Climate Etc.

Week in review – science and policy edition

by Judith Curry

A few things that caught my eye this past week.

The Antarctic 2016 sea ice anomalies [link] …

Chill: Antarctic ice is NOT rapidly melting experts say as logbooks from 100 years ago show levels unchanged [link]

Chilling climate revelations from the last ice age … and what they mean for #climatechange today [link] …

Elizabeth Barnes & James Screen have good opinion article on whether Arctic ice loss is/will affecting mid-lat jet [link] …

Climate change makes sea levels fall, not rise, new NASA study shows  [link]

While the North Pole warms beyond the melting point, it’s freakishly cold in Siberia [link]

The influence of declining sea ice on shipping activity in the Canadian Arctic [link] …

Accelerated ice shelf rifting and retreat at Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica [link] …

The global warming hiatus: Slowdown or redistribution? [link] …

Did European temperatures in 1540 exceed present-day records? (open access) [link] …

Scientists Seek to Update Evolution. Recent discoveries have led some researchers to argue that the modern evolutionary synthesis needs to be amended. [link]

Now in NatureClimate – Greenhouse gas emissions intensity of global croplands [link]

Climate change could thwart the Earth-cooling effects of volcanic eruptions [link]

Rapid variations in deep ocean temperature detected in the Holocene [link] …

IPCC Doesn’t Account for 1 Billion Tons of CO2 Absorbed Annually… by Cement” [link]

Possible positive feedback between climate and volcanic aerosol forcing  [link]

Warming of subarctic tundra increases emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide  [link]

Policy and social sciences

Economists agree: economic models underestimate climate change [link]

Climate Change, the U.S. Military, and “the Intersection of Politics and Events,” [link]

Protected forests felled to meet EU renewable targets  [link]

Lomborg to Trump: dump the Paris agreement, to an innovation-based green energy approach that harnesses US ingenuity [link]

Brussels is moving to fix its broken biofuels policy. Washington should follow its example.  [link]

A note on the perverse effects of actively open-minded thinking on climate-change polarization [link]

About science and scientists

Climategate flashback [link]

Has dogma derailed the scientific search for dark matter? [link]

Why Fake Data When You Can Fake a Scientist? [link] …

Manufactured level of doubt on hormone disruptors out of proportion to scientific disagreement  [link]

The convenience of ambiguity. “The Private Heisenberg and the Absent Bomb” [link]…

3 Kickass Women Leading the Fight on Climate Change. Featuring moi (with a shoutout to my dogs Bruno and Rosie). [link]

The Rebel Economist Who Blew Up Macroeconomics [link]

Dead or alive: medicine wants your parts [link]

George Will: Did academia help elect Donald Trump? [link]