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How long is the pause?

by Judith Curry UPDATE:  comments on McKitrick’s paper With 39 explanations and counting, and some climate scientists now arguing that it might last yet another decade, the IPCC has sidelined itself in irrelevance until it has something serious to say … Continue reading

Causes and implications of the pause

by Judith A. Curry My invited talk at the American Physical Society Meeting in Denver.

IPCC’s pause ‘logic’

by Judith Curry Well here it is, the pause discussion is buried in Box 9.2 of the IPCC Working Group I Report.

How the IPCC forgot to mention the pause

by Judith Curry [Marotzke] attributed the oversight to a tendency of each group working on each of the 14 chapters to rely on some other chapter to deal with the issue. And anyone who was thinking about it at all … Continue reading

Nic Lewis on the UK Met Office on the pause

by Nic Lewis These comments constitute a response to erroneous statements and misrepresentations made in a report published by the Met Office in July 2013: “The recent pause in global warming (3): What are the implications for projections of future … Continue reading

Pause politics

by Judith Curry U.S. and European Union envoys are seeking more clarity from the United Nations on a slowdown in global warming that climate skeptics have cited as a reason not to “panic” about environmental changes, leaked documents show.

Pause tied to equatorial Pacific surface cooling

by Judith Curry Update:  New comment from Xie My mind has been blown by a new paper just published in Nature.

UK Met Office on the pause

by Judith Curry The recent pause in global surface temperature rise does not, in itself, materially alter the risks  of substantial warming of the Earth by the end of this century. – UK Met Office

The Economist on The New Republic on the ‘pause’

by Judith Curry A new article in the Economist responds to the recent article in The New Republic, discussing the policy implications of the ‘pause.’

The New Republic on the ‘pause’

by Judith Curry In the end, the so-called scientific consensus on global warming doesn’t look like much like consensus when scientists are struggling to explain the intricacies of the earth’s climate system, or uttering the word “uncertainty” with striking regularity. … Continue reading

Sociology of the ‘pause’

by Judith Curry The ‘pause’ has gone mainstream, with an article by Justin Gillis in the NYTimes.

More on the ‘pause’

by Judith Curry Is global warming slowing down? – David Appell

‘Pause’ : Waving the Italian Flag

by Judith Curry The recent articles in the Daily Mail and the Guardian are generating heated reactions – more heat than light.  Lets break down the arguments on both side and assess them systematically.

‘Pause’ discussion thread: Part II

by Judith Curry The Guardian strikes back against David Rose’s Daily Mail article.

‘Pause’ discussion thread

by Judith Curry The latest data release from HadCRUT4 is creating quite a stir.

Pause (?)

by Judith Curry Question of the week: Has the rate of warming continued unabated, or has there been a  pause in the warming?

Will a return of rising temperatures validate the climate models?

by Donald C. Morton The coincidence of the current plateau in global surface temperatures with the continuing rise in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has raised many questions about the climate models and their forecasts of serious anthropogenic global … Continue reading

Spinning the ‘warmest year’

by Judith Curry The buzz is intensifying about 2014 possibly being the warmest year globally in the historical temperature record.

Week in review

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Challenges to understanding the role of the ocean in climate science

by Carol Anne Clayson A significant area of uncertainty in climate science and one of the biggest limitations on our ability to predict the timing, location and impacts of climate change is our limited understanding of ocean processes and their … Continue reading

How urgent is ‘urgent’?

by Judith Curry I think we have a very brief window of opportunity to deal with climate change . . . no longer than a decade at most. – James Hansen 2006 We have only four more years to act … Continue reading

Back from the twitter twilight zone: Responses to my WSJ op-ed

by Judith Curry I’ve just returned from China, the first thing I did in the U.S. airport on my layover back to Atlanta was to check twitter.

My WSJ op-ed: Global warming statistical meltdown

by Judith Curry I was invited to submit an op-ed regarding the recent Lewis/Curry paper on climate sensitivity. 

Evidence of deep ocean cooling?

by Judith Curry New research suggests that the upper layer of the ocean has warmed more than had been thought previously while the deeper ocean has cooled rather than warmed in recent years.

Challenging the 2 degree target

by Judith Curry “Without significant cuts in emissions by all countries, and in key sectors, the window of opportunity to stay within less than 2 degrees [of warming] will soon close forever.” – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon