Climate Etc.

Denizens II

by Judith Curry

The recent article by Paul Matthews has motivated me to start a new ‘Denizens’ thread.

Paul Matthews has recently published a fascinating paper, Why are people skeptical of climate change?  Paul has a blog post on the paper also [link].  The paper draws from the Reader Background thread at the Air Vent, but also mentions the Denizens at Climate Etc.

Paul’s paper has motivated several people to ask to add to CE’s Denizen’s list.  To keep spam under control, I need to close the comments on threads after 4 weeks (can’t figure out if it is possible to open comments on a single thread, doesn’t seem like it is possible).

I thought it would be interesting to start a new Denizens thread, providing newcomers an opportunity to post.  Also, it would be interesting to hear from commenters on the original Denizen’s thread as to how/why your perspective has changed since 2010.  This is also an opportunity for ‘lurkers’ to say something.

Relevant topics to include in your post are your background, how you became interested in climate science, why you are skeptical or convinced about AGW, what other blogs you read. If you have a blog or a professional web site, please provide a link. Its up to you what you want to post.

Moderation note: keep your posts to 500 words, and maximum of 5 links (more than 5 will land you in moderation, to await manual approval). Don’t reply to anyone else’s post, to keep some semblance of organization to this. The Open thread is the place for discussion.