Climate Etc.

Week in review – science edition

by Judith Curry

A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Modulation of the seasonal cycle of Antarctic sea ice extent related to the Southern Annular Mode [link]

Extreme warming in the Kara Sea and Barents Sea during the winter period 2000 to 2016 [link]

New study links climate change in England to El Niño–Southern Oscillation cycle and the Hale sunspot cycle [link]

New Study Confirms Medieval Warm Period Was Indeed Global in China, And As Warm As Today [link]

On why climate model tuning is challenging but necessary; how approaches vary across models. et al. [link]

Extreme cyclone events in the Arctic: Wintertime variability & trends [link

Atmospheric eddies mediate lapse rate feedback and Arctic amplification[link]

Enhanced wintertime greenhouse effect reinforcing Arctic amplification and initial sea-ice melting [link]

Flooding Not Increasing In North America And Europe, New Study Confirms [link]

New study: Rainfall intensities have increased in a warming world, but streamflow has actually decreased [link]

Origins of anomalous warming in California coastal ocean and San Francisco Bay during 2014-2016 [link]

10,000 To 5,000 Years Ago, Global Sea Levels Were 3 Meters Higher, Temperatures 4-6° C Warmer [link]


Is the choice of statistical paradigm critical in extreme event attribution studies? [link]

Improved Sea Ice Forecasting Through Spatiotemporal Bias Correction [link]

Why sea spray is making waves in the world of climate modeling: [link

Assessing climate change impacts on extreme weather events: an alternative (Bayesian) approach [link]

New data set explores 90 years of natural disasters in the US [link]

Solar geoengineering reduces atmospheric carbon burden, Nature Climate Change [link]

Weather-related disasters are increasing, But the number of deaths caused by them is falling [link]

Elevated CO2 and high temperature improve the growth of rice and Chinese yam [link]

Social Benefits Of CO2 & Warming: Soviet-Era Grain Record Seen Tumbling on Bumper Russian Harvest [link]

Spatial distribution of Southern Ocean mesozooplankton has been resilient to long-term surface warming [link]

3 ways nanomaterials cud help combat climate change & prevent pollution [link]

CloudSat and CALIPSO within the A-Train: Ten years of actively observing the Earth system [link]

Policy and social science

Climate change and the re-evaluation of cost-benefit analysis [link]

Special issue: Expertise, Regulatory Science and the Evaluation of Technology and Risk [link]

A Storm Without Rain: Yemen, Water, Climate Change, and Conflict « The Center for Climate & Security [link]

Economic development isn’t getting less energy-intensive over time: [link]

About science

Expect experts to disagree on antibiotic resistance, and other scientific controversies [link]

Dan Sarewitz: stop treating science denial like a disease. [link]

A profound and provocative essay by Michael McIntyre on multi-level thinking and scientific understanding [link]