

        None of these weakness suggest that RCTs (when available or possible) are not the GOLD STANDARD and the first place one should look for evidence. So why is Dr. Frieden spending so much time nit-picking about RCTs?

        The president appoints the head of the CDC and similar posts. He wants someone he can trust to move forward his political agenda, not a scientist who tells him can’t do something because it hasn’t been tested in an RCT. Trump wanted Americans to know that effective treatments for COVID were available even though they hadn’t been through RCTs. He wanted a vaccine approved before the 2020 election. It you go to Wikipedia and scan through the list of recent heads of the CDC, you’ll find they are often political doctors, not scientists or experienced drug developers. Trump’s first appointee to head the CDC resigned after scandal and the second (Redfield) had some questionable incidents on his record. Biden’s pick, Walensky, not surprisingly, made her reputation advocating for equal treatment of underserved communities. IMO, she has done a horrible job of preparing us for the current crisis: Testing, therapeutic antibodies, and Paxlovid are all in limited supply and vaccine hesitancy is still a huge problem.

        Dr. Frieden has spent his entire career in government, working mostly with the NYC Health Department. He is a political administrator, not a scientist. He is frustrated because RCTs don’t always support moving ahead with the health interventions he is pushing – thus he is excited about “evidence beyond RCTs”. One section of his paper discusses the benefits of reduced sodium intake for cardiovascular health. He advocates laws require reduced sodium in processed food and appears to indiscriminately view all “processed foods” as bad. Unfortunately, some RCTs suggest too little sodium can be harmful. I don’t claim to know the right answer to this sodium debate.) He may have been behind Bloomberg’s attempting to ban jumbo servings of soda (the cheapest per oz because labor is more expensive than sugar water). Below is one review paper written by Frieden on the novel approaches taken by the NYC Public Health Dept that summarizes his agenda:

        In short, Freiden may be more a political activist doctor, than a scientist. He de-emphasized infectious diseases and focused on some interventions where conclusive evidence from RCTs was not available. IMO, he is the flip side of Fauci, who is a rigorous scientist first. At first, the AIDS activists hated him for insisting on RCTs for AIDS treatments and a rigorous process for approving AIDS drugs while victims were dying. Much later, they loved him for clearly identifying reliable and improving treatments that have kept them alive. Today, of course, many people’s perception of Fauci depends on their perception of Trump. Just this week however, Fauci publicly called for a revising of the CDCs new shorter 5-day quarantine rule, saying it was based on a need to get people back to work faster and provided no proof that 5 days was safe. Fauci presumably wants a negative [antigen?] test before returning to work after only five days. (Scott Gottlieb is a smoother operator and said that we need to adapt to the ongoing risk of COVID (which has dropped with vaccination), but that different groups (vaccinated vs non-vaccinated, for example) become non-infectious at different rates – suggesting a need for a test after 5-days.) Both sides welcome and listen to Gottlieb because he acknowledges the concerns of all while remaining firmly grounded in science.) That is what good administrators do.

        In his insightful article about bad science, Cargo Cult Science, Feynman famously said that the easiest person to fool is yourself. In other words, we are all extremely vulnerable to confirmation bias. Every doctor is deeply invested in trying to make his patients better, keeping them alive and as paying customers. Administrators like Frieden and their political bosses want to believe they are making Americans healthier. And George Washington and his doctor believed bleeding had and would again make him better just before he died. That is why double-blind placebo-controlled random assignment clinical trials are the GOLD STANDARD for evidence – it is impossible for biases to influence the outcome. Freiden and thousands of other doctors are extremely frustrated because their personal experience leads them to think they know the right answer, but the FDA generally won’t approve new treatments without evidence from double-blind RCTs. Few consider the possibility that they might be suffering from confirmation bias when they selected which less-definitive clinical studies to believe in. Frieden notes that bias is a weakness in all alternatives to RCT, but doesn’t give as much weight to this problem in his discussion as Feynman does (and I would prefer). IMO, RCTs are always the first place to look for information – and certainly not the blogosphere.

        Sincerely, Frank

      • Barnes Moore: Your second link discussing the claim that vaccines failed to live up to what was promised is mostly BS pushed by the ignorant. Anyone with a half brain should have known that the flu vaccine: 1) needs to be given every year and 2) reduces infections by only 50%. The CDC says that flu vaccination provides only a modest and variable reduction in ICU admission and death (only 26% and 31% reduction in one study). COVID vaccines are vastly more useful than flu vaccines and prevent far more serious infections.

        We have been trying to find effective vaccines for HIV, malaria or TB. Anyone who isn’t thankful for the vaccines we do have is anti-vax or deluded.

        The standard childhood vaccines don’t provide complete protection for everyone indefinitely. Mandatory vaccination produces a state of herd immunity and prevents disease from growing exponentially and spreading widely. We don’t notice those poorly protected by vaccine because there is an insignificant amount of these childhood disease circulating in the community. We would have never made the progress we have made against smallpox, polio, measles and another half dozen diseases without mandatory vaccination. If the current antivax sentiment continues to prevail, antivaxxers will have halted further scientific progress against infectious diseases.

        One standard childhood vaccine is administered five times. Tetanus is boosted every ten years. A need for booster vaccination is common.

        The goal of Operation Warp Speed was to identify a vaccine that reduce infection by 50% and administer it as widely as possible as soon as possible. No one guaranteed that vaccine would produce herd immunity and end COVID, but that seemed like a reasonable assumption when we found 95% protection with two mRNA vaccines. (After I got my two vaccinations last spring, I told myself that I would never be safer than I was then, because evolution and survival of the fittest would likely produce resistant variants. Things could be far worse today than they are now

        Today we have multiple measures of vaccine efficacy and how it diminishes over time. We have a decent idea how fast efficacy is dropping, because it varies with antibody levels (B cells), not the much discussed T-cells.

        1) Reduction in deaths (13-fold against Delta)
        2) Reduction in hospital or ICU admission (critical for keeping hospitals from being overrun with patients and people dying for lack of treatment.
        3) Reduction in infections serious enough prompt testing by PCR. (5-fold reduction for Delta). Those with mild or asymptomatic illness usually don’t get tested. We have been missing 50%-75% of cases for this reason.
        4) Reduction in all cases – meaning everyone in the study must be tested by PCR weekly. Technically, a pandemic isn’t over until asymptomatic infections can’t be detected.

      • Barnes: I don’t claim to understand much about the VAERS system except that it can’t easily prove or disprove that someone died or suffered serious side effects from vaccination. Here are some simple original calculations that may shed light on the large number of side effects that have been reported IF MY CALCULATIONS ARE CORRECT:

        About 3.3 million (1%) Americans die every year (10,000/day). Therefore, about 1/36.500 of us die every day. We have given about 500 million doses of vaccine to Americans in about a year. Let’s say if someone dies within 1 day of vaccination, their deaths will be considered “linked” to vaccination. That makes 500 million post vaccination days on which Americans could die merely by chance. That would mean that 13,700 (500 million/36,500) people might have been expected to die solely by chance on the day of vaccination.

        If you want to say all deaths within 10 days are “potentially linked” to vaccination, you would expect 137,000 deaths to be potentially linked to vaccination MERELY BY CHANCE.

        Now people on their death bed with terminal cancer, a recent heart attack or a stroke probably aren’t going to run out and get vaccinated. But it would make sense for most of the 10,000 who die every day to be getting vaccinated. The people in the poorest health are most likely to get vaccinated because they are the most at risk from COVID. So let’s guesstimate that 10,000 or 100,000 could be “linked” (within 24 hours of vaccination) or “potentially linked” (within 10 days) merely by chance.

        Assuming my calculations are right, why aren’t a massive number of side effects being reported to VAERS from childhood vaccinations. That is simple: Perhaps 10% of Americans are young enough to be getting and few of them die in any year. Except for antivaxxers, childhood vaccination are considered to be safe and few will consider linking death or serious side effects to a vaccination unless analphylatic shock sets in within 15 minutes of vaccination as it can with a bee sting. There are also rare neurological conditions a doctor should know are linked to vaccination.

        What about flu vaccines? Those are given mostly to older people who have some risk of dying on any day, just as with COVID vaccination. However, everyone knows flu vaccinations are usually safe and have had dozens of them. The CDC says it knows that the most side effects are not reported to VAERS, possibly because we expect 2,000 deaths to occur within 1 day of 100 million vaccinations/year simply by chance. However, COVID vaccinations are new and highly controversial. Vastly more of those deaths and side effects will be ignored following a flu vaccination than following a COVID vaccination. And VAERS has texted me multiple times report side effects following COVID vaccinations, but not after my flu vaccination.

        Because VAERS data lacks controls and probably contains huge biases. it is hard to know how to interpret it. My suggestion was to START with the side effects seen with about 100,000 real vaccinations and 100,000 controls. There are no biases there. Or deaths. Everyone involved in reporting side effects had no idea of whether they were injected with vaccine or placebo. Now, perhaps 2000 times as many Americans have received vaccination outside clinical trials as inside them. What makes sense? There is no difference in risk between 1 in 100,000 and 5,000 in 500 million, but the latter seems more dangerous.

      • Frank, there will be no need for COVID vaccines after a few months, I’m thinking. The once novel corona virus is no longer novel. Recall that corona viruses have been around for a long time and we didn’t need a vaccine for them. They would cause cold-like symptoms then be gone. The omicron variant behaves very much like that.

      • You are absolutely right, and even Dr. Robert Malone, one of the inventors of the mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines, says that the Omicron variant looks like a Christmas present. He said it’s so infectious, it’s blowing right past all the vaccines, but so mild that to his count, it’s caused only 10 deaths worldwide, and every one was a death due to some underlying condition like obesity or lung cancer or heart disease rather than the virus, and it is spreading natural immunity to everyone who gets it. Dr.Malone said it’s acting like the kind of vaccine scientists might design on purpose, and “This is about as good as we could possibly want right now in terms of outcomes.”

        What a hopeful, positive message about a possible end to all this pandemic fear and paranoia. No wonder he was banned from Twitter.

        By the way, here’s what actually got him banned from Twitter, but holding up a bloody fake Donald Trump head does NOT violate their “community standards.”

      • Jim2 and TEWS_Pilot: Most of your comments reflect ignorance and unwarranted optimism.

        Today we have a massive outbreak of the less deadly, but more transmissible omicron variant and the more deadly and still highly transmissible delta variant. Some people are certain to become infected with both variants at the same time and genetic recombination between the two is possible under these circumstances. What happens when the omicron variant picks up the delta gene for infecting cells and becomes as deadly as delta? (Genetic recombination between various strains in co-infected bats is responsible for the big branches of the coronavirus family tree, individual mutations produce small changes.)

        This is the reason why Dr. Malone’s comments about Omicron being a Christmas present are totally idiotic. And why no country has tried to develop and use a weakened transmissible virus as a vaccine. Non-lethal strains don’t always remain safe.

        One reason why the omicron variant APPEARS less deadly than the original or alpha variant is that most of the people it is infecting have already been infected by an earlier variant or have been vaccinated or both. You may remember discussions in 2020 about how many mild or asymptomatic cases of COVID were missed by PCR testing and how close to herd immunity we might be. The best data indicated four people were infected for every infection we detected by PCR, though there is no guarantee the same factor applies to the delta variant with and without vaccination and now to the omicron variant. Today 18.6% of America has tested positive (roughly 75% after correcting). This percentage is 35% in Miami-Dade County under the “brilliant” leadership of DeSantis (+81% fully vaccinated). Nevertheless 0.5% of Miami-Dade are currently testing positive EVERY DAY and roughly 4 times more counting those who don’t or can’t get tested. That is about 15% a week! Omicron shows how SARS2-like coronaviruses have evolved to compete in a world that is highly resistance to the original strain. It also suggests the current surge can’t last for long.

        Dr. Malone may know of only 10 deaths worldwide due to omicron, but that is because this troll isn’t looking for them. During the omicron surge in South Africa, ourworldindata’s data shows the case fatality rate dropping to 0.3-1.0%, not zero. Here in the US, those getting infected are older, more likely to have co-morbidities, and more likely to die. Since deaths typically lag detected infections by 2-3 weeks and since delta is also circulating, it is too early and complicated to get a reliable handle on how deadly omicron really is. However, we are already setting new records for hospital admissions with COVID, infections that are – almost by definition -life-threatening infections. That is why you go to the hospital. 11 days ago, we set a new record for new cases. That tells me that the MISTURE OF VARIANTS that is circulating right now is roughly as deadly as the alpha variant last January and certainly not five or ten-times safer. Someone should ask Dr. Malone if he is personally attending omicron parties to gain increased resistance to COVID.

        There will always be a need for COVID vaccines. The protection from vaccination and even from infection fades over months to years and faster if you are older. There are going to be outbreaks of COVID from around the globe for many years and some are going to be potentially deadly to those whose protection is fading. Vaccination was sterilizing only for the alpha and original variants and hasn’t stopped transmission of delta or omicron, especially many months after two doses. So we are likely to benefit from occasional boosters for the foreseeable future. Just because some coronaviruses cause a “common cold” that usually isn’t very deadly doesn’t mean that SARS-related coronaviruses must evolve to become less deadly. Survival of the fittest selects for variants that are transmitted more efficiently. In the case of really deadly viruses (such as Ebola), patients are immobilized by illness before the virus can be transmitted to many others. Ebola is expected to evolve into a less deadly variant that is more transmissible because it is less deadly. However, SARS2 evolved into the delta variant, which is both more transmissible and more deadly.

      • Jim2 and TEWS_Pilot: Most of your comments reflect ignorance and unwarranted optimism.

        …except for the 99.999% that are right on the money!!!
        You’re RIGHT!!!
        Vaccinated Brazilian model dies of Covid at 18…The daughter of a famous Brazilian journalist had two Pfizer shots…now she is dead…another Coinkydinky…

      • TEWS_Pilot again demonstrates his ignorance about COVID by citing the death of a vaccinated Brazilian model from blood clots DURING A COVID INFECTION. Anyone with half a brain should know by now that the Omicron variant spreading so successfully and rapidly in South Africa and is now doing so in many other countries because the immunity produced by previous infection and/or vaccination provides little protection against infection. According to data from the UK:

        Two doses of mRNA vaccine provide only 10% reduction in infection by the omicron variant about 20 weeks after vaccination and only 52% reduction in hospitalization after 25 weeks. However, those who have followed the advice of experts and received boosters are suffering 75% fewer infections and 88% fewer hospitalizations.

        FWIW, as many as half of patients seriously ill with COVID suffer from blood clots, though their lung infections usually were the main cause of death with earlier variants. Studies in animals show the omicron is less able to infect lung tissue than earlier variants and hospitals are confirming that patients with omicron have less severe lung infections. The CDC says omicron is about 10-fold less deadly than delta, but 10 times as many cases of omicron will kill just as many. Today, the US is experiencing about 5 times as many COVID cases as during the peak of the delta surge last winter (if you believe the numbers, testing is so limited 40% are positive) and the number of people hospitalized with COIVD (but not dying from it) is higher.

        We can pretend that we can get through this surge without any of the restrictions used in previous surges: Schools WILL stay open and parents can go back to work – except that 30% of children are being kept home by parents, 1.4% of schools have closed, and teachers unions have something to say about unsafe working conditions. Retail sales dropped in December because some people already don’t feel safe going out, especially the elderly who might need a hospital bed despite doing everything they can to protect themselves. Willful ignorance can be bliss until reality sets in, but today’s world of partisan news, social media echo chambers and conspiracy theories, reality may not exist … especially for people who think anecdotes about a dead Brazilian model tell us anything useful.

        BTW, your Star Trek cartoon advised you to cut it short and tell this idiot his comments about your ignorance were RIGHT. That left you a logical dilemma, which you then resolved by contradicting yourself. Great link.

  6. Dr. Curry, I have a few topics you may want to cover in your book that I think would help expand the discussion of climate change beyond CO2 is the only cause.

    1) Real Climate tries to prove that Green House gasses are warming the oceans. They do so by varying Clouds/H2O. Their experiment does more to rule out CO2 and implicate H2O than anything. They attempt a controlled experiment that doesn’t prove what they want.

    2) A better controlled experiment would be Antarctica. If you look at the monthly data from UAH Satellite for the S Pole you will see that when you control for the UHI Effect, Water Vapor and Albedo, you will find no warming.

    3) Dry deserts also show the pattern of no warming. They are all exposed to the same CO2, yet no warming. The common denominator is no water vapor, no UHI effect and stable albedo.

    4) Incorporate MODTRAN, Black Body Calculators and Gas Cells to inform the pubic how to do the research on their own. Every class room should be familiar with MODTRAN if they cover climate change

    5) Challenge people with access to major lab facilities to run the simple controlled experiment of shining 15 micron LWIR onto water and seeing if it warms relative to a control.

    6) Highlight locations like West Point and Central Park. Both are close to each other but one shows warming and the other doesn’t. Both are exposed to the same CO2 change.

    7) Cover how there is a log relationship between CO2 and W/m2, and that relationship decays rapidly.

    8) Cover how 15 Microns is consistent with a black body of -80C, and that those wavelengths won’t even melt ice

    9) The lower atmosphere is saturated for the absorption of LWIR between 13 and 18 microns. The CO2 signature isn’t even recognizable until an altitude of 2 or 3 km once H2O precipitates out of the atmosphere

    10) Interview a physicist like Dr. Happer, he does the best job explaining the QM of the CO2 molecule that I’ve ever seen.

    11) When talking about Climate Change, encourage everyone to explain or ask how does CO2 and the only defined mechanism by which CO2 affects climate change, the thermalization of 13 to 18 Micron LWIR, cause the observation.

    12) How is CO2 warming the oceans or cause CAGW when El Ninos act as safety valves for the climate. Nature has natural self regulating self cooling mechanisms.

    13) Simply look at an ice core record, our greatest risk is the coming ice age, Wind and Solar won’t keep society powered during a real climate crisis.

    • I forgot a few:

      1) Do the economics of opportunity cost. Every windfarm a Tax Payer Builds means one less School in the inner city, one less Bridge build, once less Hospital, etc etc etc. If we had spent all that climate change money on Nuclear Fusion, we would have solved that problem by now.

      2) Review the politics of this issue, and how this all started as a political argument back in England under Thatcher (Highlight the IPCC 1990 Temperature Reconstruction and the Hockeystick)

      3) Thoroughly review the Hockeystick and its construction. Pay special attention to the rapid slope changes and what happened at the same time. Hint, the trend and physics of the CO2 molecule didn’t suddenly change in 1902.

      4) The Linear Relationship being “adjusted” into tempertures isn’t consistent with the log decay in W/m2. It isn’t the CO2 ppm that matters, it is the marginal change in W/m2. It isn’t Temp = f(CO2) the correct model is Temp = f(LogCO2) or where W/m2 =f(log CO2)

      5) Address “settled science” claim. Settle sciences have only 1 model and that 1 model is highly predictive of the variable it is modeling

      6) Ice ages start when CO2 is at a peak, and end when CO2 is at a bottom. There is nothing about the GHG Effect that can explain the start and end of ice ages. Clearly something other than CO2 is the driver of climate

      7) We are colder today than 95% of all of recorded history, CO2 has been much higher most of the history of the earth, CO2 has been as high as 7,000 ppm and we didn’t experience CAGW

      8) Coral and Shelled Sea Life evolved with much higher CO2

      9) Review the basis for the “adjustments” to the climate Data

      10) Review how Weather Cooking and other claims lead to Witch Burnings in the Dark Ages

      11) Review how Climate made History, and past climates were far worse than today

      12) Settle the issue that the Little Ice Age and Medieval Warming periods actually happened

      • Sorry, few more:
        1) Evidence of warming is not evidence CO2 is causing that warming
        2) Natural Variation, which was extreme before the Industrial Age, didn’t simply stop with the start of the Industrial age. Simply watch How Climate Made History
        3) Tax Payers attempting to stop the climate from changing is purely speculative and the benefits would be impossible to measure and judge. Funding a National School Choice Program would be a far better use of the Tax Payer Money, and the benefits of those tax dollars would be easily measured
        4) Redirecting the Climate Change funding into the Retirement Plans for low income people would provide far better benefits to the tax payers
        5) Climate Change is the Norm, there has never been a period when the climate wasn’t changing. Simply look at Al Gore’s charts
        6) Al Gore’s Charts shows these contradictory facts: A) Pervious temperature peaks are higher than today and occurred at lower CO2 B) Record high CO2 did not result in record high temperatures going back 800k years C) Temperature leads CO2, it does not Lag CO2. Henry’s Law explains why temperatures increase BEFORE CO2 in the ice core record D) Climate change is the norm, temperatures have always been volatile, CO2 isn’t really that volatile, especially when measured in change is W/M^2 over the range of 180 to 270 ppm (range relevant to the ice core) E) CO2 simply can’t cause a cycle of warming and cooling, it can only thermalize 15 micron LWIR…ie warming
        7) Many of Al Gore’s dooms day claims did not happen
        8) If my calculations are correct, the extra radiation provide by CO2 over the industrial age is about the same of 4x the reflected light from a full moon…and much of that light is warming visible radiation so those wavelengths will actual result in warming of the oceans

    • A Few More:
      1) Review the archeological evidence that things were much warmer earlier in the Holocene. Thermopile, one of the best recorded events in history, was once a narrow path between a mountain and the sea. Today it is 2 km inland.
      2) Troy, once a coastal city in now 2 km inland
      3) Carthage harbor is above sea level, and in How Climate Made History, they show a dry dock that appears to be well inland
      4) Vikings farmed Greenland
      5) Romans had vineyards in Northern UK
      6) There are Navy Photos of Subs surfacing in the ice free N Pole
      7) Hannibal crossed the Alps, as did many Roman Legions to fight in Gaul
      8) Graves in Pompeii used to be visited by boat, now tourists walk to them
      9) Boats used to bring giant stones right up to the Pyramids
      10) There are numerous castles in England that were coastal, but are now well inland
      11) Review the many failed predictions made by Al Gore and others. There is still ice at the N Pole, There is still a glacier on Mt Kilimanjaro, etc etc
      12) Review the real science behind the disappearance of the Mt Kilimanjaro glacier, that being sublimation. The Glacier is well above the freeze line, and is never exposed to above freezing temperatures. How does a glacier “melt” if the temperature isn’t warming and is below 0C? Where is the evidence of water run off?
      13) Review of fossil fuels have greatly improved the lives of billions, reduced poverty, and greatly improved the standard of living of almost everyone on earth
      14) Oil defeated imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany.
      15) Fossil fuels would greatly improve the lives of countless Africans and other third world peoples
      16) Our enemies don’t buy this climate change nonsense. China and Russia are rushing to develop oil resources, while the US is blocking US Pipelines and helping Iran get Nuclear Power
      17) We will never power our Tanks, Subs, Fighter Jets and Air Craft Carriers with Wind and Solar…and China and Russia know that
      18) Review the environmental horror that is “rare” earth mining and the destruction of forest to grow biofuels
      19) Review the slave labor in China and how it relates to the green economy
      20) Why is the green movement turning a blind eye to the environmental horrors being committed to build batteries and fuel wood burning power plants
      21) Imagine the world without fossil fuels. We should still be stuck in the Dark Ages
      22) Review a day in the life of a person living in the third world without fossil fuels
      23) Review the hypocrisy of the jet set celebrity environmentalist and the monstrous carbon foot print they create
      24) Review the huge investments China and others are making in the Maldives and why is past President Obama buying property at sea level?
      25) Review the Sea Level changes, especially around the area where land is rebounding from the last ice age, Battery Park, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and other. Sea levels are actually FALLING in many locations

      • You also need to look at tectonics when discussing sea level, especially in the Mediterranean area.
        Bay of Naples, for example. (Check where Pompeii is)

      • Judith, there is another one. I find it interesting that many of these ancient discovery of coastal sites are actually now well inland, proving that sea levels are far lower today than earlier in the Holocene. Review of once coastal sites in antiquity would make an interesting chapter.

        The information obtained from these trips revealed a different environment from what was previously believed to have existed in the area. Researchers now believe there was a coastline there that was anthropized (transformed or adapted by people) with a possible dock.

  7. Keith+Harrison

    Judith, not sure if you are aware of the “Togethertria” which did not research on the efficacy current drugs on treating Covid. Their financing model was somewhat unique.

  8. Keith+Harrison

    Sorry, which “did” research on current drugs.

  9. Pingback: Year in review – Climate-

  10. The average cost of power for delivery in the short-term soared to record levels this year, rising over 200% in Germany, France, Spain and the U.K. In the Nordic region — where vast supplies of hydro power tend to cap prices — costs surged 470% from a year earlier.

  11. I think the fear of COVID is a bit overblown. Here is a study attempting to ascertain the IFR of COVID throughout the world.

    Here are their conclusions:

    ll systematic evaluations of seroprevalence data converge that SARS‐CoV‐2 infection is widely spread globally. Acknowledging residual uncertainties, the available evidence suggests average global IFR of ~0.15% and ~1.5‐2.0 billion infections by February 2021 with substantial differences in IFR and in infection spread across continents, countries and locations.”

    Reconciling estimates of global spread and infection fatality rates of COVID-19: An overview of systematic evaluations

    A simply calculation shows us the COVID 19 survival rate by subtracting the COVID IFR percentage from 100% (please note this is still an estimate):

    100%-0.15% (COVID IFR) = 99.85% (COVID 19 Survival Rate)

    • T wrote:
      I think the fear of COVID is a bit overblown.

      More Americans have died of COVID-19 than in combat in all US wars combined.

      • Richard Greene

        Died with COVID,
        not died from COVID.

        Get a positive PCR test.
        Die withing 28 days of that positive test, of ANY cause,

        Cause of death is then dishonestly
        and automatically defined as a COVID death.

        Even if the actual death followed
        a car crash into a tree.

        2020 CDC preliminary cause of death data
        — Heart Disease caused 690,000 deaths
        — Cancer caused 598,000 deaths
        — “COVID” caused 345,000 deaths


        Jumpin’ Joe Biden blamed 2020 COVID deaths
        on President Trump during the 2020 campaign.
        Based on that lack of logic, Jumpin’ Joe
        “caused” more COVID deaths in 2021 (with vaccines)
        than Trump “caused” in 2020 (with no vaccines).
        Let’s Go Brandon !

      • “More Americans have died of COVID-19 than in combat in all US wars combined.”

        More Americans die -every- year than those that died in war.

        Everybody dies.

        Now, US COVID death rates have been higher than elsewhere, but going in to the pandemic, the US was also the fattest nation on earth.

        So high death rates were predictable and predicted.

        Health does not come from health care.

        Health comes from self care.

      • Your statement is true but the risk of death from COVID-19 was not appropriately allocated, instead children with no or very, very little risk were asked to assume the same restrictions as someone much older and at more risk. These actions demonstrated an anti-science attitude.

    • Richard Greene

      The US was hit harder by COVID
      than many nations, partly from
      an older population, and also from
      more infected Chinese people
      flying here in late 2019 and early 2020.

      Here in the US, the CDC
      claimed an infection death rate
      of about 0.5% for people under age 70
      (or maybe it was under age 65).
      The death rate for older people
      was much higher, especially
      those people already in nursing homes.

      About 800,000 dead
      in two years out of a
      330,000,000 total population
      is more than 0.2%.

      We really don’t know
      how many people
      had been infected
      with COVID because
      quite a few people
      have COVID antibodies
      who never realized
      they had been infected.

      • Would also consider the following factors:

        1) False positives via high cycle time PCR testing
        2) The CDC guidelines regarding death with COVID vs. Death from COVID

  12. “My entire company is now working from home – surprisingly, younger employees don’t like this so much…”

    As a retiree, my biggest loss from no longer working in an office is trying to keep up with technology and current events. In the office there was always someone around to explain a phone or computer function or help keep me aware of latest trends, etc. I now fumble or flounder around on the internet or call my children or grandchildren for help. I think of it as the loss of “office osmosis.”
    Just as a personal note my oldest grandson graduated from Ga Tech this Dec with a BS in Material Science.

  13. Have we overreacted to COVID19? Survivors might think so. I didn’t lose any loved ones. I mean – all my elderly relatives died. I just didn’t care for them much.

    Too soon for jokes?

    ‘There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.’ Lord Kelvin 1900

    Climate science was always boring. Early on I traced decadal changes in Australian rainfall to Pacific Ocean Variability. In 2003 I was staring at HadCRU and realised that the temperature inflection perfectly matched the times of hydrological regime shifts. Somehow this instantly made me a denier.

    But I love the diverse monitoring systems that are increasingly powerful. Progress in understanding will emerge with real time assimilation of data into Earth system models. I’m looking forward to major breakthroughs in anticipating climate shifts.

    The movement for global ecological restoration gained huge momentum in 2021. This seems more like an irresistible cultural tipping point.

    ‘Ecosystems support all life on Earth. The healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet – and its people. The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration aims to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems on every continent and in every ocean. It can help to end poverty, combat climate change and prevent a mass extinction.’

  14. Great article. Thanks

  15. Happy New Year, Judith. Hope it’s better for you, and for all of us. Thanks for your blog and for allowing a diversity of discussion. I hope you have a great 2022, or at least better than 2021!

  16. Analysis of 30 COVID-19 early treatments

    c 1 9 e a r l y . c o m

    • Includes an entry for 137 studies, 89 peer reviewed, 72 with results comparing treatment and control groups for ivermectin.

    • I note that some WordPress filter didn’t just put the post with the URL intact into moderation, it just deleted it without a word! That site contains actual papers from actual studies which you can read for yourself. Why would that be so dangerous that WordPress would deep six it with no trace?

  17. Thank you for helping me realize my perceptions are not simply the ravings of an old lady.

  18. Thanks Judith for all that you do in the interest of objectivity. Happy New Year.

  19. Your blog is one of my favorite reads, Dr. C. Thank you and Happy New Year to all! (Yes, even you David :) )

  20. There was always but one likely outcome for COVID…It would become endemic as a virus that causes the “common cold”.

  21. Your insights and observations are always appreciated. Thanks and wishing you a great 2022.

  22. Roland F. Hirsch

    Judith, Thank you for this article about a range of important and interesting topics. I am a subscriber to several SubStack writers, including Bari Weiss, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberger. The system works well and enables often extensive discussions of issues. Roland Hirsch

  23. Thanks Dr Curry for another year of “the rest of the story” … to borrow a phrase from someone else I admired.

  24. Your comments on Covid are typical of the well-to-do over 50s.

    You don’t need to travel any more – well surprise, surprise, you already travelled lots in your younger life. But all the younger people, those at absolutely minimal risk of illness due to Covid, are now prevented from travelling, even within their own country, just so that the fearful well-to-do elderly can feel safe.

    It’s what’s called the Boomer generation’s incomparable capability for selfish, self-serving intergenerational theft. They had a silver spoon in their mouths growing up, had access to affordable education, took advantage of Reagan/Thatcher freeing up markets so they could make hay for 20 years, they retire with huge pensions and long life expectancy and wanted to travel the globe. Finally, they get worried about getting sick and so tell the next three generations to simply not live a life of a healthy young person because old Boomer here is the only human on earth that counts for anything.


    You know how the majority of people meet their partners? College or at work. Now college is a lock-down affair and work is a work-from-home affair. Oh, and night clubs and big events venues are shut down for two years.

    Great for those wanting to date and find a partner, eh??

    But they might be spreading a disease to the elderly, so they can forget about perpetuating the human race for at least five years……

    For the record, I am an extremely healthy over fifty male, growing 80%+ of my own fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure a diet that would put Walmart et al to shame. I use zero chemical additives during growth and the test of the food is the health of my 87 year old mother, who I have fed for the past two years (she is, like you, triple vaccinated). I have had zero illness since March 2020……

    My advice for you for 2022, as a former cancer researcher who understood the critical role that immunosuppression plays in the development of advanced stage disease, is to spend plenty of time learning about the immune system, how to optimise your immune health (which includes optimising the health of your gut flora) and pay very careful heed to the scientific history of attempts to develop childhood vaccinations against Respiratory Syncitial Virus. Spend a lot of time thinking about how natural immune responses to viral infection differ from vaccination-based responses and why that should mean that natural immunity will be more effective than vaccines for rapidly mutating viruses.

    Also start thinking about intergenerational responsibilities of the Boomer generation: I called them out as the most narcissistic and selfish generation in history 20 years ago and people were shocked.

    Now, the youngsters are realising I was all too right…..

    • rtj1211

      A happy and prosperous New Year to you.

      Ps. Please send details of where my silver spoon was hidden, how I can access these huge pensions, how I can get a refund for the 15% mortgage rates I paid in the 1980’s, and please tell the banks that to make ends meet, the retired need a better interest rate on their hard earned capital than 0.10%


      • Yes, tonyb, an accurate response.

        My only addition is that I paid an 18% mortgage rate with an earnings to debt ratio of 1:6.

        Also did all three of my hard science degrees part-time. That 18% rate was a solid task master.

      • I left school at 15 and worked on building sites – when I wasn’t surfing and chasing girls. I come from a long line of poor white trash. My ancestors were in fact transported in chains to the colony. I’d ask for reparations but the mother country is too impoverished to make it worthwhile.

        I later matriculated in 9 months after a motorcycle crash. I went on to get 2 degrees part time over 10 years.

        My bank offers an account with 1% interest – 🤣. You are not going to get rich as a working stiff. Australian retirement incomes are invested on markets. Contributions are mandatory and over a lifetime can build a nest egg for younger workers. It’s easier when there is reliable economic growth. Something Thomas Piketty argued reduces income inequality.

    • Joe - the non epidemiologist

      RTj – “My advice for you for 2022, as a former cancer researcher who understood the critical role that immunosuppression plays in the development of advanced stage disease, is to spend plenty of time learning about the immune system, how to optimise your immune health (which includes optimising the health of your gut flora) and pay very careful heed to the scientific history of attempts to develop childhood vaccinations against Respiratory Syncitial Virus. Spend a lot of time thinking about how natural immune responses to viral infection differ from vaccination-based responses and why that should mean that natural immunity will be more effective than vaccines for rapidly mutating viruses.”

      Can you elaborate on you comments – it would provide valuable insight on vaccines and human immune system


  25. Ireneusz Palmowski almowski

    Stratospheric Intrusions are when stratospheric air dynamically decends into the troposphere and may reach the surface.

  26. Richard Greene

    I posted a link to a chart compatting
    active COVID cases in Wyoming and Vermont
    as of last week
    You ignored the link
    Did not look at the chart
    Then character attacked me
    Typical leftist “debate” style

    • Richard Greene

      I gave Joshua time to apologize for his character attack.
      Now I will correct the bogus numbers he provided.

      I decided to use the New York Times as my source,
      even though one of my blogs has this motto:
      “Is that true, or did you read it in the New York Times?

      The link to the chart I had provided clearly showed that data collection ended on December 10, 2021 for active COVID cases. Covid testing and cases have spiked all over the nation since then, so I’ll provide updated numbers for low vaccination rate Wyoming, versus high vaccination rate Vermont.

      Total cases in 2020 & 2021
      = 115,638 Vermont / 64,447 Wyoming

      Total Population:
      = 623,000 Vermont / 581,000 Wyoming

      Last 14 days, ending December 30, 2021:

      New Cases per 100,000
      = 34 Wyoming / 96 Vermont

      Daily Average New Cases
      = 199 per day Wyoming / 591 per day Vermont

      Lesson learned:
      (1) Vaccinations do not prevent COVID cases
      (2) Don’t listen to Joshua’s character attacks

      • Richard Greene

        My original comment that Joshua attacked was about vaccines being ineffective in preventing COVID cases.
        That is a fact.
        Recent data are clarly showing that.

        The numbers Joshua provided, unfortunately, were rough estimates for all COVID cases since early 2020.
        There were no vaccines in 2020.
        And very few people were vaccinated in early 2021.
        The large number of COVID cases in 2020 and early 2021 are not relevant to determine if vaccines prevent infections.

        The large number of new cases in late 2021, specifically in December, are showing the vaccines do not prevent infections.

        It also appears that vaccines have little or no effect on Omicron infections. Although vaccines do reduce serious COVID symptoms for a few months, Omicron rarely has serious symptoms to be reduced. So with Omicron, the vaccines are all risk, with little, if any, reward.

        Unfortunately, Omicron statistics are not yet trustworthy.
        The CDC just reduced last week’s estimate of new Omicron cases by 50%.

        In the UK, recent data show COVID hospitalization rates and death rates for the unvaxxed are almost identical to the vaxxed people. The unvaxxed are actually doing better, but they are probably a younger group of people too.

        Details at the link below:

      • Curious George

        “I’ll provide updated numbers for low vaccination rate Wyoming, versus high vaccination rate Vermont.”
        Please provide vaccination rates as well.

      • Barnes Moore

        Meanwhile in Uttar Pradesh India with a population estimated at 231 million, there is a total of 862 active cases with 380 new as of January 1 and no new deaths with 32% of the population fully vaccinated according to the Times of India Covid tracker. When Delta surged in April, UP, in early May, launched an aggressive campaign to distribute Covid kits containing among other things, Ivermectin. Case counts plummeted from over 35,000 in late April to fewer than 300 in less than 2 months when only about 5% of the population was vaccinated. While active cases and new cases are now rising in UP from a low of under 100 active cases with as few as under 10 new in mid-December, these are still very remarkable numbers, but it will be interesting to see how UP responds if active and new cases start reaching into the thousands again. In any event, you will not see this reported in any MSM – including the WSJ and Fox. You will find it in Michael Cappuzzo’s RESCUE substack along with a lot of other articles with info that you will not find in the MSM.

        Trial Site News and the Desert Review are other excellent sourceswhich report on information you will not find in the MSM. There are others, but those have been what I have found as far as media goes.

        IVMMETA, VAERS Analyis, and VigiAccess provide a lot of data.

        And for those who have not looked at it, the Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance web site provides a wealth of information including recommended protocols for prevention and treatment of Covid.

        After having read much about the effectiveness of re-purposed drugs like Ivermencting and Hydroxychloroquine, along with the results out of UP and other Indian states, I am convinced that had our health agencies embraced the use of existing FDA approved drugs like IVM and HcQ, the pandemic would have be obliterated by mid-2020. Doctors who actually treated patients – as opposed to providing the CDC/FDA recommended “supportive care’ which essentially told patients to go home, get some rest, and if you turn blue , come to the hospital and we will put you on a ventilator – were using either or both along with other supplements as early as April 2020, and were achieving very positive outcomes. Yet their letters to our health agencies went unanswered. See Dr. George Fareed in the Imperial Valley, CA and

        I don’t think it is possible to overstate the level of corruption that has permeated virtually every organization having anything to do with Covid – from our health agencies, big pharma, the media, hospitals, academia, etc. That the FDA actively participated in a smear campaign against Ivermectin strongly suggests they have been fully compromised and corrupted. Yes, there is a veterinary formulation along with a human formulation. Read any medical literature about IVM from before Covid and you will find that all report on how remarkably safe it is, even at high doses, and how effective it is at treating off-label conditions. It has been administered to over 4 billion people by now over the last 40 years, yet VigiAccess shows only 5844 adverse effects since 1992. Compare that to VAERS data showing over 1 million AEs for the vaccines since 12/2020, with over 20,000 deaths.

        When Trump said, correctly, that HcQ could be a game changer, the media and other liberals flew into hysterics making all kinds of false statements about a drug that had been used safely for roughly 70 year.
        If any group is responsible for the millions of people being killed by covid, it is those who actively campaigned against the use of safe, effective, FDA approved drugs for prevention and early treatment of covid.

        Had they embrace these drugs, the pandemic would have ended and millions of lives would have been saved. But then, Trump likely would have been re-elected and we could not allow that to happen.

  27. “ The last few years have seen a massive decline in audience for the mainstream media, for good reasons. In the U.S., there is no longer any pretense of objectivity or real investigation by the mainstream media.”

    A good example, of which there are many, is the recent coverage of the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. From a recent article.

    “ Scientists have been warning the public of a so-called “doomsday glacier” that could break within a few years.”

    “ Researchers have said that the ice sheets around the glacier are fracturing. Experts said they fear that the fractured sheets around the glacier could shatter within the next three to five years.”

    I read several dozen articles about Thwaites and a few did the responsible thing by saying that it might not occur for a few or many or several centuries.

    But the overwhelming majority reports made no mention that it might not occur in the next few decades. Only a couple highlighted research that questions the threat at all.

    The media are no longer focused on the truth. They are obsessed with ratings, clicks and eyeballs and the word “ doomsday” will get them every time.

    • The Thwaites has been threatening to fall into the sea for years. I think it first came to the popular press about 2015. Then there was the large crack across it.
      How much longer will it go on before people starting to think it is all doomsday hype and no substance?

  28. Richard Greene

    Great comment
    Also the media, more than ever before
    are obsessed with having the government ‘ leftist spin
    on every story.

    Unfortunately, truth is not a leftist value.

    The exaggerations, speculations, lies
    and news that is completely ignored,
    include many subjects:

    — Scary always wrong climate predictions since the 1980s
    — Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
    — Trump – Russian Collusion Hoax
    — Hunter Biden is a good boy !
    — The 2020 elections were the most honest ever
    — COVID vaccines are safe and effective
    — 20,800+ reported COVID vaccine deaths and 34,600+
    reported permanent disabilities in VAERS
    are just coincidences

    The government / leftist spin on each subject

    Mt summary of this issue is the motto for one of my blogs, refuting the mainstream media:

    “Is that true, or did you read it in the New York Times?”

  29. Happy New Year and good luck with your book, Judy.

    I am on a new attempt with mine. Vastly improved. 2022 should be the charm.

  30. 2021 will be remembered as the year that redefined the term “Political Science”

  31. I enjoy reading the various posts and rebuttal here however, I worry that debate could soon go the way of the Edsel! Our youth are being corrupted in government run schools where teachers indoctrinate inadvertently or by choice. This miseducation stifles the ability of youth to question everything as they should be doing. Given these unquestioning robots make their way to our universities and industry, America (not sure about the rest of the world) is finding itself being led towards totalitarianism. i.e. allowing claims that science is settled, your a racist if you do not agree with XYZ, etc.

  32. Judith,

    You remarked about the “failure to systematically investigate the re-purposing of existing drugs for Covid treatment protocols, …”

    Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the following studies:

    I remember reading about a study that had identified about three dozen drugs that had potential for use in treating COVID 19. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find that one.

  33. Thanks for the exposure to Substack and the Dawn of Everything shout out. You are a conduit of thought and critical thinking…

  34. Dr. Judith Curry,
    From someone who is not a climate science and doesn’t have all day to read an article and then fact check it for the next week here are couple of things I would like to see in a Climate Change book that I have not found elsewhere. I would like to see a discussion of the data sources from the temperature record. How are datasets compiled, agreed upon and used. I recall looking at the data available from NOAA about 15 years ago at their ftp site. The data was RAW. I downloaded much of it at the time and created my own star schema to look at it. I realized quickly that data was very poor quality and incomplete especially as one went further back into time. It was difficult for me to figure out a strategy for comparing temperatures since everything seemed like cherry picking. As I work fulltime as a data engineer I really didn’t have much time to put into this work so I pretty much gave up after a while. I do recall coming across information later that something like years 1953 to 1981 was used as a benchmark and considered “normal”. However, this strategy also seems to have changed over time. Sometimes they say “3.0” degree increase since 1740 and then the latest IPCC report uses 1850-1900. Again how reliable can even using that data be when we are interested in a tenth of a degree Celsius of significance. The last time I went out to the ftp site all the data had changed. I couldn’t find the raw data — it was all summary. Also I believe the data before 1930 is pretty limited and not that good. I would also be interested in comparing that to the stragegy that Dr Roy Spencer uses with the satellite data. It was just be really great in my opinion to have a “go to” resource that would deep dive on this. What truly got me interested I think was an article by Vincent Grey who basically called the Ozone Layer phenomena a hoax and I found him compelling. When the press started writing about “Anthropomorphic Global Warming”, the first thing I noticed was the lack of data and evidence to prove. I was always similarly skeptical. The other area I find difficult to keep up with is the models and the history of them. It’s just difficult to keep track of the history of them. It would be great if there were a “go to” reference for such a thing. Maybe these should be an appendix or something but I would certainly find it helpful.

  35. Fear of global warming is not just a hoax and scare tactic. It is a symptom of a sick, corrupt and mentally dysfunctional zeitgeist. The AGW fearmongering in the public schools is a case of top-down self-defeating, masochistic global histrionics.

  36. Matthew R Marler

    A year ago, who would have thought that 2021 would be crazier than 2020?

    People who voted against Joe Biden? I did not expect his administration to improve anything.

    The rapid development of vaccines against SARS CoV-2 was a remarkable achievement, but the long term effects have proved to be disappointing.

    Thank you for your review.

    What climate science I read does not seem boring, but I did not expect quick solutions to any of the outstanding problems related to explanations of long-term climate change. This situation requires lots more normal science, not new paradigms or post-normal “science”.

    • The purpose of the vaccine is to remove the “novel” from novel coronavirus. It was all the vaccine was ever realistically going to be able to do for us. One thing this pandemic has reaffirmed is how stupid smart people are. We have been focused on the virus while ignoring the human immune system response to this and every other virus.

      Without a vaccine this virus would have progressed through the population sickening everyone while training the immune system for future exposures to the same lineage of viruses…the genetic variants of the original virus. The vaccine provides that training while making the likelihood of death significantly lower than natural infection for the initial exposure. Based on four weeks of UK data about two-thirds lower for the elderly and about 90% lower for younger people.

      The antibodies from the vaccine seem to be significantly less effective against omicron, but memory T-cells from the vaccine are still just as effective as they are against other variants. That is why people still get a cold from omicron even if they are vaccinated. The adaptive immune system takes some time to ramp up antibodies to the omicron variant. But far less time than the immune system takes to respond to a novel virus we have not been exposed to before.

  37. Ireneusz Palmowski

    I wish more CO2 for North Dakota. Current temperature in degrees Celsius.

    • Maybe, by your reckoning, there’s more CO² over the UK and Europe? Record temperatures here – high, that is, not low!

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        Well, here in Kansas City our temperatures are ~15 F below normal. High today of 24 F, tomorrow 16 F. The normal is 39 F. Yours may be high but ours are low. That kind of balances out!

        And the worldwide troposphere temperatures for January through November 2021 are 0.3 C LOWER month by month than for the same months in 2020 (except for October where they are equal). December should be out tomorrow or Monday, but it is clear that 2021 was a cooler year than 2020. Unusually warm temperatures were an anomaly compared to the worldwide troposphere temperatures (which represent the greenhouse effect).

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        My apology: The high today in K.C. actually has turned out to be 11 F, 28F below normal for January 1.

      • Yes, the highs and lows generally balance out in the short term – within a long term that is generally, continuously warming.
        Always fun to read on this blog, though, how many people seriously expecting the general temperatures to plummet in the near future. Or how many posts there are highlighting cold temperatures while ignoring the hot ones!

  38. The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) defined abrupt climate change as a new climate paradigm as long ago as 2002. A paradigm in the scientific sense is a theory that explains observations. A new science paradigm is one that better explains data – in this case climate data – than the old theory. The new theory says that climate change occurs as discrete jumps in the system. Climate is more like a kaleidoscope – shake it up and a new pattern emerges – than a control knob with a linear gain. The new paradigm implies tipping points in the Earth system.

    Pragmatic responses involve energy innovation, building resilient infrastructure and conserving and restoring global ecosystems. Momentum is growing exponentialy.

    ‘Infrastructure resilience is the ability to withstand, adapt to changing conditions, and recover positively from shocks and stresses.

    Resilient infrastructure will therefore be able to continue to provide essential services, due to its ability to withstand, adapt and recover positively from whatever shocks and stresses it may face now and in the future.

    This applies to physical infrastructure assets, and to the wider system that these assets are part of including the natural environment, the organisations that own and operate these systems, and the humans who make decisions across the value chains for these systems.’

    ‘With the Rolls-Royce SMR technology, we have developed a clean energy solution which can deliver cost competitive and scalable net zero power for multiple applications from grid and industrial electricity production to hydrogen and synthetic fuel manufacturing.’

    ‘Ecosystems support all life on Earth. The healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet – and its people. The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration aims to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems on every continent and in every ocean. It can help to end poverty, combat climate change and prevent a mass extinction.’

    What’s not to look forward to? Other than more puerile insults and cognitive dissonance from global warming fanatics in discussion in which I wish I was a goldfish.

    • Curious George

      Happy New Year, Chief. I am not as optimistic as you are. ‘With the Rolls-Royce SMR technology, we have developed a clean energy solution..’ It sounds more American than English: “The forgings form part of Rolls-Royce SMR’s work to achieve regulatory approval..” They substituted a past tense for a future tense.

      • The Rolls Royce proposal and its $500B investment is one of dozens of SMR projects. Rolls Royce propose a small, modular light water reactor sacrificing thermal efficiency for production line efficiency. There are no technical unknowns and factory fabrication is the revolution

  39. Ireneusz Palmowski

    It will be a chilly start to January in the US and Canada.

  40. I agree the scientific debate is a bit boring right now, but things may change as the winter energy crisis unfolds, especially in Europe. At some point the question “Why are we doing this?” might come up. Be prepared.

    • Richard Greene

      What scientific debate?
      One side does not debate.
      They declare the science settled,
      and character attack those who disagree.
      Their only debate is over how much money
      to spend on the green new ordeal.

      • David Wojick

        The blogosphere is full of debate. But you have to read both side’s blogs. It is important that skeptics continue to respond.

      • David Wojick

        In fact right here is one of the best places to see or join in the debate as several sides are well represented. Mind you it was much livelier back when there were several posts a week

      • I am struggling with one post per week. I will try more frequent posts, referring to an interesting article or topic for discussion, without requiring much effort on my part

        But it seems some people (frequent commenters) have the same discussion no matter what the topic of the post

  41. Robert D Clark

    The other October 31 week in review has shut down. I will try to stay out of the way here.

    • Robert D Clark

      Positive 346,079
      Tests 1,468,409
      % of total tests 24
      Total deaths 711

      • Robert D Clark

        MARCH, 2020 26,061
        APRIL, 2020 75,571
        MAY, 2020 23,283
        JUNE, 2020 23,362
        JULY, 2020 29,717
        AUGUST, 2020 28,607
        SEPTEMBER, 2020 27,798
        OCTOBER, 2020 24,271
        NOVEMBER, 2020 38,500
        DECEMBER, 2020 77,967
        JANUARY, 2021 99,352
        FEBRUARY, 2021 74,211
        MARCH, 2021 39,672
        APRIL, 2021 24,923
        MAY, 2021 20,271
        JUNE, 2021 10,436
        JULY, 2021 9,090
        AUGUST, 2021 27,410
        SEPTEMBER, 2021 60,182
        OCTOBER, 2021 52,027
        NOVEMBER, 2021 35,449
        DECEMBER, 2021 45,574

      • Robert D Clark

        In March of 2020 I began trying to understand the COVID 19 virus on CLIMATE ETC. I picked up a following, I called the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and the above is the result of that.

        In August of 2020 they discovered that it takes 4 days for the virus to show positive after becoming infected. From that they came up with the 6-day rule. Those in contact with a positive individual will have a test on the 6th day after the last contact. The testers and contact tracers began to follow this rule 2021 in September 2020.

        In September the 6-day rule began finding and isolating the positive.

        In February 2021 they began isolating more infected individuals than were being infected.

        In August 2021 the 6-day rule was overcome by the newly infected.

        In February 2021 the border was opened and those intercepted by the border patrol were tested. Those positive were probably isolated, the rest were sent around the states. THE 6-DAY RULE was not implemented.

        In August 2021 the infected released into the country overcame the work being done by the testers and contact tracers.



      • Robert D Clark

        I would like to see a copy of the above from In March of 2020 to here to each of your Senators and your Representative in the House.
        Maybe if tens of millions of individuals did that they would actually close the border.
        Maybe if they think their reelection depends on action.
        I sent it to mine!!!!

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 161,398
        Tests 1,897,140
        % of total tests 9
        Total deaths 257

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 169,351
        Tests 577,136
        % of total tests 29
        Total deaths 142

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 265,132
        Tests 1,953,931
        % of total tests 14
        Total deaths 447

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 539,357
        Tests 3,854,547
        % of total tests 13
        Total deaths 1,800
        Total tests 1/3/2022 @ 23:58+7 815,751,286
        Total tests 1/4/2022 @ 07:00 817,668,437
        That was the 12:00 GMT they updated after 24:00 GMT 1/3/2022
        We should still see the results on the7th & 8th

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 522,930
        Tests 5,289,800
        % of total tests 1
        Total deaths 1,533

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 646,118
        Tests 6,486,103
        % of total tests 10
        Total deaths 1,600

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 726,529
        Tests 3,106,351
        % of total tests 23
        Total deaths 1,681
        The testers and contact tracers are never going to overcome the infected border crossers being distributed around the country.
        What we need is to have the individual states publish the % of COVID-19 patients in their ICU’s that are not legal residents of the USA.
        As of today 407,562, individuals have died of COVID-19 since January 31, 2021 in the USA

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 363,638
        Tests 4,010,889
        % of total tests 9
        Total deaths 60

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 235,499
        Tests 949,046
        % of total tests 25
        Total deaths 250

      • Triple-Jabbed AOC Tests Positive For COVID…experiencing symptoms and recovering at home.

        Triple-Jabbed Geraldo Rivera Gets COVID…experiencing symptoms and recovering at home.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 468,034
        Tests 2,724,321
        % of total tests 17
        Total deaths 686

      • Robert D Clark

        The true BUILD BACK BETTER POLICY began on January 20, 2021.
        The CDC is logging its success!!!!!

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 575,439
        Tests 9,749,483
        % of total tests 6
        Total deaths 1,109

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 712,950
        Tests 6,363,980
        % of total tests 11
        Total deaths 2,093
        It looks like there is no hope the hard-working testers and contact tracers will be able to overcome the border crossers without the government closing the border.
        450,497 was the total deaths on January 31, 2021. Total from then to present will pass that in the next few weeks.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 669,287
        Tests 3,821,782
        % of total tests 18
        Total deaths 1,595

      • Robert D Clark

        I believe I see hope in the in the near future. It looks to me like the TEXAS WALL is beginning to show what the 535 elected members of Congress should do!!!!!

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 636,400
        Tests 3,938,201
        % of total tests 16
        Total deaths 1,825
        To the testers and contact tracers, I apologize.
        To those that started this 2 years ago. Here we go again.

        MORE TESTS!!!!

      • Robert D Clark

        What I do not understand is the NEWS MEDIA. Drugs crossing the southern border killing over 100,000 individuals yearly, is a big deal, while a virus, killing over 450,000 individuals the last 12 months, is not.

      • You’re watching the wrong media. The MSM is all over it. MSNBC does a segment each hour. Faux News has been downplaying it from the start because conservative policies do nothing to address the problem. They mock vaccinations, masks and social distancing. They pass laws to prevent schools and businesses from addressing the problem. So much for their rants about government overreach and local control. To be a conservative means you have to accept hypocrisy as a way of life.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        The reason is this: the average person who dies with COVID, loses somewhere around 5 years of life. The average person who dies with fentanyl loses around 40 years of life.

      • joe - the non climate scientist

        JJ’s comment – They mock vaccinations, masks and social distancing. They pass laws to prevent schools and businesses from addressing the problem.

        Your obsession with politics certainly distorts your ability to grasp the science associated with covid pandemic.

        A> Masks and social distancing are mocked since only a fool could believe that those mitigation protocols could control a respiratory virus.

        B> The mitigation protocols associated with covid are counter productive in reaching the long term goal of broad base natural immunity , which at this point is the only viable long term solution. It will remain the only viable solution unless an effective long term vaccine is developed.

        C> While the vaccines have reduced the severity of covid illness and deaths, the over all effectiveness wanes considerably after 6 months.

        D> The vaccines are very ineffective against omicron after approximately 2 months. Canada is almost at the point the case rates (per capita )being on par with the vaxed vs the unvaxed from the . In canada, Hospitalization rates and death rates from the omicron variant are only 1.5x higher among the unvaxed.

      • “Your obsession with politics certainly distorts your ability to grasp the science associated with covid pandemic.”

        I’m not obsessed with politics. I’m a student of history. Politics and history go hand in hand. You, on the other hand, allow your politics to distort the science.

        “Masks and social distancing are mocked since only a fool could believe that those mitigation protocols could control a respiratory virus.”

        Really? You mean doctors and nurses shouldn’t wear masks when dealing with a respiratory virus because they are ineffective? Call me an idiot, but I think avoiding contact with other people as much as possible is a good way to minimize your risk of contracting an airborne virus. Another example of conservative ideology overruling common sense.

        “The mitigation protocols associated with covid are counter productive in reaching the long term goal of broad base natural immunity , which at this point is the only viable long term solution. It will remain the only viable solution unless an effective long term vaccine is developed.”

        I think the point is to prevent as many deaths as possible until we develop vaccines and treatments that minimize the worst outcomes. Here I thought conservatives were pro-life. It all comes down to a cost-benefit analysis doesn’t it? People like you become pro-death the minute it costs you anything. Of course, when it comes to your life, that’s different.

        “While the vaccines have reduced the severity of covid illness and deaths, the over all effectiveness wanes considerably after 6 months.”

        That’s why they have boosters. I get a flu-shot every year. If I have to get a covid booster every six months, so be it. You can go out and stock up on ivermectin and self-medicate if you want. Good luck with that!

      • Robert D Clark

        That is not the point. In January the virus was on its way to zero growth. Now 1,500,000 tests per day is just holding even.
        CLOSE THE BORDER!!!!!
        SAVE LIVES!!!!!

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 279,394
        Tests 2,258,481
        % of total tests 12
        Total deaths 322

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 278,594
        Tests 765,176
        % of total tests 36
        Total deaths 419

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 368,784
        Tests 6,365,175
        % of total tests 6
        Total deaths 1,301
        Average % of total tests last 6 days 14
        I will do that for the next 6 days.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 527,672
        Tests 4,923,082
        % of total tests 11
        Total deaths 1,834
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 13

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 493,259
        Tests 3,120,966
        % of total tests 16
        Total deaths 2,142
        Average % of total tests last 7days 13

      • Robert D Clark

        CDC added 23,000,000+ to total tests after 24:00 GMT last night. % change is what matters. We will still see the rise or fall in that.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 548,194
        Tests 26,785,132
        % 07 total tests 2
        Total deaths 2,390
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 2

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 309,543
        Tests 1,507,674
        % of total tests 20
        Total deaths 825
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 6

      • Robert D Clark

        The CDC subtracted 22,551,087 from total tests last night.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 197,075
        Tests 870,358
        % of total tests 27
        Total deaths 574
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 6

      • Robert D Clark

        Poitive 322,920
        Tests 2,667,475
        % of total tests 12
        Total deaths 800
        Average % of total tests lastn7 days 12

      • Robert D Clark

        Average % of total tests last 7 days 6

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 336,648
        Tests 5,448,676
        % of total tests 6
        Total deaths 1,891
        Average % of total tests last 7 days
        Testers and contact tracers are the real heroes of what I believe is happening!!!!!

      • Robert D Clark

        I did it again. 7 day average is 6

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 432,846
        Tests 2,653,351
        % of total tests 16
        Total deaths 2,472

      • Robert D Clark

        Average % of total tests last 7 days 16
        I must be getting old.

      • Robert D Clark

        Late night fights moving immigrants to the interior.
        Since January 31, 2021, 448,211 individuals have died from COVID-19 in the United States of America.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 390,529
        Tests 5,004,284
        % of total tests 8
        Total deaths 2,251
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 6
        Yesterday 7 day average was also 6
        Ironically total deaths from COVID-19 since January 31, 2021 just passed that on on January 31,2021.
        This build back better policy has a long way to go.
        The ones that can fix this are those 534 elected members of Congress.
        They could come back to work tomorrow and restart the building the wall, end the open border policy

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 392,567
        Tests 2,762,627
        % of total tests 14
        Total deaths 2,183
        Average % of total testsn last 7 days 11
        26,000,000 test day is gone.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 189,765
        Tests 1,137,312
        % of total tests 17
        Total deaths 1,118
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 12

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 72,367
        Tests 482,349
        % of total tests 10
        Total deaths 219
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 10

      • Robert D Clark

        The total deaths for January 2022 is 61,445 due to COVID-19.
        The true BUILD BACK BETTER policy is working!!!!!

      • Question – is there a breakdown of vaccinated vs unvaccinated? And by age group, and with vs. from? I will see if I can find the data, but thought you might have it.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 184,946
        Tests 2,455,681
        % of total tests 8
        Total deaths 789
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 8
        Look at the average % over the last 7 days.
        Mayabe TEXAS, ARIZONA AND NEW MEXICO are taking control of the border.
        Maybe the federal government should check to see if the TRUMP border wall is still in storage.

      • “Maybe the federal government should check to see if the TRUMP border wall is still in storage.”

        Not a problem. The Orange Wonder’s great wall is already falling down.

        That is how the Orange Wonder has always operated. Long on hype and promises. Short on delivery. Then he sticks the suckers — in this case the taxpayers — with the bill.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 212,407
        Tests 3,048,257
        % of total tests 7
        Total deaths 2,495
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 11

      • Robert D Clark

        With the present open border policy, how many lives has the trump wall saved? Nature can destroy anything man can build attached to the earth.

      • Open border or closed border makes little difference. Most illegals get here by coming in the front door and overstaying their visas.

        If you want to solve the illegals problem, support E-verify. Not that it is going to matter, too many people are making money from the illegals being here. E-verify is a talking point and that’s all it will ever be.

      • Robert D Clark

        I watched the video again. They looked like the men that were building the wall. It could have the end of an incomplete area. They were stopped in 1 day. They may not have installed all the nuts and bolts and welds on that area.

      • Besides that, here’s another problem. Part of the Orange Wonder’s wall has to be left open for months to accommodate flash floods.

        Then there is the problem with the Rio Grande River where they can’t build a border wall. I suspect there are other areas with problems where building a wall is not possible or practical.

        The wall, which turned into a flimsy fence, was nothing more than a campaign slogan that the Orange Wonder hyped into reality. BTW did Mexico ever pay for it? It was never going to be a practical solution. E-verify is the practical solution and that’s not going to happen because there is too much money involved.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 204,456
        Tests 4,510,220
        % of total tests 5
        Total deaths 1,854
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 11
        Rember the positive number above is the result of those asked to isolate by the testers and contact tracers 5 days ago.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 164,831
        Tests 909,747,186
        % of total tests 9
        Total deaths 1,720
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 9

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 215,814
        Tests 2,533,005
        % of total tests 9
        Total deaths 2,154
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 9

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 91,561
        Tests 1,067,886
        % of total tests 9
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 10

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 50,561
        Tests 1,049,563
        % of total tests 5
        Total deaths 369
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 8

      • Robert D Clark

        Total positive 106,504
        Tests 1,329,911
        % of total tests 8
        Total deaths 905
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 7

      • Robert D Clark

        It looks to me like the AMERICAN PEOPLE have succeeded. The border states are taking control of the virus. The TESTERS, CONTACT TRACERS, VACCINES AND COMMON SENSE have finally succeeded in overcoming the 535 elected members of Congress. The % appears to be going down!!!!!

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 142,933
        Tests 4,110,437
        % of total tests 3
        Total deaths 2,261
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 6

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 194,849
        Tests 1,855,569
        % of total tests 11
        Average %n of total tests last 7 days 7

      • Robert D Clark

        Border crossings have now changed from young adults back to family units. They are now finding more very young children without adults. Could it be just 2 young adults with a kidnapped child???
        CLOSE THE BORDER!!!!!

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 133,576
        Tests 1,858,836
        % of total tests 7
        Total deaths 1,800
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 7

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 110,247
        Tests 1,813,992
        % of total tests 6
        Total deaths 1,377
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 6
        7 day % is slowly going down
        535 elected members of Congress are at home resting after a strenuous 3-day work week.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 59,579
        Tests 871,677
        % of total tests 7
        Total deaths 87’3
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 6
        They said the Border Patrol Is finding an increase in border crossers.
        Could it just be the border states are slowly closing the border and less Border Agents are doing paperwork and actually doing what they are trained to do

      • Robert D Clark

        Total positive 31,652
        Tests 407,001
        % of total tests 8
        Total deaths 467
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 6

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 52,402
        Tests 1,764,672
        % of total tests 3
        Total deaths 595
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 6

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 86,744
        Tests 3,507,574
        % of total tests 2
        Total deaths 2,035
        Average of total tests last 7 days 6
        I round off % of total tests to the nearest whole number
        5.500 = 6 5.499 = 5

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 82,903
        Tests 2,523,337
        % of total tests 3
        Total deaths 1,926
        % of totaltests last 7 days 4

      • Robert D Clark

        It appears to me that in the last 10 days the number of border crossers has begun to decline.

      • Robert D Clark

        The true BUILD BACK BETTER PLAN, OPEN BORDER POLICY, has been responsible for 502,124 deaths from COVID-19 the United States of America since January 31, 2021.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 85,567
        Tests 1,612,903
        % of total tests 5
        Total deaths 1,751
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 4

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 82,800
        Tests 1,888,873
        % of total tests 4
        Total deaths 1,631
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 4
        They said the States have begun building the wall with the Trump wall parts. You can see above the testers and contact tracers are still working harder than anyone can believe possible!!!!
        Putin Pack up and go home. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE UNBEATABLE11111

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 32,898
        Tests 859,058
        % of total tests 4
        Total deaths 494
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 4

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 12,940
        Tests 301,450
        % of total tests 4
        To deaths 221
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 4

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 21,533
        Tests 543,287
        % of total tests 4
        Total deaths 222
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 4

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 45,787
        Tests 2,582,320
        % of total tests 2
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 2
        I bet those 535 elected members of Congress will take credit for what the AMERICAN PEOPLE, TESTERS, CONTACT TRACERS,AND STATE GOVERNMENTS HAVE DONE!!!!!

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 56,099
        Tests 2,041,558
        % of total tests 3
        Total deaths 2,102
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 3
        Everything is going in the right direction.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 57,256
        Tests 1,330,304
        % of total tests 4
        Total deaths 1,421
        Average % of tests last 7 days 3

      • Robert D Clark

        The news is reporting the cartels are consolidating. That just means they are fighting over the open areas of the border. The states are winning.

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 48,837
        Tests 1,717,760
        % of total tests 3
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 3

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 25,842
        Tests 547,957
        % of total tests 5
        % of total tests last 7 days , 3

      • Robert D Clark

        Positive 6,495
        Tests 256,686
        % of total tests 3
        Total deaths 122
        Average % of total tests last 7 days 3
        Looks to good. Maybe many took the day off. They deserve many.

    • Robert D Clark

      Total deaths 60

  42. Robert D Clark

    12/1/2021 112,817 2,784,186 4 1,483
    12/2/2021 116,397 1,604,307 7 1,136
    12/3/2021 133,662 2,354,227 7 1,199
    12/4/2021 55,701 780,534 7 492
    12/5/2021 26,658 213,603 12 140
    12/6/2021 73,094 2,167,418 3 409
    12/7/2021 86,995 3,741,736 2 1,264
    12/8/2021 114,784 1,992,410 6 1,229
    12/9/2021 107,321 1,789,763 6 1,026
    12/10/2021 125,222 2,293,318 5 1,356
    12/11/2021 46,505 871,116 5 422
    12/12/2021 38,784 706,420 5 167
    12/13/2021 68,858 1,542,994 4 351
    12/14/2021 101,244 3,969,624 3 1,505
    12/15/2021 121,458 2,988,068 4 1,473
    12/16/2021 124,248 1,916,281 6 873
    12/17/2021 147,700 2,083,625 7 1,392
    12/18/2021 53,227 813,159 7 416
    12/19/2021 64,791 622211 10 109
    12/20/2021 119,851 2,365,000 5 445
    12/21/2021 171,627 4,170,941 4 1,632
    12/22/2021 208,577 1,888,482 11 1,364
    12/23/2021 250,092 4,001,558 6 1,079
    12/24/2021 151,884 1,172,037 13 699
    12/25/2021 40,458 193,247 21 108
    12/26/2021 94,698 1,062,913 10 44
    12/27/2021 172,307 2,294,840 8 493
    12/28/2021 295,701 3,417,510 9 1,716
    12/29/2021 456,890 3,598,885 13 1,367
    12/30/2021 528,011 2,332,825 23 1,287
    12/31/2021 346,079 1,468,409 24 711

    I said I would give these today. Here they are.
    To me this shows the border crossers being released with a negative test but no 6-day rule are the reason for loss of control of the virus!!!!!

    • Robert D Clark

      Total deaths by month
      MARCH, 2020 26,061
      APRIL, 2020 75,571
      MAY, 2020 23,283
      JUNE, 2020 23,362
      JULY, 2020 29,717
      AUGUST, 2020 28,607
      SEPTEMBER, 2020 27,798
      OCTOBER, 2020 24,271
      NOVEMBER, 2020 38,500
      DECEMBER, 2020 77,967
      JANUARY, 2021 99,352
      FEBRUARY, 2021 74,211
      MARCH, 2021 39,672
      APRIL, 2021 24,923
      MAY, 2021 20,271
      JUNE, 2021 10,436
      JULY, 2021 9,090
      AUGUST, 2021 27,410
      SEPTEMBER, 2021 60,182
      OCTOBER, 2021 52,027
      NOVEMBER, 2021 35,449
      DECEMBER, 2021 45,574
      January, 2022 61,445

  43. Ireneusz Palmowski

    Havre, MT Weather Conditions

  44. JAXA ARCTIC SEA ICE EXTENT: 12,626,559 KM2 as at 31-Dec-2021
    – Extent is 16th lowest in the 43 year satellite record
    And a struggle to get there.
    I gave up arguing about the Arctic 5 years ago when it dipped so weirdly.
    At least it will stop being one of the few success stories for a while.

    • Richard Greene

      I have a chart, through December 30, I believe,
      that shows Arctic sea ice extent (15%)
      at the highest level since 2003.

    • Happy New Year Angech!

      Coincidentally Arctic sea ice extent is currently almost identical to the same date in 2012, which as you will no doubt recall went on to produce the lowest annual minimum extent in the satellite era:

      “Note that sea ice volume tells a rather different story. [Reanalysed] AWI CryoSat-2/SMOS volume… seems likely to remain in the lower half of the recent range at the end of 2021.”

      • Happy New Year Jim.
        Good to see you out and about.

        “Coincidentally Arctic sea ice extent is currently almost identical to the same date in 2012,”

        One could say that getting back to 2012 could portend the even greater gains of the previous 20 years which produced the greatest maximums of the last 42 years.
        Most people forget that trends can extrapolate in two or more directions.

        12,696,772 km2, an increase of 70,213 km2.
        2022 is 17th lowest on record.
        While it should not last I am taking joy in the recovery and the offsetting of the only tangible, non fungible metric that Warmists can and have quoted

        I take your point on volume but note there are two unreliable measures
        [Reanalysed] AWI CryoSat-2/SMOS volume and Piomas.

        The change of subject from volume to extent and vice versa speaks volumes.

  45. Ireneusz Palmowski

    Shevlin, MN Weather Conditions

  46. Interesting your comment on the rise of federalism. We had a family discussion over Xmas on the same phenomenon in Brazil, where the states have acted sanely (for the most part) while the grinning idiot currently wasting space in the presidency has become irrelevant.
    Federal nations are inherently more stable and immune from sudden populist leaps into lunacy (Argentina is a terrible example that Chile will shortly be joining). With luck this will be a trend.
    Good New Year to Climate etc!

  47. Curious George

    An average year is better than the following year and worse than the preceding year. May year 2021 not be an average year. I hope this is not a futile hope.

  48. ‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    Here’s the New Economics Foundation 2021 year in review.

    New economics involves printing as much money as you like to pay for a grab bag of social programs. That is of course not a new idea.

    In robust democracies we may argue for laws and tax regimes as we see fit – but not everything is up for grabs if we are holding out for economic stability and growth. Economic stability is best served with government at about 25% of GDP, price stability through management of interest rates and money supply, balanced government budgets, effective prudential oversight, effective and uncorrupted enforcement of fair law and a commitment to free and open trade.

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  50. Ireneusz Palmowski

    Arctic air is heading south to Texas.
    Temperature in C.

  51. Victor Adams

    Happy New Year to you and your family Dr. Curry. I already ordered the book per your recommendation and reviews. I have two substack subscriptions: Matt Taibbi and Michel Tracey. About your book: Title? About the “challenge being readable/interesting to a broader audience” may I suggest: an explanation of the wickedness of the CC problem, the scandal of wholesale attribution of weather, floods and wildfires events to AGW and the infeasibility of RCP8.5 and its similarity with worst case scenarios scientists and engineers are required to include in their work. That will relieve the anxieties of many when ask themselves: Are all scientists wrong or corrupt? Finally, a rebuttal of the applicability of the Precautionary Principle to AGW would be helpful. Again, Happy New Year and thanks for dedication your time and energy to this great blog.

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  56. > …failure to systematically investigate the re-purposing of existing drugs for Covid treatment protocols

    This is a project for doing exactly that:

    • Dr. Fajgenbaum recruited 90 volunteers who have reviewed more than 29,000 papers with a total of more than 270,000 patients treated for COVID-19 with more than 400 different drugs. All the data are available at


      “Finally, no matter how hard we tried, it was impossible to evaluate efficacy and compare drugs outside of a randomized controlled trial, mainly because COVID-19 has such a heterogeneous course of illness,” Dr. Fajgenbaum stated. The ideal treatment for COVID-19 depends on the course and severity of the disease. Treatments early in the disease course should target the virus directly, supplement a component of the immune response, or boost the immune response to fight the virus. This concept led to the extensive use of interferon outside the United States.

  57. Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Hariri, is also an excellent book on origins of humans and human society.

    • Agreed. Just finished it last week.

    • ‘New discovery shows early humans were using fire at least 900,000 years ago, leading experts to suggest that that ability to cook food led to major otherwise inexplicable changes in human gut anatomy, dentition, facial shape and increased brain size.’

      Face shape changes facilitated the development of language making corned beef the foundation of civilisation. Cows and other grazing animals roam on 5 billion hectares of degraded rangeland. Happy cows require a diverse diet or grasses and herbs grown on organically rich soils. They are heroes of climate change mitigation and not horned devils.

      My mother once suggested I make lots of corned beef just so we had more leftovers.

    • Hominin Paleontology is rooted in the same over-reaching assumptions and group-think as Climatology and it leads to the same type of false conclusions. Australopithecines, with the possible exception of A. sediba, are clearly not in the Homo lineage and therefore could not constitute our ancestors.

      The main problem is that the places that have preserved fossils are not the places where our ancestors probably lived. Paleontologists make a living out of finding fossils and claiming that we descend from them. My working hypothesis is that we descend from the last hominin that descended from the trees, not the firsts.

  58. The similarities of the climate wars and critical race theory:

    CRT suggests there is a problem and we can do something about it.
    Climate change suggests there is a problem and we can do something about it.

    In both cases we’ve divided ourselves up and fought the other side. With CRT I have asked my younger relatives to point to white supremacy. I admit there’s some crack pot rednecks but they have no power. You are all familiar with trying to reason with those committed to the idea terrible things are happening every other day.

    But if these things are happening, what is being done about it? Pretty much it’s all a complete waste of time with negative value. The CRT people have not made the world a better place. They have tried to cancel people. They’ve brought back segregation in a few cases. They’ve torn down some statues. And some of them are making money off the deal.

    Racism is coming to get us. And rain, the seas and heatwaves will take us down. We have gone backwards and fear problems we have all ready mostly overcome.

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  60. Your Death of Expertise is good.

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  62. “The devolution of power from the federal government to the states has been characterized as anarchy; to my mind, there are elements of this that are very positive.”
    The A word. Check out Michael Malice please.
    Some of this is Republicans turning. Against our spy agencies and pointless quasi-wars.

  63. Substack? Chris Rentsch (aka The Analytical Engineer), wish he’d write more like this.

    • Richard Greene

      Needlessly complicated word salad.

      A person could communicate better by saying
      predictions of the future are usually wrong
      and extinction predictions are just meaningless
      computer games. Plain English communicates
      much more effectively than that article.

  64. I would offer this article as at least worthy of an “Honorable Mention” for the year 2021.

    The climate change panic mongers are suddenly being forced to deal with the alien concepts of math and science…and that inconvenient energy source the SUN.

    December 31, 2021
    The New Climate of Panic Among the Panic-Mongers
    By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

    A new climate panic is gripping the far-Left profiteers of doom. Those few of Them who are climate scientists have made fame and fortune by telling us the world is toast unless the once-free West (though responsible for only a fifth of the world’s sins of emission) commits economic hara-kiri. The cost of placating climate Communism is already in the quadrillions.

    However, They are becoming aware that Their official climate narrative is rooted in a grave error of physics – an error so elementary that it can be described here. At a vital point in Their calculation of how much warming we may cause, They forgot the Sun was shining….

    …Read the rest of this article….

    • Richard Greene

      I don’t like Monckton for his many prior articles
      data mining the global average temperature
      and claiming global warming has stopped.

      This article was much better than usual —
      I re-posted it on one of my blogs … but there
      are some problems too:

      Monckton thinks the water vapor positive
      feedback, allegedly multiplying the warming
      effect of CO2 alone by 2x to 4x is real science.
      (it is just a wild guess theory created ONLY to
      to make the claim that CO2 emissions
      are going to cause a climate crisis.)

      .. and Monckton thinks he has the “right answer”
      for the feedback. He probably does have a better
      estimate. The increased water vapor with the
      global warming since 1975 is very difficult to measure
      accurately. I’ve seen measurements claiming
      the increase has been small, suggesting a small
      water vapor positive feedback. But I believe
      the right answer is still “we don’t know”.

      If there was a strong water vapor positive feedback
      back when the CO2 level was 10x higher than today,
      there would be almost no life left on this planet
      from the runaway global warming.
      Well, that never happened !

  65. curryja | January 1, 2022 at 7:40 pm |

    “It seems some people (frequent commenters) have the same discussion no matter what the topic of the post”

    As one of those intemperate people I might make a couple of general comments.

    Firstly thanks for your staying the journey and the clear and incisive posting over the last 10? years or so..
    It is a pleasure to read comments on a blog by someone with your gravitas who has not broken under the weight of negative comments in some quarters.

    Secondly thank you for your temperate moderation of both the ruder and the repetitive and less inspiring commentators, including myself.

    Your site provides one of the few outlets where quality work in the areas that are most vexed are allowed to happen, where people can actually put forwards the problem areas in the field of Climate particularly and science in general.

    The controversial ones are the ones that attract the most flak and attention and possibly one approach would be to pick the 5 or 6 most divisive or interesting and put them up again mid year in a series.

    I have no great problem with people having the same discussions as the layout keeps them all nicely tucked in where one can join or ignore them.

    I visit a few sites and see some of the same people commenting at those sites as well. It reminds me of bike riding groups. The level and roughness of discourse varies with the pack mentality and composition.

    I think most of us appreciate good behaviour [treat others as ….] which is the rule on this site. Where people become dismissive , rude or sarcastic it is either due to stress in their lives or views which might improve with a little anger management.
    One good accidental way is to leave a post for a few minutes before sending it., like writing a letter to the paper that you never send.
    Other people cannot see or actively and deliberately engage in upsetting writing.
    Usually this results in the group calling them out and it settles.

    There is a rock solid group of commentators and presenters here which is why you get such a large following.

    I personally do not mind if we do find humans are causing severe global warming through CO2 or not.
    I just want the people presenting these ideas to have them put forward clearly, robustly and convincingly and discuss them scientifically and openly.

    Lastly, thank you again, I would say from everyone here.

  66. “ The whiny woke-babies and the insane focus on victimhood, intersectionality, gender and diversity at the expense of traditional academic values has made many universities pretty dysfunctional and even scary places.”

    It has also made many places humorless.

  67. Re Judith’s comment upthread – some commenters have the same issues regardless of what is in the original post. I think we’re on the cusp as we get into 2022 to establish the equivalent of Godwin’s Law – that within a certain number of posts on a topic, certain standing obsessions will be raised. Of course, there is no end to the number of posters who could lend their name to this

  68. “ The whiny woke-babies and the insane focus on victimhood, intersectionality, gender and diversity at the expense of traditional academic values has made many universities pretty dysfunctional and even scary places.”

    Mission creep is also infecting K-12. In pursuit of a better society public schools are embracing the solution du jour. Parents have called out schools for promoting pornography and pedophilic materials in the name of supporting diversity. Some teachers believe their charge involves assisting with gender identity. Math has been identified as racist.

    Education has become fixated with race, gender and sexual orientation to the detriment of the academic elements in schools.

    Common Core is being criticized for contributing to a decline in the performance of 13 year olds. That is an easy target. But how much blame should be attributed to loss of focus on the basics of education in favor of these woke goals? Educators at every level should stay in their lane.

  69. The energy crisis in Green Europe will continue in 2023 even if the supply of natural gas has increased thanks to deliveries from the U.S. On the other hand, in Germany, for example, it is reported that half of the remaining nuclear power plants have now shut down. Reliable energy is becoming less and less in Germany. Besides Germany, there are also other nuclear opponents in Europe like Austria or Luxembourg. However, there are countries like France or Finland that cover over 70% of their energy needs with nuclear power. In the case of a complete phase-out of fossil fuels, the only remaining question is which reliable energy sources will remain in Europe? The expansion in so-called clean energies such as solar or wind have led to this disaster because they are not reliable. The worsening relations with Russia make the situation in Europe even more complicated since one is also dependent on gas supplies from Russia. The gas benchmark in Europe Dutch TTF has increased this year by more than 400%.

    Since the situation will continue to worsen in the next few years, many officials are now rethinking their position. Reuters reported that the EU is making plans to put gas and nuclear power on the green list. Europe, which has the highest carbon targets so far, has been arguing for a long time about which forms of energy are truly clean. Since the alternatives of reliable energy sources are limited, there is no other option than to think about nuclear power and natural gas. Currently, nuclear power is probably the cleanest form of power generation as it does not emit carbon into the air.

  70. As bad as 2020 and 2021 were, 2022 and beyond could be much worse if the globalist elites and their fellow travelers complete the paradigm shift from sovereign states to puppet states using the template they have created…and so far, it is being followed blindly by the SHEEPLE all over the world.

    A Dry Run for Tyranny
    Posted: 01 Jan 2022 02:45 PM PST
    (John Hinderaker)

    The proto-fascists among us have delighted in issuing “emergency” orders relating to the coronavirus. These have included, among others, shutdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. The Governor of Minnesota went so far as to issue an “emergency” order prohibiting all residents of the state from leaving their houses without his permission.

    Many have speculated that statists’ overreaction to covid has been a dry run for more “emergencies” to come. Indeed the supply of potential emergencies is large, particularly when “science” can reliably be deployed on behalf of the state.

    Support for such speculation comes from an article published by Cambridge University Press under the auspices of the American Political Science Association. The article is titled “Political Legitimacy, Authoritarianism, and Climate Change” and was authored by Ross Mittiga, a young academic who ran unsuccessfully for the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017 as a Democrat.

    The following quotes are from the article’s abstract. I declined to enrich these miscreants to the tune of $25 by buying the full article.

    Is authoritarian power ever legitimate? The contemporary political theory literature—which largely conceptualizes legitimacy in terms of democracy or basic rights—would seem to suggest not.

    Yes, the “contemporary political theory literature,” along with writings on political theory from the 17th Century to the present, the U.S. Constitution, etc.

    I argue, however, that there exists another, overlooked aspect of legitimacy concerning a government’s ability to ensure safety and security.

    Of course. Tyranny is always imposed for our benefit. Always.

    While, under normal conditions, maintaining democracy and rights is typically compatible with guaranteeing safety, in emergency situations, conflicts between these two aspects of legitimacy can and often do arise. A salient example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic, during which severe limitations on free movement and association have become legitimate techniques of government.

    Whether they were legitimate or not is hotly debated, but that is the premise. Now the point:

    Climate change poses an even graver threat to public safety.

    Of course it does! Actually, a lot of things pose a graver threat than covid.

    Consequently, I argue, legitimacy may require a similarly authoritarian approach.

    The abstract concludes:

    While unsettling, this suggests the political importance of climate action. For if we wish to avoid legitimating authoritarian power, we must act to prevent crises from arising that can only be resolved by such means.

    Got that? Do what the Greenies want, or we will declare an emergency and jam our measures down your throats. If we did it with covid, we can do it with global warming, too. The precedent has been set, and we can expect a lot more talk along these lines in the years to come.

    • “The proto-fascists among us have delighted in issuing “emergency” orders relating to the coronavirus.”

      Indeed orders are their delight. A corona virus was actually used in an exercise to hone governance “necessities” in advent of a pandemic. The exercise: Event 201 illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences. The model virus used for the high-level pandemic exercise was a corona virus. The event was hosted in NY on 10/18/19, about a year before the real deal; elites got in some practice. I wouldn’t suggest most participants were proto-fascists, but they were among observers.

      The groundwork for Neo Fascism has been evolving for decades. Ironically, even the contrivance known as Godwin’s law was a proto-fascist invention with a purpose; quite a brilliant invention actually, used to stigmatize historical investigation of politically tactical fascist antecedents (many are deployed on culture today). ANTIFA is another example of proto-fascism, the groups very name advertises itself as being anti fascist, yet they embody the tenets of fascism. The masses better wake up before Education shuts down, uh, education.

    • Richard Greene

      Two things I didn’t like about that article:
      (1) It’s depressing, and
      (2) It’s true

  71. I really liked the section on Substack and the media. I have a favorite podcast. It’s not on Substack, but I think it’s very relevant. It’s called With the Benefit of Hindsight. It’s an epic 50 plus hour podcast series about journalist John Ziegler’s investigation into the Penn State Paterno/Sandusky case on this tenth anniversary of the scandal. He has shown with a ridiculously mountainous amount of evidence from just about every possible angle that everything reported about the case is 180 degrees off and that Jerry Sandusky was innocent! It’s cohosted by Fox LA sports anchor Liz Habib and has Bob Costas phoning in to be included for an interview. It’s doing well among the crime podcast genre and is very popular in Pennsylvania.

    There’s a growing list of serious converts. Two renowned bestselling authors have written about it in their latest books (Mark Pendergrast and Malcolm Gladwell). Ziegler’s done lots of interviews with prominent people about it like Glen Beck and Adam Corolla as well as scores of small town local talk shows and podcasts. For those who don’t want to listen to a 50 plus hour podcast series, I have lots of links to summary articles and interviews in my pinned tweet:

    I strongly recommend the podcast series. John Ziegler’s been a radio talk show host (also filled in for Matt Drudge), documentary film maker and long time podcaster. He’s actually done a lot of high profile interviews. He has lots of inside insights and stories about the media.

    I should also mention that there’s some climate related aspects to the story. Michael Mann sued Rand Simberg for calling him the Jerry Sandusky of climate science. Penn State has other prominent climate scientists such as Richard Alley. I believe Dr. Curry once taught there. Michael Mann has acknowledged former Penn State president Graham Spanier in his last two books. Spanier just served time in jail over his supposed role in a coverup. Steve McIntyre made some snarky tweets about it. Spanier was actually convicted on a misdemeanor that was thrown out because it didn’t exist at the time! A grandstanding AG named Josh Shapiro who must have flunked constitutional law got Spanier incarcerated anyway. I actually think Mann’s acknowledgements of Spanier and the only Nobel things he’s ever done.

  72. Does anybody have a list of these “many” academics who have been forced out of their jobs by these all-powerful but “whiny woke-babies”?

  73. There is not any measurable greenhouse warming effect on earth’s surface.

    There is only a theoretical possibility of having some very small, less than 0,4C, for the entire atmosphere’s warming effect on earth’s surface.

    In other words, earth’s without-atmosphere mean surface temperature is 287,4 K.
    Thus earth’s with Atmosphere mean surface temperature is 287,8 K .

    This is not an arbitrary statement. It is very well demonstrated and it is very precisely calculated by the New equation which is based on the “Planet Surface Rotational Warming Phenomenon“.

    • Richard Greene

      Mr. Vournas
      For you to be right about
      the lack of a greenhouse effect,
      I would estimate that about
      99.9% of all climate scientists
      in the world would have to be wrong.
      — And I’m betting on the scientists.

      They do make a lot of wrong
      wild guess climate predictions,
      but they get the most basic
      climate science right.

      Something in the atmosphere
      is keeping the planet warm enough
      so that our outdoor plants
      don’t freeze every night.

      Exactly what do you believe that is,
      if not a greenhouse effect
      in the troposphere, that inhibits
      Earth’s ability to cool itself?

      Forget all the climate scientists
      in the world for a moment.
      Does anyone else here believe you?

  74. I accidentally wiped out the last 3 hours of comments, sorry about that

  75. IR transmission has been measured in the atmosphere starting with the US Airforce in the 1960’s

    Changes over time can be observed in data from narrow beam satellite instruments.


    • This is an answer to a question. Yes there is an observable enhanced greenhouse effect.

      • Richard Greene

        After many decades of climate measurements,
        some people are still debating the greenhouse theory.
        That’s so 2021.

        For 2022,
        I propose a new debate on whether or not
        there is really a climate !

        For 2023,
        I propose a new debate on the sun:
        Is is really there, or is it an illusion,
        done with mirrors?

      • Richard Greene:

        Is there a climate? Depends on the resolution. Today’s weather is arguably a climate. As is the average temperature of the last 100,000 years. In order for something to change, it has to be something. Either for 1 second or 30 years.
        I can measure blocks of 30 years and average them. That does not make a climate.
        My average lake out the back window is 40% covered in ice all year round. 4.8 months of ice, 7.2 months of no ice. What is the lake’s climate and what is Minnesota’s climate and which one do I care about?
        The climate is whatever I feel like defining it as.
        My climate.
        Your climate.
        Our climate.

  76. “The whiny woke-babies and the insane focus on victimhood, intersectionality, gender and diversity at the expense of traditional academic values has made many universities pretty dysfunctional and even scary places.”
    I think it plays out as finding enemies. Then outing them. Such as Bret Weinstein. There’s a need for purification.
    I think the above quote ranks up there as one of your most pointed.

  77. An interesting comment by “Dean Jackson” on Dr. Jay Lehr’s excellent companion article at CFACT to Dr. Curry’s current post about which we are commenting.

    Dr. Lehr’s article:

    Dean Jackson’s comment:

    1 – There can be no counter-physics process referred to as ‘back radiation’, where we’re told that the atmosphere emits longwave infrared radiation downwards, heating the surface*…

    NASA informs us that ‘greenhouse gasses’ don’t exist in the following graph…

    ….where the Second Law of Thermodynamics’ conservation of energy is directed to our attention by omitting spurious ‘back radiation’…

    Energy moves in the direction of less resistance, not in the direction (downward) of greater resistance. Additionally, when energy is absorbed by an electron, thereby increasing the electron’s energy level, that energy is swiftly re-emitted by the electron as the electron returns to its normal energy level, where the energy re-emitted is now of a lower energy. That means the energy re-emitted (towards space) by the electron is microwave energy, not longwave infrared radiation.
    * The ‘Greenhouse Gases’ imbecility and resulting ‘climate change’ canard are based on ‘back radiation’. It all hinges on ‘back radiation’, which has now been imploded.

    • All things being equal CO2 warms the atmosphere. Call it back radiation. Water vapor also warms the atmosphere and call that back radiation as well. We are fortunate this happens.

      • Since changes in CO2 concentration FOLLOW changes in temperature, you will have to explain how CO2 warms the atmosphere before it is ever injected into it..

        Water vapor and its feedback effects are well documented, but none of the gases participate in voodoo “back radiation.”

      • Richard Greene

        I prefer to think of the greenhouse effect as a partial barrier between Earth’e surface and the infinite heat sink of outer space. Rather than saying “heat” the atmosphere, it seems more accurate to say the greenhouse effect impedes cooling and keeps outdoor plants from freezing every night.
        The fact that a warmer ocean will release some CO2 into the atmosphere does not change the fact that adding CO2 from fossil fuel emissions will also CAUSE some amount of warming. I don’t know the exact amount but it appears to be mild and harmless so far.

        Concerning my suggestion on debating whether or not there is a climate, I was serious, not joking. Defining a climate as a 30 year or more average of weather, and then claiming the global average temperature represents “the climate”, makes no sense. Not one person lives in the global average temperature. That average temperature is an approximate statistic, not an accurate measurement, And weather is local, not an average, Nor is the temperature the only aspect of weather worth considering.

        A large change in local weather conditions can harm, or benefit, people and crops. A small change in the average temperature is an abstraction.

      • TEWS_Pilot:

        CO2 can rise at least two ways. We emit enough of it. Or it reacts to an increase in the GMST. It is correlated to the GMST.

        There are other relationships besides A happens followed by B happens. It is often the case that A happens then be happens. But it’s not an iron clad rule trumping all other rules all the time.

      • One of my closest friends from childhood through today was an Annapolis graduate and spent much of his Navy career on nuclear submarines, where the atmospheric concentration of CO2 averages 5000 ppm or greater. He was always at the top of every class he attended and he retired as a two star admiral. Maybe we ALL need MORE CO2.

        Dr. William Happer is an American physicist tenured at Princeton who has specialized in the study of atomic physics, optics and spectroscopy. He is famous for using a Carbon Dioxide meter during lectures, where he measures the Carbon Dioxide concentration in the lecture room. It typically measures around 1,400 ppm or higher with nobody experiencing any ill effects, thus showing that the roughly 428 ppm concentration in the atmosphere today is no danger to life on Earth whatsoever, and indeed, there is a DEARTH of Carbon Dioxide. CO2 levels below about 150 ppm will not support plant life, thus, we are on the low side of Carbon Dioxide atmospheric concentration. Greenhouses typically pump in Carbon Dioxide to a concentration of 1000 ppm or more just to operate.

        There is no impending “Climate Crisis” due to CO2 in the atmosphere. GMST is as useless a measure of temperature as the core temperature of the North Pole because we all live at different climates and different temperatures and nobody lives where the GMST is present. It is an average that constantly changes as conditions all over the Earth change locally. Have you ever seen a family with two adults and 2 1/2 children?

        With all that has been going on as 2021 flamed out and augured in, I forgot to wish everyone the Happiest of New Years and my best wishes that the SCAMDEMIC and “Great Reset” implodes and Covidian Zombies crawl back into their crypts and tyrants are deposed worldwide so we can get back to the REAL “Normal.”

      • CO2 enrichment in greenhouses allows crops to meet there photosynthesis potential. Enriching the air with CO2 can be done by means of the combustion of natural gas or with liquid CO2. The supply of extra carbon dioxide is an often applied method to increase the yield of greenhouse crops.

        I was not aware of this.
        Thanks, Tews

        However this statement is wrong
        Since changes in CO2 concentration FOLLOW changes in temperature, you will have to explain how CO2 warms the atmosphere before it is ever injected into it..

        The atmosphere would be cooler if there was less CO2; all other things being equal

      • Well, I pose the same paradox to you. Based on Antarctic ice core data, changes in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere FOLLOW changes in temperatures by about 600 to 1000 years, It is an indisputable fact that CO2 concentration in the atmosphere FOLLOWS temperature changes.

        Please explain how CO2 injected into the atmosphere 600 YEARS AFTER the atmosphere has warmed caused the already existing WARMING of the atmosphere….all things being equal.

        The same claim could be made that the atmosphere would be cooler if there was less Oxygen, Nitrogen, Water Vapor, name any gas; all other things being equal.

  78. curryja | January 1, 2022 at 7:40 pm |
    “It seems some people (frequent commenters) have the same discussion no matter what the topic of the post”

    An idea.

    Lateral thinking.
    Perhaps you could put up a spare blog monthly for those people to discuss separate to or additional to the main topics.
    Then when people start going around in circles they could transfer those discussions to the side blog and leave the posts more on target?

    Sometimes the side topics do legitimately branch off the topic in discussion and sometimes thy are appropriately tangential.
    Perhaps some of the more moderate people could make a please transfer request that the moderator could then reflect and act on without the need for angst.
    Recurrent posters on their special topics could just be gently shifted there as well.

    Anyone else feel this idea has legs and might help Dr Curry?

    Worth a try. Name it after angech or Josh or …..

    • I used to do this. but people migrate to the most recent thread. I’ve also turned comments off for posts that are more than 30 days old. Part of the solution I think is to have at least 2 threads per week, with one of them that is a technical thread that is moderated for relevance. But that is alot of work. For some reason I am procrastinating today (need to do end of year financials for my company ugh), so i spending more time than usual on the blog. I know this isn’t sustainable during the week, maybe on weekends

      • So one blog named “Climate” and a second one named “Etc?” :)

      • ….. or jim2 .He is a reasonable fellow.
        Perhaps put one up as a trial and he or I or others could try to copy paste the comments threads that need moving to the secondary blog with a request to post there only?

        Could use an introductory.
        Mr J Hunt could do a short discourse on where to the arctic ice perhaps since it is temporarily forgetting that observations have to follow models

      • It would be a long discourse Angech!

        There is of course lots of “natural variability” in Arctic sea ice extent. Here’s a brief extract from my latest words of wisdom:

        1) There is low correlation between the March maximum and the subsequent September minimum, hence:

        2) A new satellite era record minimum in September 2022 cannot be ruled out.

      • There are usually overlaps in the points being made with allegedly off-topic comments.
        For example, the warmists used to be able to count on people just meekly assuming their nonsense about “solutions” must have some evidence behind them. But two things are changing the world- first is the sky-high energy costs brought on by the undeniable failure of Easter Bunny stuff. The second is the discovery of the wholesale garbage narrative around Covid and politics in the schools.
        If you look around on Twitter you can find thousands of really angry parents who learned last night that their kids’ schools would be shut for no reason. Again. Once left-leaning Twits are telling people they went private or moved to red states where this isn’t happening.
        Some comments above referenced the “whiny woke babies” who really do exist. But having kids in the schools, I’m seeing a definite awakening. The complaints about the woke are coming from the kids. Part of the reason the parents are so angry right now is that when the schools – and the New York Times – claim this woke stuff isn’t happening, they aren’t calling out Tucker Carlson, they’re saying the kids aren’t telling the truth. And the kids showed the parents the stuff the NYT says doesn’t exist. Everyone can see the fib, and they’re mad.
        It gets better- the kids are furious about the inconsistent and contradictory mask mandates, the messaging around vaccinations, and the politicized nastiness.
        The little authoritarians thought they were teaching people to hate Republicans and learn obedience, but in actuality they learned to take left-wing activists and their media with a giant grain of salt. Mid-terms should be epic.

      • I do not believe that you can both keep an open discussion going and prevent repeated arguments. I, for instance will very likely respond if someone makes an error that involves using formulas in a way that violates the assumptions that went into the derivation of the formula, among other things. We are all human, and subject to our pet issues. Will you be posting your book for review here prior to publishing? You know how much I like being a critic ; )
        Thanks for your blog, I have learned much from reading, and from conversations with others.

      • For what it’s worth, I’m OK with the current format. I know who to mostly avoid, so it’s not a huge problem for me.

      • Jim Hunt | January 5, 2022 at 7:59 am |
        There is of course lots of “natural variability” in Arctic sea ice extent. Here’s a brief extract from my latest words of wisdom:
        2) A new satellite era record minimum in September 2022 cannot be ruled out.

        Sad, but I could agree with you and Wadham’s, Jim.
        A much maligned man who is the only one who actually realized the incredible variability present in Arctic Sea Ice.

        Is a sea ice free Arctic possible in a 10 year span?
        Of course it is. Any metric that can go from second lowest to 18th lowest [back to 15th] in the space of 2 years could easily lose another 4 Wadham’s in 10 years.
        Would I be silly enough to say it must happen in print?
        Not on your Nellie.
        Nor would I say that it could go back to the 70’s in 10 years [but it could]

  79. There was a simple minded discussion on equilibrium thermodynamic systems – closed, open and isolated systems – that can be analysed with statistical mechanics. Nonequilibrium thermodynamic system – like climate – transport and transform energy through complex dynamical dissipative structures.

    ‘Thermodynamics has a clear and wide range of applicability to equilibrium phenomena that occur even relatively far from the scale of our daily life. It is among the most robust theories of physics, and we do not expect that new evidence will require modifications of any of its basic tenets in the foreseeable future. Without thermodynamics, our technology would simply not be available. It remains confined to equilibrium states, possibly relating different states that may be obtained one from another by means of some transformation in time, and it does not really treat the associated dynamics. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics, on the other hand, concerns systems for which global equilibrium does not hold, but that can be subdivided in parts each of which is like a small thermodynamic equilibrium system. Although apparently close, it has developed numerous techniques that depart from those of equilibrium thermodynamics. Such techniques are required, in particular, to treat dissipation.’

    Some of these nonequilibrium systems can be described by coupled nonlinear partial differential equations. The Navier-Stokes equation in fluid dynamics is an example.

    Solving it would require computers many times more powerful than any available. But it does help make sense of climate observations in terms of the discontinuous evolution of patterns of turbulence over moments to eons. Dimitris Koutsoyiannis called it Hurst-Kolmogorov stochastic dynamics.

  80. Death of Expertise or Dearth of Expertise?
    Scientists playing politics and politicians misusing science for political ends has become endemic.

    The expertise is there in spades.
    The problem lies in your next point, the cancel culture.
    Climate change has become a hot political potato, a gravy train and a taboo subject in a new religion.
    The science is still there. The facts are still there.
    The problem is that the alarmists might be right but we do not know whether this is so or not scientifically.

    When things do not go according to plan people do not change their religion unless the other sides idols are winning.
    We need a prolonged run of positive cooling events to stem and then change opinion. Even then true believers will be rusted on for 30 years or disappear into the night.

    Science itself cannot win in this environment.
    Even a simple fact, temporary though it is
    January 2nd, 2022:
    12,789,563 km2, an increase of 92,791 km2.
    2022 is now 18th lowest on record.[ out of 42 or 43 Jim?]
    Elicits crickets.

  81. I worry about deductive logic in the wrong hands. T

    • That the first law of thermodynamics disproves climate variability. Or that 2nd invalidates quantum mechanics.

      Though arguably appropriate for applications of theory to engineering and applied science, the associated emphases on truth and degrees of certainty are not optimal for the productive and creative processes that facilitate the fundamental advancement of science as a process of discovery. The latter requires an investigative approach, where the goal is uberty, a kind of fruitfulness of inquiry, in which the abductive mode of inference adds to the much more commonly acknowledged modes of deduction and induction.’

      Inductive logic draws inferences from observations -which is fair enough but which can only take you so far. Pulling the pieces together is a different art entirely. One that requires a deep dive into the literature and data sources and a bit of out of the box thinking. Following the right scientists – everything is not equal and lumping it all into one box doesn’t make sense – gives a leg up. This is a world directed investigative process – follow the clues and solve the puzzle.

      climateball™ on the other hand consists of one way tirades motivated by urban hipster doofus ideology. Beating them at the poll – because I am never going along with madness – may be the only practical option. Although putting them up against a wall has its appeal.

  82. Germany has shut down more nuclear plants. I’m wondering if it expects other countries to source its energy needs? Hubris? An entitlement mindset? Meanwhile, the Green Extremists don’t like talk that the EU will classify nat gas and nuclear as green.

    Germany, Austria Accuse the EU of Greenwashing

    • Richard Greene

      Why would Germany even talk about shutting nuclear power plants while Russia is playing political games with their natural gas exports to Germany?

      • Article dated today …

        BERLIN (AP) — Germany on Friday shut down half of the six nuclear plants it still has in operation, a year before the country draws the final curtain on its decades-long use of atomic power.

        The decision to phase out nuclear power and shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy was first taken by the center-left government of Gerhard Schroeder in 2002. His successor, Angela Merkel, reversed her decision to extend the lifetime of Germany’s nuclear plants in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan and set 2022 as the final deadline for shutting them down.

        The three reactors now being shuttered were first powered up in the mid-1980s. Together they provided electricity to millions of German households for almost four decades.

    • Google Volkswagen and China. Germany plans to build things in China (using all those free CO2 emissions the so-called “climate concerned” are giving them).
      The big question is for how long will the Chinese do the work so that Germany can tax their productivity to give free stuff to “retired” Germans? Germany is between a rock and a hard place anyway. Look at their average age. Even if the production comes back to Germany, it will be done by North African and Eastern European immigrants. Where the question will be, how long will they do the work for the benefit of wrinkly Germans?

      • So Germany plans to leach power off its neighbors while outsourcing industry to the third world. Such a deal I have for you!!

      • Richard Greene

        Germany is the major European manufacturer and exporter of manufactured good. Manufacturers need reliable and cheap energy, especially if their labor costs are higher than Asian competitors.

        Major German Exports:

        Machinery including computers: US$236.3 billion (17.1% of total exports)
        Vehicles: $211 billion (15.3%)
        Electrical machinery, equipment: $151.7 billion (11%)
        Pharmaceuticals: $97.7 billion (7.1%)
        Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $74.5 billion (5.4%)
        Plastics, plastic articles: $60.4 billion (4.4%)
        Articles of iron or steel: $28.3 billion (2.1%)
        Aircraft, spacecraft: $28.2 billion (2%)
        Other chemical goods: $27 billion (2%)
        Mineral fuels including oil: $26 billion (1.9%)

      • Richard – I guess the Green Extremists running Germany didn’t get the memo about being the manufacturing powerhouse of the country.

  83. Pingback: Dr. Judith Curry’s Year in Review – Climate-

    • Richard Greene

      This is not reported because it has only a small relationship to the slight warming since 1975.

      In the satellite age, people get earlier warnings of coming climate disasters.

      The slightly warmer winter nights since 1975 should reduce cold-weather heart disease related deaths … but there is also much more obesity now, which should increase such deaths. This would have to be a very rough estimate.

      I’d rather celebrate more CO2 in the atmosphere for greening the Earth, and making Michigan winters milder, rather than taking credit for fewer climate related deaths.

  84. Richard Greene

    Breaking News !

    Greta Thunberg
    wins 2021 Climate Buffoon of the Year
    at my climate science and energy blog.

    The first win for telling the truth.

    Ms. Thunberg also won in 2019,
    so is now a two time winner.

    This year’s winning quote was
    describing COP26 as “Blah blah, blah”,
    an unusually accurate statement,
    coming from a Climate Alarmist:

    Full Story:

  85. Grandstanding about doing nothing is a neo-socialist furphy. Playing to a peanut gallery that is missing in action here.

    1. Investing in energy innovation – check
    2. Conserving and restoring ecosystems – check
    3. Building more resilient infrastructure – check

    What they propose instead is a rabbit hole. At the extreme it involves new economics and the overthrow of democracy and capitalism.

  86. Will Europe Abandon Green Energy?

    Posted: 03 Jan 2022 03:48 PM PST
    (John Hinderaker)

    The European Union has led the way in transitioning from fossil fuels to “green” energy, i.e. wind and solar. But that effort has hit a snag: wind and solar don’t work, and energy costs in the EU are skyrocketing. Now a Reuters report suggests that the EU may be thinking about jumping ship:

    The European Union has drawn up plans to label some natural gas and nuclear energy projects as “green” investments after a year-long battle between governments over which investments are truly climate-friendly.
    A draft of the Commission’s proposal, seen by Reuters, would label nuclear power plant investments as green if the project has a plan, funds and a site to safely dispose of radioactive waste. To be deemed green, new nuclear plants must receive construction permits before 2045.

    Investments in natural gas power plants would also be deemed green if they produce emissions below 270g of CO2 equivalent per kilowatt hour (kWh), replace a more polluting fossil fuel plant, receive a construction permit by Dec. 31 2030 and plan to switch to low-carbon gases by the end of 2035.

    If CO2 is the alleged threat to the future of the planet, nuclear power is indisputably “green.” Nuclear plants don’t emit CO2. Disposal of spent fuel rods is an issue, but a minor one–a ridiculously minor one if you think the alternative is destruction of the planet. That is why any environmentalist who doesn’t support nuclear power is an environmentalist who doesn’t actually believe the propaganda he spouts.

    Likewise, natural gas emits far less CO2 than coal, and “green” advocates have in any case been building natural gas plants like there’s no tomorrow, because gas is what they burn most of the time, when wind and solar fail to produce electricity.

    Meanwhile, the EU’s member countries are sharply split on energy issues:

    Austria opposes nuclear power, alongside countries including Germany and Luxembourg. EU states including the Czech Republic, Finland and France, which gets around 70% of its power from the fuel, see nuclear as crucial to phasing out CO2-emitting coal fuel power.

    It is notable that Germany has just announced that it will close three of its six nuclear power plants, even though German automakers reportedly have warned their government that they will not be able to compete in global markets if their energy costs continue to rise. Maybe, for once, the French will save the Germans from themselves.

    The fate of this particular EU proposal remains unknown, but the handwriting is on the wall. The “green” dream of an economy powered exclusively (or even mostly) by wind and solar energy is impossible, not because of a lack of political will but because of the laws of physics. The end of this story has already been written. The question is how much wealth will be destroyed before greenies admit that their dreams have turned into nightmares.

  87. Following children advice in serious matters carries a great risk, from Joan of Arc, to the Salem trials, the three child seers of Fatima, and the Xhosa famine caused by Nongqawuse. It might backfire greatly. Adults should not pay heed to children’s visions. Those who do often have their own agenda.

    • There is one exception to your warning: Naomi Seibt.
      Climate of Freedom

      A few months back, Greta Thunberg and her avid Fridays For Future followers sent a letter to the EU. This letter contained radical demands to perpetuate the unreasonable “climate change” hysteria and destroy the economy and social fabric with socialist tyranny.

      This is my response, backed by hundreds of climate scientists worldwide.

    • One doesn’t necessarily have to agree. But Greta has the right to organise and express her views.

      ‘“We explore the risk that self-reinforcing feedbacks could push the Earth System toward a planetary threshold that, if crossed, could prevent stabilization of the climate at intermediate temperature rises and cause continued warming on a “Hothouse Earth” pathway even as human emissions are reduced.”

      This is the new consensus consistent with all the available evidence and explained by chaos theory. I suggest bowing to the inevitable and systematically reducing anthropogenic pressures – that go well beyond greenhouse gas emissions – on the system.

    • RE: Robert I. Ellison
      “Since when do teenagers need to know everything?”

      Hah! Since when did teenagers NOT know everything? I was smarter than my Dad by 16. My (twin) sons were smarter than me by 14. Then 20 years later . . . “Oh, I get it now.”

  88. Golly, it looks like, just as we were wrong to doubt the Global Elites about the impending “Climate Crisis” and the CATASTROPHIC damage MAN is doing to the Climate, we were wrong to think they were padding the COVID death numbers. This looks TOTALLY AUTHENTIC. THEY ARE FINALLY STACKING COVID “DEAD BODIES”

    OH, and no matter where you live, THIS is unacceptable. My next-door-neighbor’s mother grew up in 1930s Germany. I can still read the number tattooed on her arm, and it is happening once again. She is still alive, and he and his sister will not let her see stuff like this because it would kill her.

  89. Bill Fabrizio

    I just saw this in the WSJ. Finally a bit of policy sanity, in the EU, which no doubt will cause some fierce reaction. It will be interesting to see how the US responds.

    • Bill Fabrizio

      Obviously the policy is far from final. These things involve much horse trading. But … given how the French are so wedded to nuclear, I wouldn’t bet against the reclasification.

      As to NG, we’ll see. That would be an unmitigated triumph.

      • Spain will not go along for as long as the social-communist government is in power. The Spanish left has been anti-nuclear for over 50 years. They are not turning around even if freezing in the dark.

      • Bill Fabrizio

        I wouldn’t doubt you on Spain, Javier. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

      • RE: Javier
        “The Spanish left has been anti-nuclear for over 50 years. They are not turning around even if freezing in the dark.”

        However, on the upside . . . [Perhaps someone living there can fill in this space.]

  90. Richard Greene

    “Greta has the right to organise and express her views.”

    And we have the right to call her a dingbat in at least
    two subjects, climate science and politics.

    Concerning politics, she shot herself in the foot
    by calling COP26 “Blah blah blah”
    That’s true of course, but dumb politics
    to state the truth in public.

    Now that she tarnished the COP name,
    is will be changed to CLAP, for
    Climate Liars Annual Party,
    and their final report will be called
    The Claptrap Report.

    • Denigration of a young woman by grumpy old men is not a good look and bad politics.

      The scientific reality – the new consensus – is that anthropogenic changes to the Earth system can trigger dramatic shifts in climate.

      Failing to understand that is not much of a recommendation.

      • So, Robert. So that is the consensus among elementary students, is it? Well, in that case, go out and set fire to your automobile at once!!!

      • “The scientific reality – the new consensus – is that anthropogenic changes to the Earth system can trigger dramatic shifts in climate.”

        Chief–where is the data to support this statement? Imo it is simply your and a few other’s views and far from a consensus.

      • Here’s a by no means exhaustive summary.

      • So you are acknowledging it is by no means consensus science?

      • How does that logically follow from a referenced summary ob the American Institute of Physics site?

      • you linked to something that showed ZERO evidence of the idea that you support being a consensus of scientists

        Don’t be like JJ admit you are wrong.

      • With all due respect, you should be criticizing the evil child abusers using an ignorant and easily manipulated mentally deficient child as their shill to promote international economic suicide rather than those of us mature enough to point it out.

      • Seriously? This took less than 3 seconds to find in a simple Internet search.

        No Statistically-Significant Global Warming For 9 Years 3 Months

        The New Pause lengthens and lengthens. On the UAH dataset, the most reliable of them all, there has been no global warming at all for fully seven years:

        Read more of this post

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        Robert I. Ellison: “Show me the science that finds against abrupt climate change.”
        But that is not the question here. It is about ANTHROPOGENIC climate change.
        We all know about abrupt climate change, for example, the little ice age that abruptly followed the Medieval Climate Optimum. But did human actions cause it? I doubt that ANY scientist would say that!

      • The system shifts in mathematically chaotic ways – from a variety of data sources we get a sense of how and why climate changes.

        But if we are talking anthropogenic greenhouse gases – it is more the last 40 years and the next 100. The problem is risk and decision making under profound uncertainty.

      • The problem is risk and decision making under profound uncertainty caused by the LOUSY computer modeling, not by uncertainly in the actual changes in the climate. Those have been very consistently observable for centuries..

      • Models I have discussed endlessly – they tend not to be able to model abrupt climate change. But by all means cite the evidence that climate isn’t deterministically chaotic.

    • It is the paradigm that best explains climate data – and so is broadly accepted by science. Deal with it Jim

      • Robert I. Ellison:
        It is the paradigm that best explains climate data

        That is not good enough in science. It either explains data or it doesn’t. There is no best or worst.

        As Friedrich Hayek warned in his Nobel lecture “The Pretence of Knowledge”:
        there may thus well exist better “scientific” evidence for a false theory, which will be accepted because it is more “scientific”, than for a valid explanation, which is rejected because there is no sufficient quantitative evidence for it.

        Your espoused “paradigm” is far from being demonstrated. Tons of evidence contradict it.

      • Javier spends his time staring at graphs and insisting on only one interpretation. And while I quote Hayek often – the applicability to science and the scientific method is questionable. But the philosophy of science does indeed include the possibility refining theories in the light of new information. Empirical science always has worked that way. But there are always dinosaurs.

        ‘First scientists had to convince themselves, by shuttling back and forth between historical data and studies of possible mechanisms, that it made sense to propose shifts as “rapid” as a thousand years. Only then could they come around to seeing that shifts as “rapid” as a hundred years could be plausible. And only after that could they credit changes within a decade or so (and later still, within a single year). Without this gradual shift of understanding, the Greenland cores would never have been drilled. The funds required for these heroic projects came to hand only after scientists reported that climate could change in damaging ways on a timescale meaningful to governments. In an area as difficult as climate science, where all is complex and befogged, it is hard to see what one is not prepared to look for.’

        The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) defined abrupt climate change as a new climate paradigm as long ago as 2002. A paradigm in the scientific sense is a theory that explains observations. A new science paradigm is one that better explains data – in this case climate data – than the old theory. The new theory says that climate change occurs as discrete jumps in the system. Climate is more like a kaleidoscope – shake it up and a new pattern emerges – than a control knob with a linear gain.


        So – just where is all this ‘tons of evidence’ inconsistent with abrupt climate change? .

      • where is all this ‘tons of evidence’ inconsistent with abrupt climate change?

        Where is the evidence that anthropogenic factors rule the climate?

        CO2 correlates extremely poorly with temperature during the Holocene and the Cenozoic. And the Pleistocene is explained by Milankovitch. CO2 has no power explaining climate change outside the last 70 years.

        Abrupt climate change does exist, but the best example, Dansgaard-Oeschger events, are not caused by greenhouse gases.

        Science history is full of enormous blunders. As Stuart Firestein says in his book “Ignorance: How it Drives Science,” there is no assurance that modern science is free from them, and in fact the more successful a theory, the less susceptible to revision it becomes, increasing the possibility of a blunder.

      • ‘This report is an attempt to describe what is known about abrupt climate changes and their impacts, based on paleoclimate proxies, historical observations, and modeling. The report does not focus on large, abrupt causes—nuclear wars or giant meteorite impacts—but rather on the surprising new findings that abrupt climate change can occur when gradual causes push the earth system across a threshold. Just as the slowly increasing pressure of a finger eventually flips a switch and turns on a light, the slow effects of drifting continents or wobbling orbits or changing atmospheric composition may “switch” the climate to a new state. And, just as a moving hand is more likely than a stationary one to encounter and flip a switch, faster earth-system changes—whether natural or human-caused—are likely to increase the probability of encountering a threshold that triggers a still faster climate shift.’ NAS 2002

        There are powerful subsystem – hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithoshere, cyroshere and biosphere – the have characteristic periodicities and interact to produce change at all scales. Climate is an ergodic, complex, dynamical system. Ergodic means that it operates within limits over a very long time. Complex means that there are many interacting parts. Dynamical means that the parts change and interact continuously. In systems like climate change happens as regimes and rapid transitions. It’s a newer and more powerful paradigm than Milankovitch cycles.

      • Javier,
        As Stuart Firestein says in his book “Ignorance: How it Drives Science,” there is no assurance that modern science is free from them, and in fact the more successful a theory, the less susceptible to revision it becomes, increasing the possibility of a blunder.

        The more successful a theory the less likely the possibility of a blunder,
        Whether it is susceptible to revision or not.
        They are what I would suggest are unrelated probabilities.
        Not that you could try to draw a long bow.

  91. Pingback: VĚDA: Smrt odbornosti?

  92. Earth system science – the entire field – is built around the planet conceived of as a coupled, complex dynamical, spatiotemporal chaotic system. I’ll put Judith on the spot. She is on board with this new consensus. There are few answers but lots of fascinating challenges.

    ‘The ESS framework has since become a powerful tool for understanding how Earth operates as a single, complex adaptive system, driven by the diverse interactions among energy, matter and organisms. In particular, it connects traditional disciplines — which typically examine components in isolation — to build a unified understanding of the Earth. With human activities increasingly destabilising the system over the last two centuries, this perspective is necessary for studying global changes and their planetary-level impacts and risks, including phenomena such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and nutrient loading. Indeed, one of the most pressing challenges of ESS is to determine whether past warm periods in Earth history are a possible outcome of current human pressures and, if so, how they best can be avoided.’

    Lots of people are doin’ it. Although it remains far beyond the limited imaginations and intellect of such as JJ.

  93. You have to laugh when you read posts from the anti-vaccine crowd. It’s all misleading statistics.

    The point of the vaccines is to prevent hospitalizations and deaths. It’s much less effective at preventing infection. Here’s some data from the state of Indiana when it was about 50% vaccinated:

    Here’s the source

    I don’t know which discussion is more idiotic — climate change or vaccines.

    • You do realize that nobody will ever qualify as “fully vaccinated,” right? The definition is being changed weekly, and the requirement for monthly boosters is already being implemented in some countries. Israel is now on its 4th poison jab, and BoJo has just announced that triple-jabbed vaccine passes will become void in a few months as the requirement for another “booster” is rolled out in the UK.

      I have never met an “anti-vaccine” individual, but there are millions of intelligent people who have done their due diligence in researching the experimental poison serum being misrepresented as a vaccine against COVID-19 Coronavirus and are rejecting it because of the near 100% probability of having an adverse reaction including permanent damage to the immune system, blood clots, myocarditis, which was almost unheard of until the “vaccine” was introduced, and DEATH.. The evidence is overwhelming that the “Vaccine” is causing all of the new cases of “COVID” that are clogging hospitals, and the adverse effects are far more dangerous than any variant of the virus. COVID-19 and all of the decreasingly lethal variants have a better than 99% survival rate for 99% of the population. The only people who have died due to having COVID have died of an UNDERLYING MORBIDITY, including Obesity, not FROM the virus. Deaths due to the VACCINE now outnumber deaths due to COVID according to the government VAERS tracking website. (Cue up Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” as another 25 year old perfectly healthy soccer player dropped dead on the pitch from vaccine-induced heart failure during warm up after having been vaccinated.)

      The original definition of a vaccine has been watered down to the point that it would now includes ASPIRIN since it provides some temporary relief from the symptoms of COVID-19 and all of its variants, the latest being one revealingly named “IHU,”….I HAVE U.

      Tens of thousands of medical experts, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, virologists, researchers, cardiac specialists, etc., have made public statements warning of the dangers of allowing this mRNA gene therapy agent into our bodies. I could post hundreds of links to videos, charts, letters, research results, you name it, to support my assertion. What do you have to support your insult to people who do not wish to be lab rats in an international depopulation clinical trial by unscrupulous individuals like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci?

      I will post one link for your edification. This was Dr. Anthony Fauci in 2009 outlining the plan that was executed in the fall of 2019.

      Summary: A flu-like pandemic is the best thing because then you can make and require a universal “vaccine,” which is even good for the pharmaceutical companies who can then count on annual income.

    • I did not see my earlier long reply to you posted, so it may not have been approved. I provided information that would have convinced you that this entire SCAMDEMIC has been launched for the express purpose of deposing Donald Trump as President of the United States and to launch the hostile takeover of elected governments by tyrants and the depopulation of the world as Bill Gates has been bragging about for over 30 years.

      I will again try to post the video of Dr. Anthony Fauci in 2009 outlining the plan that was executed in the fall of 2019.

      Summary: A flu-like pandemic is the best thing because then you can make and require a universal “vaccine,” which is even good for the pharmaceutical companies who can then count on annual income.

      I add this list of perfectly young athletes killed by the poison jab……..URL to list of athletes that died after getting the vax in 2021:

      I would venture that the US teams are on ivermectin preventive protocols. They see what is happening in Europe and don’t want that happening here.

    • Barnes Moore

      You have to laugh when people have selective memories about what St. Fauci and other health officials were telling us all along. This scamdemic could have been stopped cold by mid 2020 had our health agencies listened to doctors who were actually treating patients using a combination drugs (IVM and/or HcQ primarily), vitamins (D3 & C) and minerals (Zinc, Quercetin) and achieving very positive outcomes. Instead, those on the left went into hysterics when Trump correctly stated that HcQ could be a game changer and the use of safe and effective therapeutics was essentially prohibited even though the re-purposing of FDA approved drugs is a common practice.

      Anyway, to help your memory of what we were being told all along, and to see how St. Fauci is trying to change the narrative, again.

      • Dr Fauci was the voice of the medical professionals. You don’t trust medical professionals, that’s on you. You don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s on you.

        If you get this disease, don’t clog up the emergency room and take up a hospital bed. Stay home and treat yourself with those “alternate” therapies you think are effective. Leave the hospitals for those who got vaccinated and are immunocomprised or those with heart attacks, etc.

        BTW the Orange Wonder is fully vaccinated. Besides the treatments you mentioned, the Orange Wonder also suggested you could inject yourself with disinfectant or shine UV light in your lungs. A medical professional he is not.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        “Dr Fauci was the voice of the medical professionals. ” No, he is the voice of a group of bureaucrats. The Great Barrington Declaration if a good example of the voice of medical professionals: it has been individually signed by more than 50,000 medical professionals.
        “also suggested you could inject yourself with disinfectant or shine UV light in your lungs.”: No, the media claimed President Trump said you could inject yourself; he never said that. In fact, studies were already going on when President Trump mentioned UV light treatment: “the biotech firm Aytu BioScience announced a partnership with Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles on developing a technology that delivers a type of UV light through a catheter as a coronavirus treatment.” and “the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said one of its studies suggested that the virus shrinks when exposed to ultraviolet radiation that mimics natural sunlight.”

      • I have video:

        UV light is responsible for skin cancer. Using UV light in the lungs wouldn’t only destroy the virus, it would destroy lung tissue. It’s unlikely a treatment like that would ever get FDA approval,

      • “Dr Fauci was the voice of the medical professionals.”…which Dr. Fauci are you believing, he changes his advice almost weekly?

        In I930s Germany, Dr. Josef Mengele “was the voice of the medical professionals.” Would you follow his advice?

        Why would anyone take the advice of someone who contradicts his own advice consistently? Fauci has changed his advice and in fact contradicted his earlier advice scores of times,and on more than one occasion, he has even advised against the decisions of his own board of advisors.

        According to historical records, both Mengele and Fauci allegedly conducted hideous medical experiments on animals and humans, do a search on “Fauci Beagle experiment” and then search on his experiments on “Foster Children” and a search on “AIDS vaccine” and decide for yourself what kind of man you are recommending taking medical advice from. None of Fauci’s experiments ever appear to have done anything to find a cure for any diseases, and I have yet to read about any that Fauci conducted that advanced medicine, either. Dr. Fauci has still not developed any treatments or vaccines to combat AIDS.

        UV light treatment for lung diseases has been commonly used for many years. My own now deceased mother was successfully treated by that method once. I have a bottle of aspirin in my medicine cabinet. The proper dose benefits me, taking an entire bottle might kill me…there are a number of medications and treatments that can have beneficial as well as deadly effects, that is why we have a brain to decide how much of anything is “enough.”

        Please be intellectually honest and do NOT misrepresent statements made or positions taken by Donald Trump or anyone else. That logical fallacy is a known at “The Strawman,” and it only reflects poorly on your own credibility and character. You are better than that.

      • Part of my reply to you previously did not post, I probably failed to copy the entire comment from my notepad, so here it is.

        “President Trump claims injecting people with disinfectant could treat coronavirus.”…no, he mentioned Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 Treatment. It is now being used worldwide to treat COVID-19 patients with great success. India credits its miraculous turnaround almost exclusively to that treatment.

        Chloroquine is an antimalarial drug that was developed in 1934. Hydroxychloroquine, an analogue of chloroquine, was developed in 1946. Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis, in addition to malaria. Intellectually dishonest reporting tried to portray President Trump’s advice as recommending taking a completely different and unrelated chemical used in treating algae in swimming pools, a completely different compound.

      • Barnes Moore

        Nice evasive tactic. Did you bother to even look at the video in the link? Fauci and others clearly state that by getting the jab, we can end the pandemic, not that it will simply reduce hospitalizations – which, if you look at the data coming out, we now know that that claim is not valid.

        In any event, he is trying to change the narrative, and fools like you are buying into it, And fyi, Fauci has not seen a patient since 1968 when he completed his residency and went directly into government “service”. I will trust what doctors who are actually treating patients have to say about “alternate” therapies when they are achieving outcomes that are far better than the vax’s. The safety profiles of Ivermectin and HcQ are multiple orders of magnitude better than the vaccines, and they are far more effective as both a prophylaxis and treatment. Just take some time looking at VAERS analysis and VigiAccess.

        Had our health agencies listened to doctors who were actually treating patients early on using a combination of repurposed drugs (like IVM and HcQ) along with other vitamins and minerals and achieving very positive outcomes, we would have no need for vaccines. But then, Big Pharma would have lost out on Big Profits and Trump would have been re-elected.

        People like you would prefer to have millions of people die so that Trump would not be re-elected. It is people like you who have blood on their hands for working to prevent the common practice or repurposing FDA approved drugs to treat a condition for which no other treatments are available. Doctors were using both IVM and HcQ, both FDA approved medications, as early as April 2020, and achieving very positive outcomes, yet our health agencies ignored their letters and people like you went into hysterics when Trump correctly stated that HcQ could be a game changer. You would rather have millions die instead of considering that Trump might be right.

      • The video was about what the Orange Wonder said. That’s what was being discussed. BTW the Orange Wonder is fully vaccinated.

        You don’t want to listen to the medical professionals, fine. You don’t want to get vaccinated, fine.

        If you get Covid, don’t go to the emergency room and don’t take up a hospital bed. Stay at home and use those alternative “treatments” you think are effective. Leave the emergency room and the hospital bed for those folks who got vaccinated and are immunocomprised, or have other serious illnesses like a heart attack. Why should those people suffer because you’re an I*D*I*O*T?

      • Pandemic of the vaccinated
        Joanne Nova

        Data from several countries now shows that, per capita, after a short honeymoon, the vaccinated are more likely to catch Omicron than the unvaccinated. No one can pretend any more that we need to get vaccinated to protect our friends.

        As if to confirm the bad news, Twitter suspended an inventor of the mRNA vaccine, Dr Robert Malone. They’re trying to cut him off from his half a million followers so it’s my duty and yours to sign up to his site instead. Who needs Twitter? In other omens, last week, Joe Biden even started to give Donald Trump credit for vaccines. We can see where that might lead…

        Check out the charts posted on this page. The evidence is now clear, there truly is a “Pandemic of the vaccinated.”

      • Barnes Moore

        For JJB What video did you watch? I did not see “the orange man” making any of those statements in the video, I only saw the real liars peddling their lies then trying to change their story when the lies were revealed. You clearly have a comprehension problem.

        I listen to real medical professionals, you know, the ones who actually treat patients instead of providing “supportive care” until someone turns blue. Real medical professionals have identified therapeutics that work. My risk of being hospitalized from covid is miniscule given that I actually follow protocols developed by real doctors practicing medicine as opposed to a career swamp creature who has not seen a patient since 1968.

        Isn’t it time for you to get what, your 5th or 6th booster?

    • Results: A total of 394 individuals were randomly assigned to receive I-C or placebo. Both treatment groups had similar baseline characteristics. The incidence of COVID-19 differs significantly between subjects receiving the nasal spray with I-C (2 of 196 [1.0%]) and those receiving placebo (10 of 198 [5.0%]). Relative risk reduction: 79.8% (95% CI 5.3 to 95.4; p=0.03). Absolute risk reduction: 4% (95% CI 0.6 to 7.4).

      Interpretation: In this pilot study a nasal spray with I-C showed significant efficacy in preventing COVID-19 in health care workers managing patients with COVID-19 disease.

      Clinical trials registration: NCT04521322.

  94. This picture of the snow storm induced traffic jam on I-95 in Virginia, where for some a 2 hour drive turned into a frightening 24 hour ordeal, raises some interesting questions. Among them, how many could have died from exposure if all autos were EVs.×900

    I’m driving 1,000 miles south in a couple of days. As of now I would never think of going in an EV.

  95. I don’t ask for belief. That’s not how science works. Chaotic systems are recognised by their behaviour. Whether that’s seen in the ‘stadium wave’, ocean and atmospheric indices or ice cores. The theory evolved from Poincare and orbital Hamiltonian equations.
    Andrey Kolmogorov discovered it in turbulence. Statistics were derived by Harold Hurst from more than a 1000 years of measured Nile River data. Ed Lorenz famously discovered chaos in a convection model. Statistics that have since been calculated for 1000’s of hydroclimatic series.


    Satellites and Argo allow for far more detailed measurement – with the tradeoff of limited duration data. It is showing patterns of planetary responses inconsistent with the notion that all climate change in the modern era was caused by people.


    JJ was shown this and his immediate reaction was that Norman Loeb and CERES colleagues were third rate scientists publishing in a pay to publish journal. That’s not how science works.

  96. Does anyone else find it less than believable that the COVID Coronavirus can get past three injections of the vaccine PLUS a Booster but cannot get past a $2 paper earloop mask?…huh?….read the disclaimer on the box?…WOW! We are being scammed!

  97. The CDC claims that the “technical definition” of “fully vaccinated” has not changed, and it still means two doses of an mRNA vaccine or one of the J&J vaccine. However, in a tacit admission that there will be no end to the boosters, Dr. Fauci says the term “fully vaccinated” is being replaced with “up-to-date shots.” The UK has now voided the Vaccine Passes of everyone who has not had 3 jabs plus a booster, and BoJo has said he plans to push for a booster every month. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad policy..

    In a related story, a man in Germany tried to promote COVID vaccinations by arranging his flock of 700 sheep into the shape of a giant hypodermic needle.

    Not sure if he thought through all the messages that some people might take from associating the vaccine push with controlling sheep. If not, the comments section may surprise him.

    WAIT! THERE’S MORE! This just in…to go with the dozens of other stories of perfectly healthy athletes dropping dead from heart failure after being “vaccinated.”

    Double Vaccinated 13 year-old boy dies suddenly of cardiac arrest…
    Completely healthy, skinny kid…

  98. You didn’t research Joanne Nova or you would have discovered that she is a prize-winning science graduate in molecular biology. She has given keynotes about the medical revolution, gene technology and aging at conferences all over the world. She hosted a children’s TV series on Channel Nine in Australia, and she has done over 200 radio interviews, many on the Australian ABC. She was formerly an associate lecturer in Science Communication at the Australian National University. She’s author of The Skeptics Handbook which has been translated into 15 languages. Each day 5,000+ people read

    “Rhodes Scholar” mentally deficient AGW puppet Greta ToneDeafBerg is your speed. Shame on you for your consistent intellectual dishonesty. Are you a juvenile?

    • She’s a right-wing wacko. They too come with degrees.

      I saw some statements she made on AGW. The usual junk science that’s been debunked.

      • Please cite evidence that any AGW Howler has EVER successfully shown any assertions Joanne Nova has made to be inaccurate.

        I challenge you to go to her blog and make that accusation.

      • “Please cite evidence that any AGW Howler has EVER successfully shown any assertions Joanne Nova has made to be inaccurate.”

        Challenge accepted.

        I got this from her Skeptics II handbook:

        “Evaporation and rain keep the planet 50°C
        cooler. Fifty! Eighty percent of the natural
        greenhouse effect is due to humidity and
        clouds. Clouds cover 60% or so of the
        entire planet. No one has any idea whether
        cloud cover was the same in 1200, or
        1800, or even 1950. It’s a guess.”

        FALSE! Evaporation takes energy from the surface and cools the surface. The water vapor rises into the atmosphere and condenses as rain. The condensation process releases the exact same amount of energy that was taken from the surface into the atmosphere. Net energy change is zero. It doesn’t cool the planet at all, much less 50 C.

        The woman has no idea what she’s talking about.

      • Did you read the nonsense you just wrote regarding evaporation? No energy is lost doing the work of raising the evaporated moisture? All of the energy is recovered?…..OH, does the SUN play a part in this “perpetual motion engine?”

        I challenge you to post that gibberish on Joanne Nova’s blog and wait for all the replies.

      • I don’t have to post anywhere. I’ll show you why you should never comment on science because you are clueless.

        Do you own an air conditioner? Room or central — it doesn’t matter. The cold air comes out of one side and hot air comes out the other side. Since an air conditioner works by evaporation – condensation, you should understand the principle behind what I said.

      • Ha, ha, ha, keep “revising and extending your remarks” and eventually you will end up exactly where Joanne Nova described the process !!! You are precious.

        BTW, I do my own maintenance on my TWO heat pumps that control the environment in my house. I built a working Carnot Cycle model for a science project during what was then called Junior High and won a BLUE RIBBON at the state competition.

        You would faint if I told you what I did as an intern while I was an undergraduate physics major college student during the 1960s.

      • Matthew R Marler

        J.J. Braccilli

        The condensation process releases the exact same amount of energy that was taken from the surface into the atmosphere.

        And then? The energy accumulates, cycle after cycle, in the cloud condensation layer? The energy is transferred to the adjacent air (warming it), then radiated to space? Something else?

        You have not shown Joanne Nova to be wrong, but yourself to know only part of the process.

      • I guess I should have been more thorough.

        I went through this before. Condensation of the water occurs at constant temperature — dewpoint temperature –, and the energy is transferred to the cooler atmosphere raising its temperature. Some of that kinetic energy is converted to radiant by the greenhouse gases present. That radiant energy is subject to the greenhouse effect. That means most of that energy is going to be returned to the planet. The rest of the kinetic energy is going to be returned to the earth by restriction of convective heat transfer from the surface to the planet.

        Only a small fraction of the energy due to evaporation-condensation will be radiated into space. In any event, not anywhere near the amount necessary to cool the planet by 50 C.

        Cooling the planet by 50 C seems far-fetched in any evaporation-condensation scenario, but it’s not worth the effort to check. It’s never going to happen.

      • Matthew R Marler

        JJ Braccili: Only a small fraction of the energy due to evaporation-condensation will be radiated into space.

        You know that how?

        How much is a “small fraction”? The amount estimated by Graeme Stephens, et al? An amount sufficient to prevent the accumulation of heat in the cloud condensation layer?

      • I know it from the data.

        We know from measurement that the earth’s temperature is 288 K. We know the earth is absorbing 240 W/m2. From the spectrographic data we know that the back radiation from greenhouse gases is about 150 W/m2. That means the earth is absorbing 390 W/m2. From the Stefan-Boltzmann equation, a body radiating 390 W/m2 is at a temperature of 288 K.

        From NASA energy budget of the earth, the amount of evaporation/transpiration is 88 W/m2. Let’s assume all of that is converted into radiant energy and radiated into space. At steady state energy in = energy out. Energy out has to be 390 W/m2, that means the earth is radiating 390 – 88 = 302 W/m2. The rest is leaving by evaporation. From the S-B equation the earth’s temperature should be 270 K. That’s 18 C lower than the earth’s actual temperature. That means little, if any, of the energy from evaporation/transpiration is escaping to outer space.

        Now that I did the calculation it is obvious Joanne Nova has two mistakes in one sentence. The first is that evaporation/condensation is cooling the planet, and the second is that it is by 50 C. Neither is possible.

        Anything else?

      • Matthew R Marler

        JJBracelli: I don’t have to post anywhere. I’ll show you why you should never comment on science because you are clueless.

        Do you own an air conditioner? Room or central — it doesn’t matter. The cold air comes out of one side and hot air comes out the other side. Since an air conditioner works by evaporation – condensation, you should understand the principle behind what I said.

        That is an insufficient response. The inferences from mechanism to rates, and from mechanism changes to rate change, requires more than a rote allusion to the Laws of Thermodynamics.

      • It has nothing to do with thermodynamics. In an air conditioner liquid refrigerant is changed to a vapor in the evaporator absorbing heat. In the air conditioner’s condenser vapor refrigerant is changed to a liquid releasing the heat absorbed + the energy added by the compressor. Same thing happens in the evaporation of water from the earth’s surface and the condensation in the atmosphere sans the compressor energy.

        Anything else?

      • JJBraccili
        “We know from measurement that the earth’s temperature is 288 K. We know the earth is absorbing 240 W/m2. From the spectrographic data we know that the back radiation from greenhouse gases is about 150 W/m2. That means the earth is absorbing 390 W/m2. From the Stefan-Boltzmann equation, a body radiating 390 W/m2 is at a temperature of 288 K.”

        > “We know from measurement that the earth’s temperature is 288 K.”

        >”We know the earth is absorbing 240 W/m2.”

        No, earth doesn’t absorb 240 W/m2.

    • Roland F. Hirsch

      Thank you for this helpful information about Joanne Nova. I had heard a little about her, but this provides the substance needed.

      • I don’t know what Joanne Nova’s IQ is, but she is brilliant and possesses an uncanny awareness and tremendous common sense. Even her detractors have a great deal of respect for her.

        My most recent exchange with her concerned the following comment I posted which she at first thought was a SPAM advertisement for a video game until she saw the name Topher Field.

        7 days from the release of Battleground Melbourne and I cannot begin to tell you how excited the whole team and I are.

        Make sure you’ve reserved your seat for the online premiere at:

        Battleground Melbourne has come together brilliantly. Everything from the interviews to the music to the editing has combined to create something truly powerful.

        As of today the pre-launch campaign kicks off in earnest! We’ve just released the official Movie Poster across all our social media platforms:
        Today we are also launching our dedicated Battleground Melbourne Facebook Page!

        Click the link above and join the page ASAP! We’ll have lots of exclusive content for you there, and you’ll be able to see everything Battleground Melbourne related there!

        It’s also a great place to direct people who might be curious about the documentary but perhaps aren’t ready for some of the other things that I post on my Topher pages ( ), so feel free to share it around!

        Our physical poster campaign will commence on Monday, thankyou to the hundreds of volunteers who will be helping to make that a huge success! And our online marketing starts today with the poster, and on Monday with the release of the official trailer for Battleground Melbourne!

        Topher Field

  99. You are so lucky to have me around to educate you and keep you from embarrassing yourself publicly any further.

    New Research Shows Why the Covid “Vaccines” Are Killing Professional Athletes

  100. Cody Flint is 34 years old. Until recently he worked as an agricultural pilot. He has fifteen years of flying experience. Like so many other people, Cody received the Pfizer shot last year. He waited 48 hours, then went up for a flight, but everything was wrong. He got a severe headache, “like a bomb went off inside his head.” He got tunnel vision, couldn’t properly move his arms and legs, and he even blacked out. It’s a miracle he managed to successfully land his plane, and Cody isn’t sure how he did it because he doesn’t remember actually landing. Cody Flint joins us to discuss his career-ending decision to believe Dr. Fauci.

    Poison Jab-Injured Pilot Speaks Out: Pilot Blacks Out Mid-Air, Bioweapon Shot Tearing Lives Apart

    • TEWS_Pilot


      No there is not.
      You are not doing anyone favors by putting up anecdotes, no matter how many you choose to put up they are not proof of any problem.
      They are proof that people like to tell stories.
      They are proof that life occasionally throws a curved ball.

      Get over it.

      If you give a million people an injection several will die the next day.
      In 30,000 days they will virtually all be dead.
      In fact closer to 33 should die a day, every day, and all of them will die having had that injection.

      For some it will be that sudden heart death syndrome, look it up , where a perfectly fit, much healthier than us, 25-45 year old fitness fanatic just drops dead no cause.
      Tough luck.
      Whether they have had a covid shot or not but you will just chuck them in your choice of statistic.

      Pilots undergo a lot of G Force flying.
      They have micro aneurysms, migraines and heart attacks out of the blue just like anyone else. Much easier to blame a covid shot than your own personal risk and frailty.

      I am not anti vax.
      I am pro personal freedom.
      I remember the problems ethically when people refused blood transfusions on account of their religion and how some doctors and lawyers wanted to force them for their own good.

      I have reluctantly had 2 vaccinations and will have a third to be able to travel freely.
      Unvaccinated people only do themselves a disservice but they should be free to make that choice.

      • More people are being hospitalized and dying from the (NOT) “Vaccine” than from any variant of “COVID.” Why would any healthy person allow himself to be injected with an experimental serum that now causes a serious adverse reaction up to and including death nearly 100% of the time that does NOT protect against COVID, does not immunize, does not reduce the symptoms, and does not prevent becoming a carrier?….Oh, and for a “virus” with a better than 99% recovery rate for 99% of the population?

        If the lapdog media would do their job, people like me would not have to alert the world to the dangers via comments on blogs.

        The Experimental Pfizer Vaccine Was Not Approved by the FDA, Only The Simple Emergency Use Authorization Is Extended. Download and read it for yourself.

        FDA did NOT issue an approval for any “vaccine.”……FDA is simply reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA. In addition, the Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers) was revised to provide updates on expiration dating of the authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and to update language regarding warnings and precautions related to myocarditis and pericarditis.

        Approval of the extension of the experimental use authorization was authorized by the “acting” director of the FDA Janet Woodcock, the same incompetent who caused the Opioid crisis. She will NOT be submitted for permanent director because of her record of recklessness and incompetence and because she does not meet the minimum criteria for director, and even the corrupt Democrat-controlled Senate refuses to confirm her.

        The Pfizer “Comirnaty vaccine” that was recently “approved” will not be available until after the Phase 3 trials are completed in two years. This was a “bait and switch” to try to trick the public into taking the jab thinking it was FDA approved. Ask to see the vial. If it says, “Comirnaty,” it is the version approved by the FDA, but that doesn’t make it safe as those who trusted Thalidomide found out, but this FDA approved version DOES NOT YET EXIST and will not for two more years. If it says, “Pfizer BIoNTech,” it is still the experimental version approved ONLY under the Emergency Use Authorization and CANNOT legally be forced on human beings based on the laws passed following the Nuremberg trials outlawing using humans as unwilling participants in medical experiments.

      • By your own admission, you didn’t submit to being vaccinated for the normal reason, you did it as an act of obedience to the overlords in order to be given back a portion of your rights, rights you were BORN with and that NO government has the authority to take from you by “:mandate” issued by unelected bureaucrats or a wannabe dictator. In the U.S., state legislatures and Congress are the only authorized bodies to create laws.

        Why would a legitimate pharmaceutical company go to court to have their vaccine safety data sealed for 75 years? The court asked Pfizer the same question, and when Pfizer couldn’t provide a reasonable answer, their request was denied. Pfizer has been ordered to make that data public in 8 months not 75 YEARS.


  101. January 6th, 2022: Arctic Sea Ice
    12,942,686 km2, an increase of 95,262 km2.
    18th place in lowest .
    Not quite the increase I had hoped for with our run of hot days on the upside down part of the world but managed to hold its place.
    If this could continue till the end of the freezing season we will have serious questions to ask about our understanding of Arctic sea Ice standard deviations and uncertainty as has gone from 2nd lowest to 18th lowest in less than 2 years.
    Worth a post on its own if, if it continues.

  102. Barnes Moore

    What video did you watch? I did not see “the orange man” making any of those statements in the video, I only saw the real liars peddling their lies then trying to change their story when the lies were revealed. You clearly have a comprehension problem.

    I listen to real medical professionals, you know, the ones who actually treat patients instead of providing “supportive care” until someone turns blue. Real medical professionals have identified therapeutics that work. My risk of being hospitalized from covid is miniscule given that I actually follow protocols developed by real doctors practicing medicine as opposed to a career swamp creature who has not seen a patient since 1968.

    Isn’t it time for you to get what, your 5th or 6th booster?

    • “What video did you watch? I did not see “the orange man” making any of those statements in the video, I only saw the real liars peddling their lies then trying to change their story when the lies were revealed. You clearly have a comprehension problem.”

      Really? When was your last CAT scan? You need to schedule one.

      “I listen to real medical professionals, you know, the ones who actually treat patients instead of providing “supportive care” until someone turns blue. Real medical professionals have identified therapeutics that work.”

      Which medical professionals? Witch doctors? Snake oil salesmen?

      “Isn’t it time for you to get what, your 5th or 6th booster?”

      I think it’s time to test out your immunity theory. Get out among crowds, don’t wear a mask. Covid will find you.

      • Barnes Moore

        I don’t think I have ever encountered someone with the level of ignorance you display. I’d suggest a cat scan for you, but it is obvious that there would be only empty space between your ears. Go to the FLCCC website and you will find a wealth of information including testimonials which I am sure you will simply dismiss, but instead of simply dismissing, do a bit of reading first. Look up Dr. Fareed and tell the 7000 or so patients he treated that he is a witch doctor.

        Like I said, you would prefer people to die than be proven wrong about therapeutics. Since 1992, fewer than 5800 adverse reactions have been reported to the WHO VigiAccess database for Ivermectin with by now over 4 billion people treated. For Remdesivir, over 7000 ARs have been reported since 2020 with orders of magnitude fewer people treated. We now have over 1 million AEs reported in VAERS for the Vax’s since 12/20 with over 20,000 deaths following vaccination – more than double the number deaths for all other vaccines combined since 1990. You have to be a complete blind ideologue to simply dismiss those numbers as irrelevant. See VAERS Analysis, VigiAccess, and for kicks, see IVMMETA.

      • I’m not a medical professional. I’m not a moron who believes everything I read on the internet. When the FDA approves ivermectin or anything else and a doctor prescribes it for me, I’ll take it. Until that time, I’ll stick to the approved vaccines, and the approved treatments.

        I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else. If you decide not to take the vaccines, and you get Covid, stay home and treat it with the alternative treatments you believe are effective. You’re not going to get those at the hospital. Do not clog up the emergency room because of your bad decision. Deal with it.

      • JJBraccili,

        Hit the Tip Jar, I donate my stipend for today’s lesson to Dr. Curry.

        Doctor drops mRNA Injection truth bombs… Top UK “Health” Clown has no response… Schooled by the medical professional on NHS workers who face the sack over the jab.

        (Watch the Video)

        Sajid Javid would have 60,000+ NHS workers sacked for refusing mRNA injections. This Doctor is a heroic figure of resistance. “If you want to provide protection with a booster, you’d have to inject them every month.”

        Longer clip from Sky News:

        Government: “Follow the science”
        Doctor: “The science isn’t strong enough to support mandatory vaccination”

      • Why would I care? It just more right-wing wacko BS. You wallow in it. Get out of the conservative bubble for some fresh air. Unlikely, but you might learn something.

      • Barnes Moore

        The problem you have is that those that choose the Vax are far more likely to end up in the hospital than those who chose safe and effective therapeutics like Ivermectin along with other vitamins and supplements. It’s complete morons like you who can’t be bothered to read beyond the headlines and do a bit of thinking. Ivermectin is far more effective than the vax’s, and it’s safety profile is multiple orders of magnitude better as well. A simple look at the numbers as recorded in the only official databases available confirms these assertions. Go ahead and believe a swamp creature who has not seen a patient since 1968. I’ll trust doctors who actually treat patients. Good luck when you arrive at a hospital and they treat you with renal failure inducing Remdesivir

      • Two of the lawyers arguing before the Supreme Court today in the Biden VAX Mandate case are TRIPLE VAXXED but tested POSITIVE!!…proving that any VAX Mandate would be USELESS in combating the spread of COVID….the irony!!!

      • Your numbers are wrong. It simply isn’t true that the vaccinated are more likely to wind up in the hospital or dead. It’s overwhelmingly the opposite case.

        I suspect, when all is said and done, ivermectin, and all the other nutty remedies, aren’t the answer to Covid.

        You know what’s really ironic? All the talking heads on Faux News who spread this BS are fully vaccinated and wear masks when not on air. They also socially distance. It’s a company mandate. Do you see them walking out in protest or complaining about it on air? No, they encourage you to do it. Sucker!

      • Barnes Moore

        If you have a problem with the numbers I posted, take it up with the CDC and the WHO since the numbers came from the databases they administer. Also, try reading a bit of medical literature published before covid about Ivermectin and tell me how one of the safest drugs in history suddenly became dangerous because covid. Yes, and this drug did come from dirt. Start with this one.

      • joe - the non climate scientist

        JJBraccili | January 8, 2022 at 10:06 am |
        “Your numbers are wrong. It simply isn’t true that the vaccinated are more likely to wind up in the hospital or dead. It’s overwhelmingly the opposite case.”

        The vaccine mandate will turn out to be very ineffective, partially for the reasons stated by tews pilot. Its true that the vaccines reduced the severity of covid. 10x+ reduction in the early vax time period, dropping down to 7-8x by the sept time frame and 4-5x by the nov time frame. – numbers being approximate. That was with the Alpha and Delta variant.

        Omicron is now the dominant variant, which the vaccines are much less effective. as little as 35% effective after only 2 weeks, and estimated to be less than 10% after 6 months. Kinda like requiring a flu shot for last years flu strain.

        The other reason for the likely ineffectiveness at the general population level in reducing the overall spread in the general population is that the mandate only covers a small segment of the population that isnt already vaxed or who doesnt already have natural immunity. The portion of the population that fits that criteria and works for companies with more than 100 employees is probably less than 6%-10% of the total US population. That is too small of a bucket to make a significant dent.

        Third, we are nearing the end of the 3rd wave, So even if there was 100% compliance, the infection rate is going to fall dramtically anyway.

  103. JJBraccili should drop the strident bloviation, which proves nothing, and read a bit more. Maybe take into account the fact that he isn’t God and doesn’t know everything. There are some climate scientists that could use a little navel-gazing in that direction also.

    At any rate, the vaccines are not a long term solution, even if you ignore the documented circulatory system threats.

    The body does not establish immunity from any of the four seasonal corona viruses. It fades quickly. Requiring vaccinations will do nothing IN THE LONG RUN, except enrich big pharma.

    Omicron is mild, like the other corona viruses. This situation will fix itself.

    • Possibly. On the other hand, Covid could morph into a much more contagious, lethal variant that is resistant to vaccines.

      • But there is an established pattern of highly lethal viruses mutating into a less lethal variant. After all, if a virus doesn’t immobilize or kill its host, it will spread faster. It’s a selection pressure.

      • “An established pattern” That comforting. Things follow a pattern until they don’t.

        The only way to end the threat is if everybody gets vaccinated. Until then, anything is possible.

      • The “medical experts” keep moving the goalposts. There is no longer any hope that vaccinating the entire population of the Earth will be sufficient, we must all be vaccinated every year….huh?….changed to every 6 months?….huh….changed again to every 90 days?…for the rest of our lives…when will it ever satisfy their bloodlust?

        Netherlands Health Minister is preparing another three booster vaccines to fight new variants, with two shots planned for 2022 and another mRNA injection slated for 2023.×1536.jpeg

      • I’m sure Mr. Know-It-All is way more qualified to comment on Omicron than these guys, but I’ll put it up anyway, just for kicks ‘n’ giggles.

        “If this pattern continues and is repeated globally, we are likely to see a complete decoupling of case and death rates,” the researchers said. That suggests “omicron may be a harbinger of the end of the epidemic phase of the Covid pandemic, ushering in its endemic phase.”

        The study at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital Complex analyzed records of 466 patients from the current wave and 3,976 from previous bouts of infection. Researchers that worked on it included Fareed Abdullah, a director at the council and an infectious disease doctor at the hospital.

      • JJ braccili

        I am not an anti vaxxer and have to date received 3 covid jabs plus the annual flu jab. I am concerned that we are vaccinating too freely, even into groups which have minimal problems with coping with covid and which are likely facing some increased risks from the jab itself. Some European countries intend jabbing 5 year olds and there is a notable number of heart problems caused to young males.

        Clearly we can’t keep on jabbing every few months as protections seems to last only that time, and being jabbed will not stop you passing on covid, nor catching it again yourself, but is likely to reduce the health consequences.

        Anyway without snark, i thought you might be interested in reading this very long and thoughtful account as to why this particular individual decided not to get vaccinated.

        Quite where the wider world goes from here I don’t know, as those previously double jabbed are now termed unvaccinated by manty countries requiring a covid passport until they have a booster and in the case of Israel soon a booster to the booster


      • Here’s what’s wrong with that approach. The author of that article uses statistics to make his point. He right if you take the entire population — I include people at risk — the odds of you getting covid and dying are small, but not zero and a lot more than be struck by lightning. People get struck by lightning.

        Enough people are stricken by more than a mild case of covid that our hospitals are stretched to the breaking point. Where I live, they notified residents that local hospitals cannot except any new patients. They closed an emergency room in one hospital to redistribute the staff to the other hospitals because of the shortage of medical staff.

        If someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated, fine. If they contract the disease they shouldn’t go to the hospital. Deal with it at home. Why should other people suffer because of their bad decisions?

      • joe - the non climate scientist

        climatereason | January 10, 2022 at 12:02 pm |

        “Anyway without snark, i thought you might be interested in reading this very long and thoughtful account as to why this particular individual decided not to get vaccinated.”

        Tony – that link presents a good rational assessment of the risk.

      • JJB – look up “confirmation bias” then look in the mirror.

      • joe - the non climate scientist

        JJBraccili | January 7, 2022 at 10:51 am |

        “The only way to end the threat is if everybody gets vaccinated. Until then, anything is possible.”

        JJ- where did you get yur medical degree –

        Based on the current effectiveness of the vaccines, this pandemic is going to end the same way that all pandemics have ended. Which is when natural immunity has spread thoughout the general population.

        Do we ignore 200-300 years of known pandemic history and medical science just because its covid,
        Oh Wait – JJ’s is the one who says the past doesnt matter.

      • JJ Braccili

        Thanks for your response. Forget the source of the following links, as the actual information is correct..

        I think you somewhat over estimate the efficacy of the vaccine. As Bill Gates, Boris Johnson, the head of Pfizer and numerous experts have pointed out, being vaccinated is likely to help you to overcome the worst impacts of the virus, however it does not stop you catching it again nor transmitting it.

        The first link goes to data taken directly from the UK Govt and merely repeats what even mainstream media are starting to report, that a good percentage of those in hospital have been vaccinated. Our PM said only a few days ago that everyone in intensive care was unvaccinated and had to backtrack when that statement was shown to be wildly incorrect.

        The second link I have included is to demonstrate what a worrying path we go down, when the properties of vaccination are so wildly exaggerated.

        I know Austria well and ordinarily I would be there at the moment. Vaccination is mandatory, the unvaccinated are barely allowed to leave their homes. Undercover police check your vaccine passport. You need that even to shop, let alone enter a restaurant. Masks are mandatory even in many places outside.

        Compare that with the very pleasant lunch I have just enjoyed at my local pub with my wife. We were not required to use a mask on entry, or to move around inside. We did not have to show any sort of passport and there is no sort of curfew on the hours.. In other words everything is normal.

        Do you really want to enter a dystopian world of ‘papers please’ to do anything, especially when the papers unfortunately show that your vaccinated status STILL means you can get ill AND infect others and you will be classed as unvaccinated if you miss your third, fourth, fifth booster?.

        We have become hysterical the last 2 years and must not overestimate the value of vaccines and use that as the means to further trash our freedoms.

        I would reiterate that our entire family has been triple vaccinated so I am not an anti vaxxer


      • Your links were deleted. It has happened to me too. Usually, when I use a link from the NYTimes.

        I don’t think anybody claimed that vaccination prevented infection. If you’re in the same room with someone that is infected, there is a good chance you will be infected vaccinated or not. Vaccinations drastically reduce hospitalization and death.

        From what I’ve read the vast majority of those that are hospitalized, and die are unvaccinated.

      • 92.1% of Australians – including me – were double vaxxed as of 9 January. On the same day I was refused service at a local restaurant because my vaccination certificate isn’t loaded on my smartphone. I don’t life my life on my smartphone and I am not going to start now. We decided that the quality of their fare was in decline anyway – no great loss. 80% coverage was sufficient for herd immunity to kick in for polio – 95% for measles. We have 95% coverage for childhood vaccines.

        Viruses adapt – doing less damage to hosts is a survival mechanism. Mutations to more virulent forms tend to die out. This is a principle of selective evolution.

    • joe - the non climate scientist

      jim2 | January 7, 2022 at 8:34 am | Reply
      “At any rate, the vaccines are not a long term solution, even if you ignore the documented circulatory system threats.”


      until a vaccine is developed that is actually an effective vaccine (90%+ effectiveness for 20-30+ years) , the only long term solution is acquired/natural immunity. That solution has been well known decades based on the well known history of respiratory viral infections.

      Granted, the existing vaccines do cut the severity of infections down their effectiveness are around 50% after only 6 months with rapidly declining effectiveness.

      It should be noted that the northern hemisphere is in the middle of the third major wave (not counting those periodic partial localized flairups), which is remarkably similar to the 1918 spanish flu along with most other pandemics. Point being is that there is a reasonably high probability of this being the last major wave which will likely end by late Feb/early march.

      • As I said, if you get sick, stay away from the hospital. Why would you want to go? They’re only going to use FDA approved treatments. The social media approved treatments are so much more effective.

        I believe if someone started a rumor that horse pi$$ was an effective treatment for Covid, I’d be reading posts about the curative powers of horse pi$$ claiming hundreds of medical studies backing it up.

      • Autopsy — 93% of deaths caused by Vaccine…Bhakdi Burkhardt autopsy results show shows 93% of deaths caused by Vaccine

        Fifteen bodies were examined (all died from 7 days to 6 months after vaccination; ages 28 to 95). The coroner or the public prosecutor didn’t associate the vaccine as the cause of death in any of the cases. However, further examination revealed that the vaccine was implicated in the deaths of 14 of the 15 cases. The most attacked organ was the heart (in all of the people who died), but other organs were attacked as well. The implications are potentially enormous resulting in millions of deaths. The vaccines should be immediately halted.

      • This is something you and the others would definitely be interested in.

      • JJBraccili,

        OH! NOES! I don’t know whether you are male or female, according to “Woke” Leftists it doesn’t matter because both can have babies, but take note: COVID VAX CHANGING MENSTRUAL CYCLES!!!

        You should see your OBGYN immediately.

      • (KPRC). HOUSTON, TEXAS….Mother Charged With Child Abuse After Following Medical Advice Recommended by Commenter “JJBraccili”. ..OK, I just made up that last part, but it is in character.

        A Houston mother has been charged after her 14 year old daughter was found in the trunk of her car at a Drive-Thru COVID Testing site. The mother told police the child had tested POSITIVE for COVID and had to be quarantined. The child was unharmed.

      • Ha, ha, ha, your Medium “fact checker” isn’t qualified to read the mortician’s notes regarding cause of death, let alone critique his findings….so he instead attacks the HOST OF THE WEBSITE where the Doctor posted his video….you are beneath contempt.

      • joe - the non climate scientist

        JJ’s comment – “I believe if someone started a rumor that horse pi$$ was an effective treatment for Covid, I’d be reading posts about the curative powers of horse pi$$ claiming hundreds of medical studies backing it up.”

        JJ – you should be commended for your ability to greatly distort beyond all meaning what was actually stated.
        Further, if you got out of your bubble, you might actually be able to grasp your distortions.

      • I’m not distorting anything. I just posted an article that someone has been selling “magic” dirt — BOO — for 25 years that supposedly cures almost anything. People bought it and not a small number of people. I’m sure if you knew about it, you’d be singing its praises.

        FDA on Ivermectin

        FDA on Hydroxychloroquine

        I know, it’s all fake and I should take the advice of witchdoctors and snake oil salesmen because they are the true medical experts. What do people with degrees in medicine and years of experience know? The talking heads on Faux News know so much more.

      • Distortion involves misrepresenting facts. I don’t do that. That’s what you do. I have a right to my own beliefs and opinions. I clearly distinguish beliefs and opinions from facts. You blur the line.

      • “Distortion involves misrepresenting facts.”

        The facts are these:

        1) Ivermectin is Nobel Prize winning drug with decades of proven safety and efficacy with human use.

        2) Many drugs are found by educated (or accidental) trial to have multiple uses against completely unrelated maladies.

        3) Physicians historically have been trusted to prescribe off label uses of safe drugs, especially when time is of the essence, in the absence of completed randomized controlled trial results.

        4) There are institutional pressures on medical science, just as there are on climate science, to tow line established through funding that are driven by politics rather than science.

        5) Because a medicine is also effective in horses does not mean one is “taking horse medicine.”

        6) Labeling such a medicine as a “horse medicine” is a distortion of fact.

      • Excellent post! Doctors who were actually treating patients for Covid were using Ivermectin and/or HcQ along with other vitamins and minerals as early as April 2020 and getting very positive outcomes. See Dr. George Fareed in the Imperial Valley as well as Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter in Broward County, FL. Those same doctors wrote letters to our health agencies but the letters went unanswered and the doctors ultimately were not simply ignored, but many were demonized for having the audacity to practice medicine and treat patients instead of following our health agencies recommendation of providing “supportive care”. It is virtually impossible to overstate the level of corruption that has permeated virtually every institution having anything to do with Covid – our newsrooms, hospitals, federal agencies, and even academia where trials of Ivermectin appear to be designed to fail. If the full scope of this corruption is ever fully revealed, there will be hell to pay.

      • CDC Numbers
        New York City, daily death rate per 100k
        On Jan. 7, 2021, .619 per 100k deaths.
        One year later, on Jan. 7, 2022, .692 deaths per 100k

        One whole year of vaccinating, mandating, and screaming at people= no impact on the death rate (even a slight increase).

        I’m vaccinated, my whole family is as well, but this is not what we signed up for.

      • THIS is what you actually signed up for whether you knew it or not….Israel is already on #4 and working on #5…You automatically revert to “UNVACCINATED” on your Vaccine Pass if you have not had the latest “Booster” regardless of whether you have had ALL of the previous ones, and NATURAL Immunity from having recovered from COVID, the best kind and the ONLY kind that lasts, does not excuse you from having to be jabbed again….and again….and again….and…..
        Multiple Covid Vaccine Shots…to INFINITY and BEYOND!!!!!!

        Weird chart. Looking at it one would almost think that new Covid cases are perfectly correlated with (mRNA) Covid vaccination levels at both the state and national level….,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

        The Highest paid U.S. government official and the man the world is taking advice from regarding how to protect from COVID is Fear-mongering Animal and Children Torturer Anthony Fear-monger Fauci….”Fauci Beagle Puppy Experiments with flesh eating insects.”

  104. Barnes Moore

    I think Thomas Sowell was thinking of you when he said “It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.”

    • Among the many things I have learned from Dr. Curry over the years is the value of polite debate and backing up my assertions with evidence…I just got that advice reinforced by Joanne Nova a couple of days ago…and she agreed that my evidence was solid.

      Nevertheless, there comes a time when I must consider the advice of two well known experts on human behavior. I only do that as a last resort when all else fails in a conversation with someone like JJBraccili

      George Carlin Says the average person is stupid

      Spock reveals his secret to dealing with stupid people

      • What hospital in the US is treating Covid patients with Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine? NONE!

        Trials are ongoing, but I’d recommend people get the vaccine. It’s the only known effective prevention of hospitalization and death from COVID.

        Even the Orange Wonder is fully vaccinated, and he started this lunacy.

      • Ha, ha, ha, “FACTCHECK?” They should rebrand as “STOOGES-AND-SHILLS-R-US.” Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for a source!!!!!

        My daughter is a surgical nurse in a HEART HOSPITAL. They use Ivermectin and HCQ and Zinc and vitamins for ALL of the COVID-VACCINE-DAMAGED patients…and they have NONE who are there as a result of COVID, only due to the VACCINE.

      • Trust the Experts! Trust the Court! LIARS and FRAUDS !!! You and SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor must read the same JUNK SCIENCE FICTION Yellow Journalism!!!

        Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor just lied through her teeth during oral arguments in the Gropin’ Quid Pro Joe Bidet vaccine mandate case..

        According to Justice Sotomayor, 100,000 children are hospitalized with COVID and many are on ventilators….Your move Fact Checkers.

        Justice Sotomayor’s comment on 100,000 children in serious condition with COVID is such a flagrantly untrue statement she should have to correct it after the argument. It’s embarrassing for the Supreme Court to allow that factual inaccuracy to occur in an oral argument.

        This is just absolutely astonishing. “100,000 children in serious condition,” per Sotomayor. Where do these people obtain their misinformation? The current national pediatric COVID census per HHS is 3,342. Many/most are incidental to COVID and are hospitalized for some other condition.

        For reference there are only 116,000 people TOTAL OF ALL AGES presently hospitalized nationwide with COVID. And many of these people are in the hospitals “WITH” COVID, not “FOR” COVID, that is, they are in hospitals for another reason and just happened to have tested positive for COVID on entry.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        We certainly hope that no hospital is treating patients using hydroxychloroquine! That’s following the science. HCQ is an effective treatment when administered early, before the infection is reached the point of hospitalization. Some 80+ research papers show that. Be it cannot impact the late stages of the COVID that require hospitalization.

      • What papers? From where?

        If that were effective, it would be prescribed in the US. I never heard of any reputable doctor prescribing it for Covid prevention.

        Please! Not another conspiracy theory. That’s where this nonsense always leads.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        Here’s a reliable database of HCQ studies:
        Important point: the ones marked “Early” on the left side are the meaningful ones, according to the scientific research reported.
        Here is the list of only the Early studies:
        The Dec 23, 2021 study is an analysis of 33 of the early studies, of which 32 showed a positive effect of HCQ.

      • HCQ and IVM have been officially and in some cases unofficially used in quite a few countries. Obviously, these should be used BEFORE someone is admitted to the hospital. In fact, I personally know someone over 80 years old who got COVID before Omicron and the doctor in that case prescribed Ivermectin. This person had co-morbidities. It made her feel better the next day and she was over it within a week. Of course that’s anecdotal, and of course there are studies that show IVM to be effective against COVID. But certain people who follow the science don’t actually.

      • If the medical board of a state hears of a doctor using a non-approved treatment for any illness, his license will be suspended pending a hearing. If a doctor prescribed ivermectin for other than what it was intended, he is a quack.

        I suspect the countries that approved these medications are third world countries with not much in terms of medical oversight. We don’t do that in the US. A medication has to be proven — not something recommended by some wacko on the internet.

      • I don’t know where you live, but in the US, doctors can prescribe anything for anything. They are doctors! They and their patients decide, not some politically motivated “board” of bureaucrat whose cushy livelihood depends on pleasing clueless politicians. Some regulations are good, but far too many are over the top. We’ve been seeing more and more of the id-eeee-ot-tick ones recently.

      • No, they can’t. Not only will he be up before a medical board — his insurance company will pull his malpractice insurance.

      • That relationship between doctors and patients was voided with Obamacare and now is even worse since Tyranny became the “New Normal.” The governor of Nevada threatened to revoke the licenses of any doctor who prescribed Ivermectin or HCQ and hoarded all of the supplies to be used …..drum rolll….. to treat CONVICTS in the prisons. Other states run by Democrat Dictators are taking similar action. I could list other actions that are similarly outrageous, but you are free to search for whatever news makes it past the censors.

        I live in the USA.

      • Where do you get this stuff? I knew it was bad on the internet. I didn’t know it was this bad.

      • A former member of a military unit to which we were both assigned at one time and who retired to Las Vegas alerted me to the outrageous tyranny. He consulted with his doctor about taking the two drugs and was told by his doctor that he would lose his license if he tried to prescribe either of them.

        Do you know how to operate a search engine:? This took less than 4 seconds to locate.

        Nevada Governor Found Hoarding Hydroxychloroquine After … › tipsheet › bronsonstocking › 2020 › 04 › 04 › nevada-governor-found-hoarding-hydroxychloroquine-after-restricting-access-to-the-drug-n2566360

        Apr 4, 2020 Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, Democrat, had a kneejerk reaction to President Trump’s optimism about a malaria drug that might be an effective treatment for the Wuhan coronavirus. Trump was hopeful….

      • If you live in a state like that, you should move immediately and that medical board you are so fond of should be sued then disbanded. Nothing has happened to the doctor who treated my friend. You and your ilk would have him punished for saving her life. That’s despicable. If you want to see the problem, look in the mirror.

      • You may have meant your reply regarding draconian medical boards to go to JJBraccili. You and I seem to be in agreement that such practices are beyond the pale. There is a concerted effort to BLOCK the treatments that work in order to force people to accept the Poison Jab.

      • Report that doctor to the medical board and watch what happens.

      • Barnes Moore

        Pretty funny TEWS. It is incomprehensible how many people will simply ignore data and simply. JJB appears to be a victim of Mass Formation Psychosis.

  105. It’s been a very sad and alarming year for the scientific establishment. Viral epidemiology has been exposed as a crude science based on simplistic mechanistic narratives that lack quantification. And the politicization of the field has really shaken my faith in our “scientific” leaders.

    It’s becoming more and more obvious that climate models have large numerical errors and large subgrid model errors with several papers by field leaders basically admitting this and calling for a multi-billion dollar program to increase resolution. All of course hedged with ritual incantations about “the fundamental science is still a basis for action.”

    It really is a shameful and dispicable performance by most of the elites in Western culture, starting and ending with a propagandistic and corrupt corporate media and arrogant and blatantly political corporate effective monopolies.

    • Pretty funny given your constant defense of Nic (herd immunity in May 2020) Lewis and John (pandemic will peak in Europe and US in April 2020) Ioannidis total failures

      • Looks like the peanut gallery has gotten reassembled after covid restrictions were relaxed.

      • joe the non epidemiologist

        In the mean time – Sweden’s cumlative death rate is lower than all but 3 or 4 countries in europe. So what if nic got it wrong in early 2020

      • Joe the non epidemiologist wrote: “Sweden’s cumlative death rate is lower than all but 3 or 4 countries in europe”

        You sure about that? Do you mean the EU or the continent? Without Scandinavia? Whichever, it would be interesting to see which 3/4 countries you mean.

      • Joe - the non epidemiologist

        J murphy
        the 3 countries are denmark, norway and finland , netherlands.

        All the other European countries are significantly higher death rates.

        I dont have death rates by age which is the best metric to compare countries/states/regions.

        In the US, unsurprisingly, the death rates per capita for the age 65+ was remarkably close for all the states. As of mid November, most states cumulative deaths per 100k were all in a narrow band of 1150 to 1300, with the exception of 4-5 states (vermont, NH, Wa, HA

      • Joe, using Worldometers and sorting by deaths per million population, I also see Serbia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, etc. I stopped after that but could see more European countries with a better rate than Sweden’s. What am I getting wrong?

      • joe the non climate scientist

        JMurphy | January 9, 2022 at 6:24 am |
        Joe, using Worldometers and sorting by deaths per million population, I also see Serbia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, etc.

        J murphy – my mistake, though those countries are lower, but generally comparable.
        I think death by age group is the better metric. though that info is not readily available without doing some extra work.

      • Happy New Year Joshua!
        How is your projection of Florida catching up to New York coming along?

        CDC= New York, 131 deaths/day last seven days.
        Miami Herald’s count of Florida (Josh’s preferred because they use the old, less accurate rules), 38 deaths/day in Florida.

        3.46 times as many deaths/day in New York, with a smaller population. That was the case throughout December, FYI. New York is recording more daily deaths than Texas, which has 10 million more residents than New York.

        NY total cumulative deaths per 100k 309
        FL 292.
        Texas is 259

        On Dec. 7 the cumulative total gap was 10/100k (ie NY had 10 more deaths per 100k than FL). Now it’s 17.

        Speaking of herd immunity: New Hampshire reports 100% of it’s population has at least one dose. Over the last 7 days, 4.3/100k deaths vs Florida with 1.2 (using the Herald’s estimate). Raise your hand if you remember the media telling you vaccine induced 100% herd immunity would yield worse results?

      • Jeff –

        > How is your projection of Florida catching up to New York coming along?

        Provide a quote or stfu.

        I said they’d be unlikely to catch up in per capita deaths, and obviously they’d cycle back down in the winter. I was right.

        I said Florida would pass NY in total deaths, which it did – although even there it will likely cycle back below NY in upcoming months.

        Probably similar patterns with cases and cases per capita (although with much less testing in Florida).

        All that just goes to show how facile it is to attribute these outcomes to state-wide policies in some simplistic fashion. I’ve said all along such comparisons across states or across countries serve little function other than to confirm biases if they aren’t longitudinal (and not cross-sectional) and carefully controlled for confounding variables, interaction effects, mediators and moderators, etc.

        Basic epidemiology.

  106. David Wojick

    My latest scribble:

    Energy anguish hits Britain
    By David Wojick

    The beginning:
    We are just weeks into winter and already an energy crisis is starting to burn in Britain. Part of this anguish is directed at climate policy, especially net zero.

    The Brits are way ahead of the US when it comes to threatening people with direct hits, so this is no surprise. We have high natural gas prices, but they are being told they will have to pay huge sums to insulate and convert their gas heated homes to electric heat pumps. We have high gasoline prices while they are threatened with outlawing new fuel-fired cars. The stupidly green government has even suggested that personal car ownership might be ended. No wonder the Brits are running hot.

    One aspect of this green shock is that supposedly conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson was elected largely because of his role in Brexit. That he was a roaring green was not part of his popularity. Under his leadership the UK has taken the global lead in climate madness. This includes floating various surprise radical proposals at COP 26, all of which mercifully sank. Thus he is the natural lightning rod to attract the energy anger.

    What is especially interesting is that the mainstream press is on board with the people. Here are some nasty headlines from six different papers, from just a few days. Imagine months of this!

    The headlines, and more, are in the article.

    • Perhaps it is time to focus on practical and politically pragmatic responses. Some 80% of new coal build is being planned by 5 ASEAN nations. COP’s founder on nation states pursuing their social and economic progress. As well they should. Frankly – there is a risk of abrupt and unwelcome climate change – but the developing economies don’t give a rat’s arse about what anyone thinks about rolling the dice or not. Greta – and this is not a criticism – doesn’t get a say.

      30 years ago I looked at the 1st IPCC assessment report, decided that the solutions were technological and went back to more interesting pursuits. Beer and women prominently.

      ‘Japan and Australia consider a technology-led response is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also ensuring economic growth and job creation. We share an ambition to accelerate the development and commercialisation of low and zero emissions technologies as soon as possible, as achieving cost parity with high emitting alternatives is vital for decarbonisation efforts.

      Japan and Australia are determined to make low and zero emissions technologies that will underpin decarbonisation strategies to make them globally scalable and commercially viable, through collaboration on technology research and development, in order to rapidly accelerate global emissions reduction and reach net zero emissions.

      In this regard, Japan and Australia commit to collaborate and coordinate together, and with key likeminded partners regionally and multilaterally, on ways to support economic growth and resilience of the Indo-Pacific region and particularly amongst ASEAN members. This commitment will be displayed, by supporting regional partners in their pragmatic and clean energy transitions in various forms, which reflect their own circumstances and increasingly utilise low and zero emissions technologies and energy resources, to meet the region’s growing energy demands. We, together with their partners, will coordinate approaches wherever possible on support for clean, pragmatic and realistic energy transitions in the region, including for developing countries, through finance, capacity building, technology development and deployment support, and knowledge sharing.’

    • Why don’t you give it up? You’re not going to win. People can see what’s going on with extreme weather events. That’s not manufactured, and it’s not temporary.

      Even the Republican Party is putting its toe in the water of addressing climate change. Their being pushed by young Republicans — an oxymoron — who see what’s in their future if climate change isn’t addressed. Older Republicans are concerned about extreme weather events. Not that anything their proposing is going to be anywhere near sufficient, but it’s a start.

      Even Senator James “snowball” Inhofe of the state of OK is changing his tune. He no longer calls climate change a hoax.

      • Do you take pride in posting nonsense that is immediately refuted by EVIDENCE?

        With Facts and Data from The Heartland Institute, Dan Bongino Destroys STOOGE Climate Alarmist Who Claims “Climate Change, aka GlowBULL Warming” is causing increase in frequency and strength of storms and hurricanes and tornadoes…oh, my.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        Everyone agrees that climate changes. No Republicans dispute it. None dispute for example that it was as warm as now 1000 years ago, and warmer 2000 years ago, with little ice ages in between.
        The questions are about a) predictions of future climate, and b) measuring the benefits of possible future climate against the problems.

        Your comments on climate suggest that you are unfamiliar with the science.
        For example, extreme weather is LESS than it used to be. We have far fewer heat waves, extreme droughts, or floods than we did in the 1950s and 1930s. We have far fewer extreme tornados than in the past (34 EF5 tornados (the strongest ones) 1956 to 1976, just 4 from 2000 to 2021.
        The highest recorded temperatures in the 50 states are also mostly in the past: just 4 in the period 2000 through 2021 and 23 in the 1930s. This is because most of the modest warming in the last 100+ years has been of nighttime lows being less lower and winter temperatures being less cold. Daytime highs have not gone up and summers have not been hotter.
        Finally, you need to learn about the major benefits of climate change. Scientists agree that far more people die of cool and cold temperatures than of warm and hot temperatures. The 2015 paper in the Lancet covered 74 million deaths in 13 countries from shows 7% of deaths from cool or cold and 0.5% from warm or hot.
        A. Gasparrini, et al., “Mortality risk attributable to high and low ambient temperature: a multicountry observational study”, The Lancet (2015) DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(14)62114-0
        And the NY Times has an article covering that research paper and several others:
        J.E. Brody, “Beware: Winter is Coming”, New York Times, 12/19/2016
        The higher CO2 is also providing great benefits to agriculture, as plants grow better with more CO2 in the air (commercial greenhouses routinely add CO2 as the crops are better quality and quantity. Here is a comprehensive database of thousands of published studies:

        There is lots more about climate science that you would benefit from studying.

      • The weather always changes. Long term climate has to be made to change.

        I understand the science very well.

        As to extreme weather events here is worldwide data from the insurance industry:×579.jpg

        I have another version of that has more recent data and it doesn’t get any better — only worse.

        If you think dumping massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere is beneficial — think again.

      • JJ Braccili

        These can only be considered extreme weather events if you cancel all the worse ones that have gone before in previous centuries, which you insist on doing by denying history


      • ‘By ‘Noah Effect’ we designate the observation that extreme precipitation can be very extreme indeed, and by ‘Joseph Effect’ the finding that a long period of unusual (high or low) precipitation can be extremely long.’ Mandelbrot and Wallis, 1968, Noah, Joseph and Operational Hydrology

        Climate is in a state of perpetual change.
        Extremes of flood and drought tend to increase in intensity with the length of hydroclimatic series. This has been confirmed many times – and will be into the future as records grow more comprehensive and analytical methods more powerful.


        They may neglect hydrological knowledge on the basis of short records and a piss poor understanding of hydrological statistics as much as they like. But they are just wrong. Past extremes are very much greater than anything seen in the modern era.

      • Let me say this again. Long term climate has to be made to change. It doesn’t change because it feels like it.

        You can do all the arm waving you like, but it doesn’t change what I just said.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        Please then explain why the Earth’s climate was warmer 2000 years ago (the Roman Warm Period, acknowledged by all scientists who study past climate)? What made it change??? That is probably the most important question asked by climate scientists. Without an answer we cannot predict future climate.

      • It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. The thermometer wasn’t invented until the 18th century.

        Today, we can measure all the possible sources of the warming we are seeing. CO2 is the ONLY possible cause for reasons I have explained over and over.

        What will happen if we keep dumping CO2 in ever increasing rates into the atmosphere is not in question. The only thing that is in question is how long we have before it can’t be fixed. That’s what the models tell us. If the models aren’t perfect does not discredit climate science.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        Mercury/glass thermometers are not the only way to measure temperature.

        Mass spectrometry allows determining the temperature at which organisms lived in the distant past. The ratio of oxygen-18 (a rare isotope) to oxygen-16 (the common isotope) in, for example, a layer of the shell of a mollusk depends on the temperature when that layer was formed. Thousands of studies have been done using oxygen isotope ratios, as well as ratios of other elements and their isotopes. I cited a few examples in a response to JMurphy a few minutes ago.

        But your best choice to learn the basics about climate science would be to read the book by Steven Koonin, “Unsettled?” It was written to explain the current state of climate science to a lay audience. Prof. Koonin is as qualified as any scientist to explain climate science. He became a physical professor at CalTech when Richard Feynman was there, and eventually became vice president and provost (serving for nearly nine years). He chaired the JASON, the primary advisory group to the Federal Government on science and engineering, for six years, including committees on climate science. He was chief scientist at BP for 5 years, developing their climate policy. He was Undersecretary for Science and Energy in the Department of Energy for President Obama’s first term, overseeing a large climate science program. He then organized a seminar on climate science for the American Physical Society:
        It is still the best seminar on climate science. He is currently a professor at NYU.
        Another good choice would be this article by Freeman Dyson, the late physicist at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton:
        It’s in the NY Review of Books and unfortunately paywalled.

      • As I keep repeating. What happened in the past has zero impact on the present. There were a set of conditions that occurred in the past that caused those events. It’s unlikely that those conditions are being duplicated today.

        I already know the basic science. It’s just not what you believe to be the basic science, and you are wrong.

        I haven’t read Steven Koonin’s book, but I’m aware of it. I stopped reading climate skeptics’ books a few years back because they are loaded with misrepresentations and junk science.

        I did read a review of his book and I’m linking it. They use one of my favorite graphs — extreme weather events by type by year — and come to the same conclusions I do. Maybe, that makes me biased.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        Your response is perplexing. Steven Koonin has been actively involved in climate science for close to 25 years. He managed a large portfolio in the first term of President Obama. He led the APS seminar, which is the best source for scientific information about climate. His book has received many favorable reviews from scientists familiar with the field.
        You quote a site run by two nuclear physicists, neither of whom have any background in climate science.
        At least you agree that it was warmer worldwide 2000 years ago. How can that be ignored while trying to forecast future climate? The scientific community agrees that there are solar cycles that impact climate, and that the cooling after the temperature peaks (well documented for1000, 2000, and 3500 years ago) could start soon. That is the climate science that is well documented in the peer-reviewed literature.

      • I went through Koonin’s bio. He is primarily a theoretical nuclear physicist. He has a similar background to his critics. The first time he said anything on climate science was in 2014. He has one book on the subject. I couldn’t find any papers. He has given a number of interviews and presentations to hype his book. He has not been involved in climate science for 25 years.

        His book has not been received well by the scientific community. I went through excerpts from some of his interviews and he is selective in the data he uses. When he talks about extreme weather events he usually refers to the US. The US makes up about 6% of the surface area of the planet.

        “At least you agree that it was warmer worldwide 2000 years ago. How can that be ignored while trying to forecast future climate?”

        I said no such thing. I have no idea if the world was warmer 2000 years ago or not. What I said is it doesn’t matter.

        “The scientific community agrees that there are solar cycles that impact climate, and that the cooling after the temperature peaks (well documented for1000, 2000, and 3500 years ago) could start soon.”

        I haven’t seen anything about the scientific community saying that a cooling period could be coming soon. Solar irradiance has been declining for the past 40 years and the temperature is still rising. That tells me that solar radiance is not a factor and is not going to be anytime soon.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        I’m not going to answer all your arguments about Steven Koonin. But the correct year for his starting to be active in climate science would be 1997, when the JASON, which he chaired, held the first of several climate science studies. He was in charge of developing the key climate policies for BP from 2004 to 2009, And as a high official in the Obama Administration starting in 2009 he was actively involved in climate science. If you had said that his active involvement with climate science began in 1997 you would have been correct.
        You point out that you are unfamiliar with the scientific research literature on climate, and I suggest you start reading some of the papers I have referenced. For example, there is a large scientific literature explaining how the earth’s temperature was warmer 2000 years ago than it is now (I posted some major research papers on this), and many papers explaining why the sun has a key long-term influence on the earth’s climate.
        I won’t argue further on your points. Read the literature to find out what is known in climate science.

      • Here is an excerpt from Koonin’s bio:

        “In 2004, Koonin joined BP as their chief scientist, where he was responsible for guiding the company’s long-range technology strategy, particularly in alternative and renewable energy sources.[8] He was tapped for the position of Under Secretary for Science at the United States Department of Energy by Steven Chu, Obama’s Secretary of Energy,[9] and served from May 19, 2009, to November 18, 2011.[10][11] Koonin left in November 2011 for a position at the Institute for Defense Analyses.[citation needed] In 2012, he was appointed the founding director of NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP).[12]”

        His time at BP he spent on “alternative and renewable energy sources”. A related field but not climate science. I worked at an oil company too and was involved in many energy projects. That didn’t make me an expert in climate science.

        He was “Under Secretary for Science at the United States Department of Energy” — an administrative job. The DOE is not the government’s principal agency for climate science. That’s NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Go ask the scientists there what they think of Koonin’s “theories” on climate change. The rest is unrelated to climate science.

        “If you had said that his active involvement with climate science began in 1997 you would have been correct.”

        Since his first known opinion on climate change was in 2014. What happened? After 27 years he had an epiphany?

        “You point out that you are unfamiliar with the scientific research literature on climate, and I suggest you start reading some of the papers I have referenced.”

        You have this annoying habit of attributing to people things they didn’t say.

        I said I didn’t read the current IPPC report. I have never read the IPCC report cover to cover and I suspect few have. I don’t read all the scientific literature. Again, I suspect few have. I suspect you only read whatever supports you misguided views and reject the vast amount of scientific literature that doesn’t. I suspect you don’t understand the science.

        “For example, there is a large scientific literature explaining how the earth’s temperature was warmer 2000 years ago than it is now (I posted some major research papers on this), and many papers explaining why the sun has a key long-term influence on the earth’s climate.

        How many times do I have to say: the past has no impact on the present? It doesn’t matter what the temperature was when. It’s the same as saying 100,000 years ago it rained on a Tuesday 2 PM, and the temperature was 68 F. It can never rain again on a Tuesday at 2 PM if the temperature isn’t 68 F. That’s how ridiculous that argument is.

        The sun has long-term influence on earth’s climate? No s**t!! It has short-term and medium-term effect as well. In fact, if it didn’t exist, the earth would be a frozen snowball hovering around 0 K. That doesn’t mean it is always the driver of climate change.

      • Robert

        But you are mentioning the word ‘past’ whilst I mentioned the word ‘history’.

        Both words have been cancelled so people like JJ can claim todays extremes are the worst ever!


      • joe - the non climate scientist

        JJBraccili | January 8, 2022 at 11:07 am |
        “It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. The thermometer wasn’t invented until the 18th century.

        Today, we can measure all the possible sources of the warming we are seeing. CO2 is the ONLY possible cause for reasons I have explained over and over.”
        “It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. ”

        JJ’s repetitive comment that the past doesnt matter – illustrates the myopic view of “climate science” along with one of the major deficiencies of climate science.

        A – if you dont know what caused the climate changes in the past, how can you what will happen in the future.
        B – if you pretend that things which happened in the past didnt happen, then how can you know what will happen in the future.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        Good points. Thank you.

      • JJBraccili

        “What will happen if we keep dumping CO2 in ever increasing rates into the atmosphere is not in question. The only thing that is in question is how long we have before it can’t be fixed.”

        What will happen if we run off the fossil fuels? The only thing that is in question is how long we have before it can’t be fixed…

      • Roland F Hirsch wrote: “Please then explain why the Earth’s climate was warmer 2000 years ago (the Roman Warm Period, acknowledged by all scientists who study past climate)?”

        Do you have any proof of that? The world was warmer? Love to see the names of at least some of those scientists who say the world was warmer 2000 years ago.

      • Roland F. Hirsch

        Here are a few examples, out of many:
        This study was done using 0xygen-18 measurements which allow winter temperatures to contribute (tree rings don’t): I.P. Asteman, H.L. Filipsson, and K. Nordberg, “Tracing winter temperatures over the last two millennia using a north-east Atlantic coastal record”, Climate of the Past (2018) 14, 1097–1118.
        “The record demonstrates a warming during the Roman Warm Period (~350 BCE – 450 CE), variable BWT during the Dark Ages (~450 – 850 CE), positive BWT anomalies during the Viking Age/Medieval Climate Anomaly (~850 – 1350 CE) and a long-term cooling with distinct multidecadal variability during the Little Ice Age (~1350 – 1850 CE). The fjord BWT record also picks up the contemporary warming of the 20th century (presented here until 1996), which does not stand out in the 2500-year perspective and is of the same magnitude as the Roman Warm Period and the Medieval Climate Anomaly.”
        A study published in 2020 looked at a variety of temperature markers (“tree growth, glacier-induced soil erosion, algae productivity, sea ice biomarker proxies (IP25), … “) for Iceland. It indicates that much of the last 8,000 years were warmer than now by 3-4 º C: Áslaug Geirsdóttir, et al., “Holocene history of landscape instability in Iceland: Can we deconvolve the impacts of climate, volcanism and human activity?” Quat. Sci Rev. (2020) 249, 106633
        A study was carried out on sediments near the northwest shore of Iceland from 350 B.C. to A.D. 1600 and correlated with historical records
        “On the basis of δ18O data, reconstructed water temperatures for the Roman Warm Period in Iceland are higher than any temperatures recorded in modern times” W.P. Patterson, K.A. Dietrich, C. Holmden and J.T. Andrews, “Two millennia of North Atlantic seasonality and implications for Norse colonies” PNAS 2010, 107, 5306-5310.

      • Change in temperature and hydrology is observed at every scale.


        The Earth system is complex and dynamic with multiple equilibrium and abrupt change. Chaos theory says that the system is pushed by greenhouse gas changes and warming – as well as solar intensity and Earth orbital variations – past a threshold at which stage the components start to interact chaotically in multiple and changing negative and positive feedbacks – as tremendous energies cascade through powerful subsystems. Some of these changes have a regularity within broad limits and the planet responds with a broad regularity in changes of ice, cloud, Atlantic thermohaline circulation and ocean and atmospheric circulation.


        The powerful climate science paradigm of abrupt change as a result of internal dynamics is the fruit of observation and experiment as true science must be. It is the foundation of Earth system science.

      • JJ’s ignorance is impressive – but it is what I have come to expect of hipster doofus ‘defenders of the science’.

      • I already know what climate change is going to do — it’s not good. I don’t need an explanation of the havoc it is going to cause. We need to do something to prevent what it is going to cause. Discussions outside of that are a waste of time.

      • “Why don’t you give it up? You’re not going to win. People can see what’s going on with extreme weather events”
        But toying around with reduced fossil fuel use isn’t going to solve a thing about said problem in the next 30 years. The renewables just suck up money that could be used for watershed improvements and forest management. Google and Facebook could fix large swaths of land. But they put up solar panels instead, raising the cost of electricity for poor people. Your winning is not winning. It’s losing. And as the grid runs into increasing problems over time, I hope you’ll see that. If the Republicans are scared idiots, I can’t help that. They’ll have to find their own way.

      • If JJ is can discuss pragmatic responses to the risk of abrupt climate change from small changes in forcing triggering a shift in Earth system state space – I’m all ears. But it’s likely he has not a clue about that either.

  107. 🤣

    “Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it.”
    ― Richard P. Feynman

    “I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.”
    ― Richard P. Feynman

    “I think it’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of uncertainty about different things, but I am not absolutely sure of anything and there are many things I don’t know anything about, such as whether it means anything to ask why we’re here. I don’t have to know an answer. I don’t feel frightened not knowing things, by being lost in a mysterious universe without any purpose, which is the way it really is as far as I can tell.”
    ― Richard P. Feynman

    “Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt.”
    ― Richard P. Feynman

    “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”
    ― Richard Feynman

    “We are trying to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible, because only in that way can we find progress.”
    ― Richard P. Feynman

    “What I am going to tell you about is what we teach our physics students in the third or fourth year of graduate school… It is my task to convince you not to turn away because you don’t understand it. You see my physics students don’t understand it… That is because I don’t understand it. Nobody does.”
    ― Richard P. Feynman, QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter

    “I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing. I think it is much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers that might be wrong. If we will only allow that, as we progress, we remain unsure, we will leave opportunities for alternatives. We will not become enthusiastic for the fact, the knowledge, the absolute truth of the day, but remain always uncertain … In order to make progress, one must leave the door to the unknown ajar.”
    ― Richard P. Feynman

    “Physics is to math what sex is to masturbation.”
    ― Richard Feynman

    ‘When someone says science teaches such and such, he is using the word incorrectly. Science doesn’t teach it; experience teaches it. If they say to you science has shown such and such, you might ask, “How does science show it-how did the scientists find out-how, what, where?” Not science has shown, but this experiment, this effect, has shown. And you have as much right as anyone else, upon hearing about the experiments (but we must listen to all the evidence), to judge whether a reusable conclusion has been arrived at. . I think we live in an unscientific age in which almost all the buffeting of communications and television words, books, and so on are unscientific. That doesn’t mean they are bad, but they are unscientific. As a result, there is a considerable amount of intellectual tyranny in the name of science’

  108. The Dimowits have put in some real nitwit Supreme Court justices. They must watch CCN for their medical information. Sotomayor and Breyer need 24 hour supervision. They are a danger to themselves and others.

    Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor under fire for overstating that 100,000 children are currently hospitalized with COVID and ‘many are on ventilators’ while Stephen Breyer says there have been 750 MILLION cases

    Sotomayor, appointed by former President Obama, also claimed that Omicron is ‘just as deadly’ as the Delta variant for the unvaccinated.

    • Joe - the non climate scientist

      It’s dodomayer

      She is also the justice that wrote in dissent that it is in constitutional for a state to adopt a state constitutional amendment requiring compliance with the 14th amendment to the US constitution
      Shutter v bamm

      • Joe - the non climate scientist

        Typo. – dodomayer said it was unconstitutional to require compliance with 14A

  109. What an EMBARRASSMENT before the entire planet the Leftist STOOGES on the U.S. Supreme Court are. There are people from all over the world asking if the American people have to abide by the decisions of this CLOWN COURT.

    Justice Breyer just stated that there were 750,000,000 (that’s Million) positive cases yesterday in the country. The same country that has a population of 330,000,000 (that’s Million)

    Who does he have clerking for him, the VILLAGE PEOPLE?

  110. Barnes Moore

    Not sure what is happening, but I seem to be in moderation jail. Many, but not all, of my comments appear to be in moderation. Dr. Curry mentioned that the moderation bot may be a bit out of control, so maybe my multiple attempts at replying will suddenly appear with too many duplicates. Anyway, the debate is fun. My thanks to TEWS-Pilot, Jim2, FrankToo (although we largely disagree), and even JJ who provides the level of entertainment we have come to expect from the lunatic left.

  111. So from all appearances, Joshua meticulously keeps notes on who of his opponents say what, so that at a later date he can find some instances where they were wrong. He then trots out those instances as if it proves anything. Given his propensity to point out the failures of others, one could be forgiven if one assumes Josh believes he is always right. Of course, we all know from life experience that isn’t the case. So, if you apply deduction to these facts, Josh’s observations prove nothing whatsoever that we didn’t already know about humans, i.e. they make mistakes. Therefore, these desperate attempts to slim others is, in the final analysis, completely insignificant.

  112. Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) approaches 2 MILLION…reaches 1,899,633 COVID-19 “VACCINE” adverse side effects (including thousands of deaths)…and counting…

    Forty-three percent of the 11,548 hospitalized patients in New York did NOT have COVID-19 listed as one of the reasons for admission, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office said…but they are being REPORTED as COVID patients. She has called for an investigation…HA! They got CAUGHT, so she is doing some CYA and damage control….more dishonest reporting and more reason NOT to trust ANYTHING the government says.

  113. I find that many of the ivermectin clinical trials have been completed but most have not posted result. How dang long does it take to write up result for this?

    • The question is are they any good? They don’t meet FDA standards and they get ignored.

    • Barnes Moore

      One problem about the ACTIV-6, COVIDOUT, and PRINCIPLE trials is that they are underdosing and quite likely getting medication to patients late given the study design. They appear to be following a similar protocol used in the Together Trial – which many point to as proof that Ivermectin is not effective – where the initial dose administered is less than that recommended by groups like the FLCCC, are administered on an empty stomach where tissue absorption is about 20% of what it is when taken with food, and is given over too short a time frame. In other words, it appears that these trials may very well be designed to fail. Given that the primary funders of these trials are big pharmaceuticals who have a vested interest in seeing Ivermectin fail, it would be no small coincidence. This is part of the criticism that exists for large scale RCTs – there are numerous steps, and many ways to design a study to get the results a funder wants. Just like climate models that so called climate scientists use to manipulate data to achieve a pre-determined desired outcome.

  114. This is off the cuff while multi-tasking, so try to find the hidden Aardvark in the mulberry thicket…..

    For the AGW Enhanced Greenhouse Effect Junk Science Alarmists…..

    CAGW Alarmists have searched in vane for some magic stratum high up in the atmosphere where Unicorns perform an atmosphere heating and cooling process analogous to the way Rumpelstiltskin spun gold from straw and “back radiation” originates.. Let’s educate them (JJBraccili, are you paying attention?)

    H/T Dr. Jay Lehr for this condensed introduction:

    Claim: Heat is the random motion of atoms, molecules, and other subatomic particles in a system.

    Answer: No. Heat is an energy flux. Nothing more, nothing less.

    What the climastrologists and their drooling toadies are describing is the kinetic energy inherent in the random motion of “atoms, molecules and other subatomic particles in a system”, which is described by temperature (temperature being a measure of translational mode kinetic energy).

    So, when the climastrologists and their drooling toadies claim that “heat flow is unidirectional, energy flow is bidirectional” or whatever it is that they spout in attempting to get around 2LoT so they can claim radiation originating at the surface and absorbed by the atmosphere and purportedly back-radiated toward the surface which they claim causes catastrophic warming, they’re not smart enough to realize they’re self-contradicting.

    Substituting “heat flow” and “energy flow” with “energy flux”:
    “Heat flow is unidirectional, energy flow is bidirectional” –> “Energy flux is unidirectional, energy flux is bidirectional”

    Every single climastrologist runs away from the topic when this is pointed out.

    And that’s not even taking into account that they’re counting that ‘backradiation’ energy twice… the extinction depth for 14.98352 um radiation is ~10.4 m (a doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentration would reduce that to ~9.7 m). So this ‘backradiation’ must originate from the thin layer of atmosphere within ~10.4 m above the surface.

    Now, they also claim that CO2 thermalizes this energy, transferring it to the translational mode energy of other molecules (the great majority of which are homonuclear diatomics, and thus cannot emit unless perturbed via collision)… that increases CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy), which increases convection.

    So is the energy going to ‘backradiation’, or to thermalization? The climate loons won’t give a straight answer because they want it both ways… they want that energy to both be converted to translational mode energy of other molecules and to be the energy source for ‘backradiation’.

    That’s but one means by which the CAGW fairy-tale violates the fundamental physical laws… the climate loons aren’t smart enough to catch the inconsistencies in the CAGW fairy-tale, and they’ve become so emotionally invested in it that they’ll believe it even when it’s pointed out that it cannot represent reality… IOW, they’ve self-deluded to the point that they are approaching clinical psychopathy.


    H/T Dean Jackson for this condensed excerpt:

    There can be no counter-physics (anti-physics) process referred to as “back radiation” where we’re told that the atmosphere emits longwave infrared radiation downwards, heating the surface*.

    The atmospheric “enhanced greenhouse effect” currently viewed as a radiative phenomenon is in fact an adiabatic (pressure-induced) thermal enhancement analogous to compression heating and independent of atmospheric composition. Consequently, the global down-welling long-wave flux presently assumed to drive Earth’s surface warming is actually a product of the air temperature set by solar heating and atmospheric pressure. In other words, the so-called “greenhouse back radiation” is globally a RESULT of the atmospheric thermal effect rather than a cause for it.

    NASA informs us that “greenhouse gasses” don’t exist in the following graph…where the Second Law of Thermodynamics’ conservation of energy is directed to our attention by omitting spurious “back radiation”….

    Energy moves in the direction of less resistance, not in the direction (downward) of greater resistance (heated air RISES). Additionally, when energy is absorbed by an electron, thereby increasing the electron’s energy level, that energy is swiftly re-emitted by the electron as the electron returns to its normal energy level, where the energy re-emitted is now of a lower energy. That means the energy re-emitted (towards space) by the electron is microwave energy, not longwave infrared radiation.
    * The “Greenhouse Gases” imbecility and resulting “GlowBULL Warming” canard are based on a false concept called “back radiation.” It all hinges on “back radiation”, which has now been debunked.


    • Thank you for the polite rotten tomato in my face. You are free to point out the errors…this is not a timed test. Which PhD did you find nonsensical?

      Don’t be afraid to look at alternative theories, especially when they are supported by observations and evidence where the CAGW EGE science fiction is not, and if followed to its ILLogical conclusion would provide the design for a perpetual motion engine that violates both the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.

      In case you hadn’t heard, Dr. Roy Spencer and all of his work at UAH have been declared “Unreliable and Harmful” by the geniuses at Google so they have demonitized his website.

      UAH’s Earth System Science Center Records Considered Unreliable and Harmful By Google
      by Dr. Roy Spencer

      From Dr. Roy Spencer’s Weather Blog

      Dr Roy has been demonetized by Google for “unreliable and harmful claims”. This means I can no longer generate revenue to support the website using the Google Adsense program. From a monetary standpoint, it’s not a big deal because what I make off of Google ads is in […]
      Read more of this post

      Oh, and please point to any place on the entire planet that is exhibiting Catastrophic Anthropogenic GlowBULL Warming caused by “back radiation” from the trace gas CO2….my friends at a well known ski resort are snowed in and unable to ski until the huge accumulations are managed and the avalanche danger is lowered.

      This chart shows what the “back radiation” must navigate on its way up and down the atmosphere…oh, and does anyone in the AGW alarmist camp ever include the contribution made by the sun?

    • This technically known as sky dragon slaying. It is completely wrong but it is pointless arguing it with then.

      • Thanks, I had not heard that term before, so I did a search and found this book review that looked interesting. Since it was written, Dr. Tim Ball has won his lawsuit against Michael “I lied about having been awarded the Nobel Prize for my Horse Hockey on a Stick Falsified Graph” Mann and Ball was even awarded court costs.

        Book Review: Slaying The Sky Dragon: Death Of The Greenhouse Gas Theory
        Published on November 15, 2016

        When it comes to debating CAGW Junk Pseudoscience Alarmists who hand wave and attack the messenger rather than the message and regurgitate the same old tired debunked gibberish, I think this is my favorite Spock and Captain Kirk meme.

        Spock reveals his secret to dealing with stupid people

      • The idea that the 2nd law of thermodynamics rules out quantum mechanical emission of photons from CO2 in all directions is one that surfaces now and then.

      • They have no clue how many degrees of freedom the three atom molecule like CO2 has or which ones are involved in which type of energy transfer or utilization. They must think “Max Planck” is the size limit on the boards that can be used to construct their Unicorn-drawn wagon.

      • The triatomic CO2 molecule has 3 vibrational modes and each atom has 3 translational modes. Absorption and emission occur with asymmetric stretching and bending modes of vibration with changes in the dipole moment.

      • …and nothing you listed about CO2 plays ANY role in “AGW.”…and neither does anything else since AGW is a MYTH.

        No Statistically-Significant Global Warming For 9 Years 3 Months

        The New Pause lengthens and lengthens. On the UAH dataset, the most reliable of them all, there has been no global warming at all for fully seven years:

        Read more of this post

      • Robert I. Ellison | January 8, 2022 at 9:32 pm |
        I said it was complete nonsense and gives people like JJ a free kick. Nothing more. Can’t handle criticism and make false accusations much?

        I was replying to the INSULT from angech. I am used to the Disqus commenting platform. This one is cumbersome and can misdirect replies.

        Having been SHOT AT while flying combat missions, criticisms are like buzzing flies in comparison…but I do read them to see if I earned them.

      • And sky dragon slayer was the term used by the author of that paper obviously. People use it somewhat more ironically.

  115. What a perfect metaphor for what the insane CAGW “GlowBULL Warming” stampede over the cliff into oblivion is about to do for the entire world !!!!

    Rows of extremely expensive, intermittent, inefficient Bird Choppers installed in the flight path of endangered migratory birds in what could be a farm field producing food for people and animals but instead with the mangled body of the American symbol, the Bald Eagle, lying dead beneath one of the monstrosities.

  116. One more tidbit and then I am off to better activities. Please play nice.

    Ali Bradley
    A border patrol agent just confirmed with me that migrants testing positive for Covid are not sent back under Title 42– they’re sent to various locations to quarantine depending on the Sector. From there, he says they’re released. He tells me they are seeing dozens of positives.
    12:58 PM · Jan 8, 2022

    Meanwhile, EVERYONE in Canada must now be vaccinated in order to even leave their homes, and similar forced vaccine mandates are being imposed all over the world..Australia, New Zealand, even Austria and several others are now Penal Colonies even for the “fully vaccinated” since every week they change the definition of “fully vaccinated” so that NOBODY will EVER be “fully vaccinated.”

    Just come to the U.S. Southern Border without ID, mumble in broken Spanish, and you will be showered with money, transportation to a 5 star hotel, given food, clothing, first place in line at every school and business and any job you want…no mask no vaccine, no quarantine, no restrictions.


  117. TEWS_Pilot | January 8, 2022
    . Please play nice.

    Good advice.

  118. This is too brilliant not to share….it explains EVERYTHING in 4 points…video included at no extra charge….

    Brilliant, Neil Oliver Goes There
    January 8, 2022 | Sundance

    Neil Oliver goes there, directly to the epicenter of “build back better.” In this monologue not only does Oliver highlight the connective tissue and motives of the elite, but he also references their words to point out the bigger leftist agenda at work.

    Point One – The “Build Back Better” agenda was never about anything except radical climate change legislation. Once you accept that, now admitted, baseline, things start to become much clearer.

    Point Two – The “Build Back Better” phrase came from the World Economic Forum and was promoted by a multitude of international leaders and left-wing organizations. That reality then brings up the most important point. To get to “building back better”, you first need to destroy something. That thing they needed to destroy was how the global economic dependency on carbon-based fuel supplies (oil, gas, coal, etc.).

    Point Three – In order to destroy the ‘something of that scale’, the energy program for the entire world, something massive is needed to fundamentally change the entire world approach toward energy production. Something is needed to create the crisis that provides the origin for the process to initiate.

    Point Four – That triggering mechanism was/is SARS-CoV-2, or what we now call COVID-19 and all variants therein.

    There you have it. That’s the summary soup to nuts explanation of why a virus was created, and the subsequent panic pushing to create social structures that would facilitate the global acceptance of an entire new economic system that would be designed around saving the planet.


    • Barnes Moore

      Well, time to check to see if I am out of moderation jail yet. For TEWS, you likely also saw this article from the Last Refuge. If what they say comes to pass, it will cause yet more supply chain chaos, that the Buyden/Trudeau administrations will spin as something other than what it is, and the lapdog media along with fools on the left will simply parrot whatever they are told. Just like what happened in LA and Long Beach – a big part of the problem, again as pointed out by the Last Refuge, was that California emmisions regulations that were mandated to go into effect on Oct. 1 resulted in a large percentage (Last Refuge esitmated 50%) of trucks being banned from LA and Long Beach ports. The trucking shortage that occurred was not because there were no trucks or truck drivers, it was because too many trucks did not meet the egregiously strict emission standards mandated by the feeble minded politicians in Sacramento.

      • Barnes,

        One of the Deacons in our church runs a trucking company that DID do a lot of business with the ports in Southern California. With the intentional destruction of the Supply Chain by Green Wackos in California and the JoeBama Crime Cabal, his drivers now are not able to enter the state to make their normal runs, so he is now rerouting all of them to the ports in Texas and along the Gulf Coast and to the East Coast and the Midwest. California is in a death spiral, and it is about to get much worse.

        As Conservative Tree House pointed out in a recent article showing statistics and statements from insiders in the Bidet Administration, we are less than two weeks from what will be a 9.8 shock on the Economic Richter Scale if not an outright semi-Depression level collapse of the economy. Expect Supply Chain breakdowns like never before seen since all of the 30, 60, and 90 day contracts from the fourth quarter of 2021 have expired and the new ones will be let with from 15 to 75% or greater price increases, especially in name brands. Many items simply won’t be available at any price. Generics and Organics will not be hit as hard because of local sourcing and some other factors….details are at the website.

        When you see the heavy investors start bailing in the market, you had best already be positioned. Many of them are converting to cash and Money Markets and planning to ride out the tsunami.

        By the way, I was going through some old boxes in the basement trying to clean out some clutter and I found the K&E slide rule I used as a college intern on the NASA Apollo Program….yeah, we used slide rules more than the primitive computers of the day to put men on the moon and bring them home safely. The lead for the team I was assigned to had THREE PhDs and was 29 years old.

        My slide rule looks very much like this.
        Keuffel and Esser slide rule with case

  119. The Virginia Clean Economy Act — WATCH NOW
    January 9th, 2022
    By Tony Heller, geologist, electrical engineer: Another great contributor to understanding carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.

    The Virginia Clean Economy Act is pointless and reckless virtue signaling. It will accomplish nothing while having many negative effects on the people of Virginia. It needs to be repealed under the incoming administration.

    How many people would be either dead or still stranded on I-95 if all they and the rescue personnel had to depend on for transportation were Electric Vehicles? There was a blizzard raging, shutting down all the Bird Fryers and Bird Choppers they would need to recharge them if they could even have them dragged or pushed to the nearest recharging station…which would also probably be dead and could only accommodate a handful of them at a time waiting hours to recharge.

  120. Others might reply to you more politely if you would stop being so obnoxious.

    Do you have a degree in anything even remotely related to the medical profession?

    You continually act as if you are an authority on subjects which you know nothing about. What you said about hospitalizations being mostly of the UNvaccinated is UNTRUE. Your comments on climate change are a JOKE!

    Back in May, Fauci said if 70% of adults got at least one dose, the risk of a surge this winter would be “extraordinarily low”

    Cases are up 2,705% since and are more than 2.5x higher than last winter’s peak, even though we passed 70% in July

    Nailed it again, Fear-monger Fauci…you are batting 1.000 at being WRONG…check out the chart…it goes up sharper than the fraudulent Mikey Mann’s “Horse Hockey on a stick” temperature graph.

    Read ’em and weep.

  121. The face of medical totalitarianism and tyranny.


    The political push to transform our electrical grid into reliance on “renewable” wind and solar energy keeps running into the laws of physics. The laws of physics are going to win, but the economic carnage in the meantime will be terrible.

    My colleague Isaac Orr documents, not for the first time, the futility of wind energy when the weather gets cold:

    It is a well-understood phenomenon that wind generation in the Midwest essentially disappears when the mercury dips below -22° F. Electricity generation from wind turbines drops under these circumstances because wind turbines are programmed to automatically shut off when the temperatures get this cold to prevent them from breaking.

    Ironically, wind turbines are actually net consumers of power during these periods because they have electric heaters installed in the gearboxes to keep the oil inside the wind turbines from freezing.

    Isaac provides this chart from the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, which runs the electric grid for most of the Midwest

  123. Another popular climate crisis MYTH bites the dust……

    Investment Advisor Slams Climate Disaster Claims
    by Eric Worrall

    According to Chris Leithner, founder of Leithner & Co Investment Advisors, the apparent upward trend in weather disaster payouts disappears when you correct for the rise in population.

    Read more of this post