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Spencer & Braswell: Part III

by Judith Curry The story surrounding Spencer & Braswell has gotten more interesting with the pre-publication of the rebuttal paper by Dessler.

Update on Spencer & Braswell: Part II

by Judith Curry Given the substantial number of comments on Part I, I’m starting a new thread to discuss the post by Trenberth, Abraham and Gleick, and Pielke Sr’s response.

Update on the Spencer & Braswell paper

by Judith Curry I have just received notice of some dramatic news re the Spencer & Braswell paper.

Spencer & Braswell’s new paper

by Judith Curry There is much hype and debate surrounding Spencer and Bradwell’s new paper “On the misdiagnosis of surface temperature feedbacks from variations in earth’s radiant energy balance.”   So lets sort through all this.

My week(s) in review

by Judith Curry Some reflections on my recent travels, speaking engagements, and workshops.

What exactly is going on in their heads?

by Judith Curry Some interesting new research on understanding  why there is a lack of public support for the climate change ‘consensus’, the nature of the scientific consensus, and agendas in characterizing the consensus.

NCDC responds to concerns about surface temperature data set

Our algorithm is working as designed. – NOAA NCDC

An alternative metric to assess global warming

by Roger A. Pielke Sr., Richard T. McNider, and John Christy The thing we’ve all forgotten is the heat storage of the ocean – it’s a thousand times greater than the atmosphere and the surface.  – James Lovelock

Week in review

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week. .

Five critical questions for the IPCC

by Judith Curry If you had the opportunity to ask 5 critical questions for the IPCC, what would you ask?

Who is on which ‘side’ in the climate debate, anyways?

by Judith Curry Well, if you judge ‘sides’ by what climate scientists have to say about the science, it is getting difficult to tell.

The 97% ‘consensus’

by Judith Curry  Isn’t everyone in the 97%?  I am.  – Andrew Montford

U.S. Senate Hearing “Climate Change: It’s Happening Now”

by Judith Curry There was a big hearing today in the Senate on climate change.

Week in review

A few things that caught my eye this past week

Time varying trend in global mean surface temperature

by Judith Curry “Our results also serve to highlight the importance of Atlantic multidecadal variability in mediating the rate of global warming, and they suggest that these variations deserve more explicit consideration in twentieth century climate simulations and in attribution … Continue reading

Why target Heartland?

Update:  Email from Joseph Bast, President of Heartland Institute, appended at the end of the post. So, imagine you are a climate scientist and climate change ideologue, and want to “take down” the single organization (or individual) that is doing … Continue reading

Week in review 1/7/11

by Judith Curry Here are a few things that caught my eye this past week:

Year in review: 2011

by Judith Curry So, during 2011,  what was interesting and what “mattered” in the climate debate?

A biologist’s perspective on ice ages and climate sensitivity: Part I

by DocMartyn This is the first of a three part presentation where I will attempt to explain the climate of the last 800,000 thousand years, drawing on the role of the biosphere’s response to interstellar dust.

Tropospheric and surface temperatures

by Donald Rapp Santer et al. (2005) emphasized that “a robust feature” of climate models is that increasing greenhouse gas concentrations will amplify warming in the middle and upper tropical troposphere (compared to the surface). It was then with some … Continue reading

Feedback in climate

by Chris Colose There has been a lot of blog interest recently on feedback theory and climate sensitivity (e.g., Isaac Held, ClimateAudit, Science of Doom, Nick Stokes, one on control theory here at Climate Etc.).

Climate, control theory, feedback: does it make sense?

by Richard Saumarez You may wonder why a medic is writing a post on control theory in climate.

Atmospheric CO2: the greenhouse thermostat

by Andrew Lacis The one year anniversary is soon approaching for the Science paper that we wrote a year ago to illustrate the nature of the terrestrial greenhouse effect. I describe here how this paper came to be.

Sceptical about scepticism

by Judith Curry Nature Climate Change published a review of the James Lawrence Powell’s book “The Inquisition of Climate Science.”  The review, written by Fred Pearce, is titled “Sceptical about Sceptics.”

Trends in tropospheric humidity

by Garth Paltridge It is difficult these days to get a paper published in a mainstream climate journal if it emphasises the uncertainty associated with some basic aspect of global warming.