Climate Etc.

Uncertainty gets a seat at the “big table”

by Judith Curry

On Nov 17, the U.S. House of Representative’s Committee on Science and Technology Subcommittee on Energy and Environment is holding a hearing on “Rational Discussion of Climate Change: the Science, the Evidence, the Response.”

I have been invited to present testimony for this hearing.  I have been specifically asked by the minority (Republicans) to discuss how we can go about responding to the climate change issue in the face of uncertainty, dissent and disagreement.

Subcommittee on Energy and Environment – Hearing

2325 Rayburn House Office Building (WEBCAST)

November 17    10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

A Rational Discussion of Climate Change: the Science, the Evidence, the Response


Panel I

Panel II

Panel III

An interesting selection of people. I am particularly interested in the other people on the Response Panel.  I have met Jim Lopez previously at some NOAA Workshops, he is should have some very interesting things to say.  I am personally very interested in what Rear Admiral Titley has to say.

What is more interesting who was NOT invited.  The list does not seem to be dominated by people that have been associated with the IPCC TAR and AR4. I am the sole invitee allowed by the minority party (the Republicans).  Interesting.  I have testified previously (here and here) for the then minority party (Democrats). The more I think about who wasn’t invited, they more interesting this becomes. Think of all the people that they could have invited, but didn’t.  Is it finally time for a rational discussion on climate change?

And finally, I would like to publicly thank Anna Haynes for the thorough investigation of me that she did for sourcewatch. This will save me a lot of grief in terms of having to explain receiving funds from an oil company (seriously).