JC calendar

by Judith Curry

I have  a busy two weeks coming up.

Interview on Fox

Over a month ago, I flew to New York City for an extensive interview  with Fox/Business John Stossel.  The show  will air this Sunday, June 14 at 9 pm (EDT).  The title of the show is Green Tyranny.  It is a one hour show, my segment is titled The Church of Climate Change. The segment will eventually by online [here].  I am in the UK (see below), so I won’t be able to see it or record it.  I’ll ping my Facebook friends to see if anyone can record and post on youtube.

UK trip

I am spending two weeks in the UK, I will be spending time in Peasemore, Oxford, London, Reading, Bath and Nottingham.  Some items of public interest:

Presentation at the House of Lords

GWPF has invited to give a talk on Monday (June 15) in the House of Lords: State of the Climate Debate in the U.S.  I will post my talk here sometime Monday or Tuesday.  I will also be doing some media interviews while in the UK.


Peter Webster is giving two talks at Oxford University:

  • Halley Lecture: Understanding the monsoons [link]
  • Evolution of the tropical warm pool [link]


I will be attending this event:

To celebrate Sir Brian Hoskins’ 70th birthday, a two-day conference will be held in the Palmer Building on the University of Reading’s Whiteknights Campus, in June 2015. The main content focuses around the present and future challenges in weather and climate dynamics, to foster discussion on where this branch of meteorology is heading to and to highlight the most critical aspects upon which the future of this science is grounded.


I will be attending the Conference Circling the Square.  It promises to be a very interesting event (at least last year’s conference was).  An interesting mixture of academics, journalists and other non-academics.  Attendees familiar to the climate blogosphere include Mike Hulme, Hans von Storch, Ben Pile, Daniel Sarewitz.  I am on a panel:  Science, Uncertainty and Advocacy.

JC comments

This promises to be an interesting and stimulating trip, and I will have the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality and company of several people that I have met through the blog and twitter.  I hope to keep up with regular blog posts while I am traveling.  I will have some future blog posts related to these events.

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  1. Enjoy! And thanks for your part in ending the tyranny of climatology.

  2. Sort of reminds me of F. A. Hayek visiting the London School of Economics to introduce Austrian-school economics in a series of lectures in the 1930s.

    J. M. Keynes would win the debate, but only because his prescription for ending the Depression–more government spending–was so politically powerful (and many economists went along and were rewarded).

    What has happened with the physical science of climate change can and did happen in the social sciences with the ‘Keynesian Revolution.’

    • Excellent point. Interesting comparison. Judy has done an enormous amount of good since she started Climate Etc. I hope she can be as effective as Hayek became – but much more quickly, before too much economic damage is done by bad, irrational policies.

      • “Sigh” as long as bad irrational policies achieve one group’s political objectives bad irrational policies will continue.

        What we have to do is punish the corruption of science for political gain on both the scientist and political gainer ends.

  3. Hope you knock some of the stuffiness out of ’em.

  4. Fantastic Judith. Superwoman is the first though that came to mind. Savings us from evil.

    • Ring out the bells of St Clements, St Martin,
      Ring out Old Bailey, St John and St Margaret,
      Ring out St Stephen, Shoreditch and Aldgate,
      Ring bells of Whitechapel and great bell of Bow.
      Welcome a liberty bell, liberty belle coming to town,
      To make a crack, a crack in everything, which is
      How enlightenment gets in.


  5. Thanks for the info
    And enjoy the UK.
    Hope you’ll open some eyes
    When they hear what you say.

  6. Ah the benefits of rationality are coming to fruition. Enjoy! I am a big John Stossel myself.

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  8. You are going to Peasemore? Really? It is a very tiny village high up on the Berkshire Downs. Good pub. If you are lucky you might catch a cricket match on the green.. Our Prime Minister was brought up there.

    Not going to the Met Office? I am sure you would get on well with Richard Betts, John Kennedy and Kate Willett amongst others . If you were heading that way I live close by.


  9. My VCR is set!

  10. Judith, I will moderate for you while you are traveling. Send me an email. I’ll do some culling for you.

    There’s a new sheriff in town, you varmints.

  11. Hi Judy, what will you be doing in Bath, and when? It’s not too many miles from where I am.

  12. richardswarthout

    Dr Curry

    Color me jealous. I was stationed at RAF Wethersfield 1963-65 and loved it. No better place for a young twentyish man. Still remember the village of Wethersfield, the thatched roofs, backyard windmills, friendly pubs, dart games, and the wonderful people.


  13. Pooh, Dixie

    Re: “The title of the show is Green Tyranny”
    You might want to consider
    – The use of personal denigration as enforced “Groupthink”.
    – The use of “Climate Change” (a tautology) as synonymous with “Global Warming”.

    • Don Monfort

      When I first glanced at this, it read “The title of the show is Green Tranny”

  14. Judith, I just looked to set my Directv record and the show is on Fox News channel which (for me) is different from Fox Business channel… perhaps to capture a broader audience?

  15. David Springer

    If this means we get a two week opportunity to call a spade a spade without mommy being offended and disappearing comments then I hope your schedule goes so well that you get even busier in the future.

  16. Fox News is available in the UK on the Sky network and maybe others, checking the EPG, the Stossel programme will show at 3am Monday morning. Fox News is live here, simply time zone shifted. PVR is set. :)


  17. Carry on, Judith Curry. Methinks that some time in the future when you’re able to add it all up, you’ll discover you’ve gained far more than you’ve lost by reason of your courageous position re climate change. I’d say much of that…to further speculate…has to do with your highly evolved personality..which normal people (as distinct from most climate alarmists.) are instinctively drawn to.

    Been a privilege to watch you these last 5 years.

  18. Dear Dr. Curry,
    I don’t know how often you’ve made the trip to Europe, but if i may provide one unsolicited travel tip:

    The trip over is much worse for the body clock than the trip back. Sleep on the plane if you possibly can. On the day you arrive, resist the temptation to take a nap in the afternoon. Take a walk, visit a cafe, have a beer or glass of wine with dinner, and try to go to bed about your usual time. With a little luck you’ll sleep through the night and be in sync with the time zone the next day. If you have a nap in the afternoon though, you will be wide awake at 2 am for the next 3 days.

    Going back is easy. You wake up earlier than usual for a few days, and can get lots of stuff done before breakfast!

    Have a great trip,

  19. Looking at Judith’s schedule, it’s no wonder that she doesnb’t have time to do scientific research any more.

  20. https://jonathanabbott99.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/why-models-run-hot.png

    This from your site so don’t know if it will work


    • Don Monfort

      The badge looks right, but he’s way too short. More like James Garner my favorite actor in my favorite movie:


      Jimmy passed away recently. Now I watch it with a little sadness.

      • I watch most of my favorite movies now with some sadness. Even some movies that I never particularly liked. Impossible to watch a Burt Reynolds movie for example…. what a splendid specimen he was….without that feeling of pained nostalgia. Old age is a bear.

        Two of my favorite quotes:

        “All my decay has taken place upon a child.” -Saul Bellow

        “What’s different you don’t know about. To have a wife, to be a father, twice a father—and then they start taking things away”—- Phillip Roth.

  21. Prof Curry,

    Have too much fun!

    I can email you a can of whoopass, if you want. Only joking!

  22. Judith, have a great time in England in “Flaming June.” You can ponder whether that appellation is British irony and humour at work or an indication of a climate which promotes phlegmatic endurance and the traditional response to actual or impending crisis: “Put kettle on, mother!”


  23. mmmm, another good-natured comment in moderation … I thought I’d earned “moderation-free” status over the years. Perhaps it is WordPress’s insistence on labelling me genghiscunn (rather than Faustino), with all of those raging hordes connotations.

  24. Judith,
    Have a great, safe, secure trip with on-time flights. Spent time years ago at Oxford as a Visiting Fellow of Wolfson College, and lectured several times at the University of Reading back when they had a strong geology program. specializing in sedimentology.

    George Devries Klein, PhD, PG, FGSA

  25. Since no one else is mentioning it, the International Conference of Climate Change just ended and it is all online already.
    Their leadership on climate change award went to Senator Inhofe, and it didn’t look like they were joking.
    Also Monckton gave a keynote with the usual political/economic alarm bells about Marxists, the Third Reich, bird-killing windfarms, energy poverty, and wondering why the Pope didn’t listen to their arguments on this. He also was opposed to Obama’s trade bill, which may be a misstep because the Republicans are pushing it more than the Democrats, and the audience was rather quiet as he went on and on about it. Anyway this talk was a humorous interlude.

    • For entertainment, I recommend Steyn’s talk. He is quite good as a comedian, and on the serious side his only argument is with Mann and the hockey stick, not the scientists and science in general. This talk makes it quite clear especially in the questions at the end. I still think he is misguided framing it as a free speech issue, not a defamation issue, but that is a separate point. This looks like easily the most viewed video there by a factor of ten.

  26. Why did you not participate in the ICCC 10?

    Just curious….

    • The closest approximation they had to scientists were Soon and Legates. Soon was trying to revive the urban heat island argument, possibly including the Arctic, but I am not quite sure, and I don’t think he was either. Legates is blaming the heavy rainfall increase in the US on an instrumentation change.

      • Don Monfort

        Thanks, jimmy. We were hoping that some little guy with way too much time on his hands would watch all those hours of video and give us an unbiased synopsis of the goings all. We all got better things to do.

        Is everybody treating you OK, jimmy. I promised to make sure nobody hurts your feelings, while Judith is away. Just let me know, dee.

  27. Hello everyone, thanks for your kind wishes. Its a rainy day in Peasemore, and my brain fog has not yet lifted. I will try to get a week in review post up shortly

  28. I met Stossel a few times working on his Stossel In The Classroom project. What a great guy. He knows something about going against a dominant paradigm. In his early days at ABC News when he was liberal and reported on liberal themes like corporate greed and environmental risks, things went well for him. When he became a libertarian and reported on things like the unintended consequences of regulation and over-hyped environmental risks, there were frictions. He ultimately decided Fox would be a better place for him, but I remember he lamented going from a 20+ million viewing audience to an audience of maybe 1 million.

  29. Green tyrrhany good to see some green shoots of resistance.
    Keep going please.
    Off topic Lucia has a good put down on the maths skills of MF2015.

  30. russellseitz

    Be sure to enjoy the great wines of England’s 21st Century Warm Period, , and bring home some to share with Mark Steyn, !

  31. Stossel provided a science-free hour. Anyone not interested in the science, this is the program for them.

  32. Dr. Curry: You came across very well in your short interview on the Fox show. (Though I didn’t care for the heavy-handed tone of the overall show itself.) I am curious what they cut from your full interview. Cutting interviews very short is normal for such a show, but what they choose to use is interesting all the same.