Daily Archives: March 29, 2011

Communicating Uncertain Climate Risks

by Judith Curry

NSF has a press release on a perspective published in Nature Climate Change, by Baruch Fischoff, which I reproduce here in full.  The full perspective can be found online here.

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An essay on the current state of the climate change debate

by Don Aitkin

JC note:  this essay was prepared for a recent address at given at the Manning House, in Australia.

The debate tonight is about ‘anthropogenic global warming’, and it is a debate, not a one-sided exposition. The debate exists because many people say the matter is important, and it is plainly also most contentious. To understand why our government is going down the path that it has chosen, a carbon tax, while the USA is not doing so, we need to know more than simply the local  and American political contexts. What is ‘climate change’ all about? Why is there any debate at all? Why are people so divided about it? The answers to these questions involve different elements of history, politics, ideology, narrative, science, mathematics and statistics. You can get some handle on it by recognising that if the matter were quite straightforward we would be doing something else tonight. In my judgment it is not at all straightforward, and it is hardly getting any more so.

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