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The denizens of Climate Etc.

Climate Etc. has now attracted a critical (and growing) mass of “regulars.” I would like to try what Jeff Id did over at the Air Vent on his Reader Background thread. I will eventually provide a button for this thread on the top bar (next to blog rules), so it is easy to refer to (and add to).

I hope that each of you will post something on your background, how you became interested in climate science, and what/how you have been learning.   You might want to briefly discuss your stance on an issue that you regard as important (or provide a link to your “defining” blog posts). If you have a blog or a professional web site, please provide a link.   Its up to you what you want to post

Anonymice:  I fully understand why many posters are anonymous, and will do everything I can to protect your anonymity.

A message to “lurkers,” especially to those of you that have been sufficiently motivated to write me long emails: I hope you will post on this thread and share your story (anonymously is fine.)

I look forward to finding out more about you!

Moderation note: keep your posts to 500 words, and maximum of 6 links (more than 6 will land you in moderation, to await manual approval).  Don’t reply to anyone else’s post, to keep some semblance of organization to this.    The Open thread is the place for discussion.